You just weren’t the one for m

Gave me everything You had
Still You weren’t the one for me
Never had a chance to be mad
When You should been the one for me

Drove your car through a snow storm
To prove You were the one for me
Greeting me in fine form
Why couldn’t You be the one for me?

Call You on the phone with nonsense
Because You were there for me
I knew you couldn’t ride the fence
You thought You were the one for me

I spoke up for You when You couldn’t
Did they wonder why You were with me
I spoke up about your pains
Then realized you weren’t the one for me

You see, I should have had the chance
to tell You, to say to You how much more I wanted and needed
But, You made it all about me
and how little I did to keep You happy
You did it all out of necessity
And that’s why, You’re not the one for me

When you think you’ve found love
Don’t look for anything in return
Blessings come from up above
There’s a chance though, You might feel a burn
But, I’m sorry You just weren’t the one for me

The Turnaround

How do I say, “No”
before I break my own heart?
Do I have to go along
with it all until You tell me,
“It’s not working”?
Or must I lose my fire
because all the matches I had
are now immersed under water?
Would I have relearn how to cry?
Maybe I would stutter
How can I mess up a simple word
that could either strengthen me
or the one thing that could cause me
to crumble before all those who I knew
were laughing at me in my face
while shaking their pathetic heads?
I want to be better
I should be better
I can be better
than what I have here now
There is a world outside of this shell
that wants to know me well
to see me well
to see me do well
and grow along with Me
So, I have to say, “No,”
before I am no longer able to
I gave you a piece of Me
and you can keep it
But I will feed it and make it grow back
fuller, stronger, and more productive
All by myself
until I am able to say, “Yes,”
again without hesitation
without doubt
without grief
without pain
without a You who wants nothing
out of life
I want to feel my heart beating
everywhere like a walking orgasm
because I want
because I desire
to share
and not just give
to someone unwilling to learn
how to love back
I have to be selfish
Now, when I face you,
that “No,” means that I have turned
Myself “On”
On I am
On I will be
Alive, valuable, worthy, and somebody

In The Bowels Of A Rust

Churn the damn scam
that awaits its moment
to rear its truth
Like smoking weeds
green, brown, sticky
laying prostrate
telling secrets to onlookers
who marvel and record
defecated prayers
Wishes are all You have
Verbiage reins supreme
Smoke smells
before ideas flow
Yet, who will fail to flush
after You wipe
Then so, who won’t?
How much length do You need
to pull out the real You
Maybe hip-flex color matters
when I reach for the air

I wish you’d ask my name


The way you flip your hair

tells me you’re on it

But the way you part your teeth

I wish you would flaunt it

Don’t mind me if I stare

Or if you see me everywhere

Sometimes I wish you’d ask my name


The way you walk

 down the aisle

could make a lame man

 stand and smile

My how did you get your fame

Maybe it was the way you talk

that made men draw their own shadows with chalk


Damn, I wish you would ask me my name


And it’s a fine time

To make me thine

I got a name with my frame

And I’m down with a game

that would turn this smoke into a flame

I dare you

to ask me my name


When I think of our future

Makes my insides need a suture

My God, you’ve got me so tame

Our offspring from the sheets

would stand the test of time with tweets

Just give them my

own last name


Just let me love

to be loved

And then be loved

so I can love

Don’t make this a crying shame

When it’s time to lay your head

on my pillow on our bed

I hope I’ve made my mark with my name


Love In A Letter

I must have done you wrong

But what took you so long

To make me realize

that I made you cry


Was it just one call

Is that the reason for my fall

Tell me the truth

What can I do to make it up to you


The joy you bring

Makes me wanna sing

But how could I

When I was never there


The smell of your perfume

the way it stayed in the room

You could brighten the sky

no need to ask me why


I didn’t know

Just how to let my feelings show

I couldn’t put my love in a letter

Maybe I could work a little better

If I can’t have your heart

It would tear my world apart


You are my sweet sixteen

Aw, you know what I mean

Always my love supreme

Only other one in my dream


Let me have one more chance

And I’ll prove true romance

Promise I’ll do a lot better

Instead of putting my love in a letter




Is it still Love?

Although I’m on the other side

Can it be Love

Even when I have something to hide

Can it be Love


Though I tell you, show you

Can it be Love

What else can a soul do

When it’s all about love


Nothing comes between us

When I show love

No mountain or fast moving bus

When it’s all about love


Our friends may choose sides

That’s how they show their love

Along for different rides

That’s how they show their love


Though I tell you, show you

Isn’t that love

What else can my soul do

To prove my love


Hold out your hand

And I take it

Can’t that be love

Tighten your grip

And bump me with your hip

I know that’s love


Make love

Just to make love

Without acting in love

That’s just real love

The Herpes Simplex

Why won’t you go away

The medicine I take won’t work

You fester below me

You pester above thee

I have to hold you back

Nothing is this simple

The addiction you have for me

will boil my flesh if I say, “Hi”

Why won’t you go away

and take your self with you

If I get numb, I may forget

and let you get

I have to hold you back

but not give you my back

The addiction needs direction

And satisfaction needs freedom

that I will not allow

It will never rain in my house

Even a mouse can hear a mouse

I will shout the right way