Stubborn Little Girl

Stubborn little girl
Why are your hands in curls
Did you get into a fight today
Did your mommy take your pain away?

You look so cute
In your navy blue suit
How many times did you cry
Before you told another lie?

Can you wait for church on Sunday
Or can you make today your fun day?
Somebody cleans you up so well
It’s just so hard to tell

You see shadows without darkness
And speak to them through harkness
What joy is make-believe
When they won’t let you grieve
Stubborn little girl

Like Somebody Other Than Myself

Six pills left

Until I see him next

I wish I didn’t have to

I hope I get lost this time


Standing there

Before the crowd

It’s just me

But there’s somebody else

 they wish to see


Will I say the right thing

Will I talk like I can sing

Will my hands and legs move and grove

So they can’t tell I can soothe


But I can’t do anymore

Than my body is alive for

I can’t be anything or anybody else

Like somebody other than myself


Playing this game

Just a symptom before a name

How do I let my real feelings show

Keep ‘em guessing or throw a blow


Seeking my end result

Though speaking to the leader of a cult

No generic for me

Need a taste of false reality


And when I go to cash them in

Shopping spree I’m ready to spend

A mental life lets it begin

Soon the bank will be my best friend



Major Mental Crime

bask (Photo credit: Idiolector)


Uneven little boys


and their uneven little toys


battle every day


every night to keep the bad men away


Determined to get their share


While somewhat playing fair


Basking in the sun


are the pure like a Nun


Quenching their cool thirst


‘til the moon rises from the dust


Other toys fascinate the brothers


seeking respect from their lovers


Even with ammunition


still arouses demolition


The playing field is uneven


for the uneven little boys


Though adding machines make some mean


storing wealth unseen but green


On white paper


one becomes the star caper


All Robbing Hoods


for self-fulfilled goods


Lonely at the top befalls the mighty


who has no one left to congratulate him rightly


One shot to make it


If you’re lucky, one shot to take it


All Men Are Created Equal


Whereas documentation warrants a sequel


honoring a cast minus any equally equal


The sun catches the light


and the moon holds hostage


the soul in plight


Patting pockets so heavy and packed


Boastful are those screaming to be jacked


Unevenly unequally little boys


Along with their uneven little toys


can never grow


when their growth counts down below