I Wish It Were You

Woke up one morning

And forgot where you were

Even though breakfast still came

I wish it were You


Cordial conversation

Though my opinion reigned

Just didn’t seem right

I wish it were You


A kiss and smile

Before walking out the door

Like I knew it wasn’t goodbye

Oh, How I wish it were You


I think I miss all that mystery

That cold yet committed commentary

Without saying those special words

Damn, I wish it were You

Maybe I should have let you take me for granted

Maybe I should have looked at you the same way

Maybe I never would have found all that I was looking for

It’s just too bad, I wish it were You


Something was left behind

I’ll take claim to it

I shake myself when I see myself in all you didn’t do

You must be laughing, knowing how I wish it were you

Telling me, showing me, feeling me, hearing me just love

Somebody who wanted love and not needed love

Somebody who wanted to be wanted and not needed

By a many few

This sounds so much like you,

Still, I wish it were You

Until I don’t

‘til I stop wishing

That you would take off that mask

And just be you

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