What type of Marijuana works best for You?

Medical Marijuana is so expensive. And, how dare You try and submit a claim to your insurance company for it?

Legal or Street Marijuana is frowned upon because, as the Nurse or Doctor says, “You just don’t know how much THC is in it.” But, people say it works better!

Unless you’re wealthy enough, stick with the Medical stuff. That’s just an easier way for the controlled establishments to increase their revenues. There’s a consultation fee, a charge for the I.D. card, and a charge for each amount you need. The I.D. card seems to be your saving grace.

Then, you can take your chances on the Street for the product that works best for You. Chances are, depending on your purchase, You may have to pay court fees. Get it? The choice is yours! Or is it?

Items in the Garden of Health

Winter Squash. 20
Organic Peppers. 2 Trays
Organic Lettuce. 2 Trays
Watermelon. 1 Tray. 4 Cups
Cuccumbers. 9 Cups
White Russian. (Kale) 3
Arrugula. 13

Jubilandka Peppers. 4 Cups
Kale. 16 Cups

Garden Beans. 22
White Seeded Lettuce. 8 Trays
Black Seeded Lettuce. 10 Trays 1 Pot
Garden Tomatoes. 17 Cups
Roma Tomatoes. 4 Trays
Organic Tomatoes. 2 Trays

Parsley. 8 Trays
Basil. 2 Trays
Oregano. 1 Tray
Thyme. 7 Cups
Chives. 10 Cups
Dill. 5 Trays (Not Full)

Fallen Star From The Sky

Don’t need to cover

All the beauty that’s there

Wanna feel my own smile



What’s the use in being

Someone’s I’m not

I know I’m worth seeing

With everything I got


But if you ask me

I’ll tell you no lie

I’d rather be me

Than any fallen star from the sky


Some stars shine bright

Some lose their shine

Anytime day or night

Some are more just fine

But if you see one

In the corner of your eye

 It’s just no fun, in the long run

with a fallen star from the sky


So, when I step out

I know who I am

Don’t need to beg for a shout out

When I’m my number one fan


And when my time has past

I won’t need to ask why

Cause I’ve got more love to give

And more memories to last

Than any fallen star from the sky