The Decision

When I saw the tree
in the Robert Frost novel,
I knew i had crossed over
Glowing sun not damaging me
any further
No sounds that i
could not agree with
No being with demands
who hurled all that is unholy at me
My touch felt like a hug
No seat was necessary
for i knew i was just visiting
All was explained to me
And that was all
I needed to know
I didn’t belong there
Was my soul still not at rest?
I could not adjust to all that serenity
But i knew what was constant before
I knew my mission
Obtain Peace before i had Peace
It’s called the Tree of Life
It’s just not for me, yet

The Matter of Loving

He was an unfound door
waiting to share
what was behind it
The endless possibilities
of what real love
not true love
had to offer
If only one would turn the knob
and gently push
even if there was a test
of resistance
A little force would show either
sincerity or selfishness
Still, he was there
And, welcome all would be
And, welcomed they would go
Would there ever be a sanctuary
of unnecessary things there?
He knew who Life was?

Just say, “No.”

When I ask your feelings
about something I did,
Humor me, then
Don’t abuse me

Don’t let me feel
I am doing it right, when I am not
It’s like laughing
without sound.  Poking at me

If I ask you your opinion,
make me feel like you’re staring right at me    
Let me see the truth
before your smile becomes a wall  

If pleasure never finds you,
How long will you ever stay?

Words are never meaningless,
as long as the right action is taken

100 Metropolitan Parkway

I saw him wait

and say,

“Is he worth it?”

3 o’clock is

witching hour

What a time for

an interview

He watched

as the devil he is

And he got out

of his leased ride

and hid his face

from me

That’s when I knew

how the interview would


How metropolitan

the melting pot

that would welcome

all that is light and tight

with a dark love





How handsome is

as handsome does

to represent

the parking lot

as well as the

company’s name

Sealed with a shake

may the hand fail to break

dispelling myths

teetering on the cliffs

What a good sign

that your car was in line

When even though

he needs your mind

following directions

to perfections

You don’t take the same door

Could there be more?

Maybe the interview

goes long past four

and you exit through the back door

with a pay on the back

and papers in a stack

The Missing Christmas Card

My heart is my heart
and it beats better with you
near me
beside me
knowing me
As a master of words
I find it so easy to write
but I always want to
say what’s right
You challenge me to be better
Better for you
Better towards you
Ultimately, better for myself
Where I find it easy to say, “Thank You,”
I would rather show you appreciation
so as to not be taken pettilly
Should I step out of bounds,
I hope you are there
Not to catch me,
But to hold my hand
like you do my heart
Can I say, “I Love You” today
and again tomorrow
as a card you enjoy reading everyday?

Man’s Own Box

Appearances are everything

Along with that

despite one’s name

shaven better than beard

endowed rather than not

Cold is like hot-headed

Shy is worthless

while quiet means nothing

to live without doing

Who wants that recipe?

Mankind wears a button

of those they know and love

and hate

Still, they are in the know



Lest one tries to produce

Failure is a label

worn after grief

Alas, appearances are everything

when we remind ourselves

that we are so worthy

Call My Stand In

What does it take

To keep your love

What a good pair we make

Like hand and glove


Don’t my kisses do right

Sometimes I can’t begin

Before we start to fight

Go head call my stand in


I see you there

But I can’t see your face

You want to be somewhere

Just not here, but some other place


If I can’t do right by you

How can I win

I know what you can do

Call my stand in


Somebody knows

How your wind blows

It’s a shame it ain’t me

It’s all gone oh so wrong

Shame on me, way too long

Was I that blind I couldn’t see?


But now, I know the game you play

Some might call it a sin

Why should I let you get away

When you can just call my stand in

Hallelujah never just passes by

I used to think

that you were too easy

to love someone like me

I know why I thought that

It’s in the blood

Runs through me like a flood

Preyed that the day would come

And that no one

Or some

Would find out why

And have the strength

to look me in the eye

Why oh why did I not

look to the sky

before the speck

fell in my eye?

That’s what I used to think

before I fell in love

And when I spilled my flow

I thought Heaven would know

Instead it opened up

Just for little old me and cup

And they took my redemption coins

that I ripped from my loins

Had I knew then

I’d do it all over again

And in the end

I would seek out a real friend

Not someone for my beck and call

That just ruined it all

Long live Spring before Fall

And the mystery of a golden wall

Long Live Live Long

Tell a tale sing a song

But remember what’s true

Tell Lies to stay away from you

The manuscript for Life

depends not only staying positive

 through strife

What is written is so

And will be so down below

Whether the line you walk is fine

For there before grace is your shrine

Always on is the power light

to assist you through fight or flight

Energy leaves a low angelic smell

Though sight is easier to tell

While gone you still exist

Into the Golden Twilight with a twist

Say, “Hello,” instead of goodbye

Parting and lasting words

should always greet the sky