Mother, my name is Zipporah

Last of the alphabet

And always last

Pure as a snow-white dove

My name chosen from a book up above

Conceived in lust

Smoke-filled room trust

To know my history

is my future

of a love blistery

covered are my sutures

What impact will I make

worth anything does Heaven sake?

Will I bear sons

who will move tons

Or will I give two girls

With pigtails whose heads will lose curls

Was my name chosen from above

Without meaning

Though lust for love

Before your eye closes

Pray Heaven imposes

It was cute to name me

But it hurts to blame thee

What is it I stand for

that blasphemy could not ignore?

In order to honor the Lord

Damned am I minus a male cord

Two did create me in sin

Now, tell me how I can begin?




Words from the letter “C”

What kind of man

Or woman would you be

If someone was

To use words from

The Letter “C”


How would you play

Fight, scream or yell

Could you come again every day

Just to tell me to go to hell


What kind of man

Or woman would I be

If only four letters

Made up the letter “C”


How do you see

After lightning strikes in your eye

Do you make believe it is glee

After God releases you from the sky


You help make up

Words with the letter “C”

What goes inside your cup

Rhymes with insanity

And vanity


What kind of man

Or woman would I make You be

If I could only choose

Four letters for

The letter “C”


Powerful and wicked

Rightfully convicted

Four letters and a place in history

All because of the letter “C”