My Sister, the NP

Entering with support
I saw You and knew you were in pain
Even through your mass
You saw me as otherwise
And my day was made
And I knew You were in pain
Yet, everything else You said to me
was by text messages
Finding a way to give praise
while saving the pain above your heart
Getting as close as I could
at least my presence was your company
You would not be alone
I would be sure of that
Both knowing the Hippa Law,
You had your own
and made sure I knew when to exit
You would not be alone
I would be back when all was done
looking forward to hear the sound
of you saying, “I have to rest”
I prayed You would
and called me instead to hear my praise
of You
You won’t be alone
I promise

Check, Me Out

Waiting for that day
when I can ride above
and know that I am better
than those who aren’t
Hearing that click
after the rustling of straight-edged
in-voices that thank me
for services rendered
for time served
with accuracy
and benefits I didn’t have
until then
But I can’t let him see me
waiting and praying and prancing
near stalking his mere existence
Knowing that I am waiting for that day
he best leave before he realizes
it won’t be today that I can exit smiling

I Wish It Were You

Woke up one morning

And forgot where you were

Even though breakfast still came

I wish it were You


Cordial conversation

Though my opinion reigned

Just didn’t seem right

I wish it were You


A kiss and smile

Before walking out the door

Like I knew it wasn’t goodbye

Oh, How I wish it were You


I think I miss all that mystery

That cold yet committed commentary

Without saying those special words

Damn, I wish it were You

Maybe I should have let you take me for granted

Maybe I should have looked at you the same way

Maybe I never would have found all that I was looking for

It’s just too bad, I wish it were You


Something was left behind

I’ll take claim to it

I shake myself when I see myself in all you didn’t do

You must be laughing, knowing how I wish it were you

Telling me, showing me, feeling me, hearing me just love

Somebody who wanted love and not needed love

Somebody who wanted to be wanted and not needed

By a many few

This sounds so much like you,

Still, I wish it were You

Until I don’t

‘til I stop wishing

That you would take off that mask

And just be you