Where can I go?
Is there anywhere I can go?
The mist is in the air
and it pals with what it wants
The sun shines
and goes down
But, the con artist spins
Its stylish flow
costs a pretty penny
Life then imitates art
the scene is breathtaking
Keeping my distance
with cunning acuity
Still, I know I’m being conned
How long can I turn left
when I wanted right?
Or, do push-ups
instead of side bends?
I’m in the waiting room
with a smooth criminal
that knows the right time
to notify the help
Maybe, I’ll just not
make eye contact
and run from making any
Maybe, I can’t run

Glorious, but Notorious

Glorlous, but Notorious

Has this World got enough

room for us?


Dark Hands

Light Hands

Everybody wants to leave the stands

Prayers sent out in song

Faithful followers don’t know they’re wrong


Glorious, but Notorious

Has this World got enough

room for us


As pressure builds

Hearts are thrilled

Do it up with drink or get pilled

On the cover

of Page 6 News

Quite a different lover

Now you got the blues

Where are the clues, for fools?


Glorious, but Notorious

Can your body

hold all of us?


Over the seas

You are a hit

Bell-ringer breeze

Let ‘em catch you in their mitt


Clothes on

They see the diamond sign

Glorious, but Notorious

Make ‘em go blind before you’re out of time


Goes the pretty clock

Glorious, but Notorious

Who’s making all the fuss?

Open for Pain

Greasy your hands

Impatient are your glands

Potions corruptedly mixed

Smoldering shooting star nixed

Forgiveness nowhere in sight

Forbidden pleasures torturous fight

With x-ray vision

Only glancing no longer the mission

With every bend

Oblivious to how you offend

Take care and yet beware

Of every silent hyena’s stare

Sugar is gold becoming honey

Sap spread and the shot is money

Underneath your clothes

Bears an unopened rose

The bees will not sting

Until the joy you bring

And like a happy bird

You sing the way they all once heard

What a blow to the ego

When you are a no-show

But with each attempt

More coins are pimped

But when you pimp the limp

Who then becomes the wimp?

The Queen who rules the 24 hours

Even headless you have the powers

And though you give face

This is but a taste

Of the pleasures

And treasures

That satisfy the measures

Upon salacious pressures

Where are they

When you want to play

Or have one stay

Until the end of May

Cause that’s when all springs

Turn to hay

And the day

Will come

When the mighty sum

Gives you the thumb

Chasing you from the beat

And off the heat

Before you are covered with the sheet

That turns the biggest trick

Of no longer keeping you sick

Cause that’s when all springs

Turn to hay

Blessing you with all pain brings

Every time your smarts you lay



Shaking while

Making it just for the taking

Take care and beware

Of every Greek hyenas lair

Before you chase your hair

Away from all that is fair

Cause that’s when all springs

Turn to hay

Beating at your door with pain it brings

Will your voice pray

Before or after the dues they pay?

Is not a Muppet

A puppet?

No matter how you tuck it

Someone’s hand has to stuff it

Unclean hands

Spoil the glands

Enraging fans

In the stands

Be it woman or man

So can you take a stand

And be diamond grand?

Cut, color, carat

How long can you grin and bare it?