The Race is…

The race is
Going to the store
Seeing different colored cards
Being used by friends
Wanting one so badly
Hating life

The race is
Told by a pretty blonde
She knows her husband is
Bigger, stronger, faster
And better
Despite popular belief
The cause is her effect

The race is
Swearing children don’t imitate
Their atmosphere
Until words are spoken
at the wrong time
wants to blame the school
and sue

The race is
Seeking solace from church
And the Bible
Remembering only what
Is necessary
To shine light
On what is dark

The race is
Voting in a sheet covered
Small box with a drawstring
while choices are made on beliefs
Not righteousness
With all eyes in the back
the print on the page
is overlooked

The race is
known for Right versus Wrong
dying to be a martyr
never waivering

The Coming Out Party

It’s time

Let the lights shine

Break out the Bacardi

All Hail the coming out party


Might not be a big thing

Why don’t you see what’s underneath

Jump up and down and sing

Why did Eve have to wear a leaf?


Times are changing

Not so much for the world

So the closets are flaming

Even children want to unfurl


Why hide so much

When all love is hearty

So much Sweetness to the touch

Time for a coming out party


Break the taboo

Was it really written in stone?

Powers that be don’t have a clue

They tap more than a telephone


Raise your voices

And take a stand

You have choices

Hold the same hand


What a treasure

Make their hearts see

Pleasure is the measure

Just join the coming out party




36 Steps to a Happy Life

So many books

and tips on how

to be fulfilled

What works for most

may not for those

who have less

Pay a fee

for a new emblem

to be placed on

their proud loud breast

One factor from

the benefactor

who is not an actor


Where is the Love

Yet the lonesome white dove

appears with tears

to cast away fears

a sign for the


who should have no choice

but to be kind

in the eye of a sky

that captures lies

and cries

where we despise


In a different brighter sun

What is missing from the

four-letter word

is the ego once often heard

Take care of yourself

by standing on a shelf

and remaining there

in hope and care

Let that be the teacher

though say Hello to the preacher

on Sunday morning

whose sermon may be boring

When all there is to know

is how to make a heart glow

What’s old is now new

But a select few

fills a basket

to escape a casket

All the wrong donations

in the face of pale nations

stimulate the fascinations

prior to castrations


If Ever met Never

Classy impositions

Obstructed by cruel intentions

The masses live for pretensions

The clergy orchestrates superstitions



Does the fountain of youth

Spewing freshness

Trickling truth


If ever

Met never

Dare one say, What Ever

In a manner all too clever


When the bell rings

Inside the Watchtower

A lonesome dove sings

Exposing its true power


Rumble does the Earth’s belly

Letting the sky know it is craving

Life too strong for the telly

But remain do the steady all worth saving


Words delivered

Not by the weak or quivered

From a Book of purity

Undeniable in its surety


Careful one must be

To not skew or change one meaning

Though all that is down, not all can see

Let the heart rule the mind for better screening


Then when the bell rings

All  of Heaven sings

And He shines down on His creation

Granting the faithful real love salvation

Mother, my name is Zipporah

Last of the alphabet

And always last

Pure as a snow-white dove

My name chosen from a book up above

Conceived in lust

Smoke-filled room trust

To know my history

is my future

of a love blistery

covered are my sutures

What impact will I make

worth anything does Heaven sake?

Will I bear sons

who will move tons

Or will I give two girls

With pigtails whose heads will lose curls

Was my name chosen from above

Without meaning

Though lust for love

Before your eye closes

Pray Heaven imposes

It was cute to name me

But it hurts to blame thee

What is it I stand for

that blasphemy could not ignore?

In order to honor the Lord

Damned am I minus a male cord

Two did create me in sin

Now, tell me how I can begin?




At Chick-Fil-A, You can’t be gay…Otherwise, You can’t stay!



How can anyone who fully aware that they are not wanted someplace still want to be a part of that organization?  Whether it’s being gay in the Republican Party, enjoying the food at the neighborhood Cracker Barrel, or dining at or even taking out food from your local area Chick-Fil-A, you are trying to buy the love of a hater.  In recent comments, Dan Cathy, CEO for Chick-Fil-A, has basically stated that the gay lifestyle does not align with the “family values” Chick-Fil-A adheres to in its association with Christianity.  The whole idea of “family”, details that Chick-Fil-A fully supports any member, members, or groups who does not engage in same-sex partnerships and considers themselves a family.  As if calling the gay lifestyle, or even way-of-life, an abomination, Chick-Fil-A’s Dan Cathy- the son of Chick-Fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, mocks that culture by stating in an interview to the Baptist Press:


“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family owned business, a family led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that…we know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”


With such a skewed view of what the ‘traditional family’ is, Mr. Cathy apparently has failed to acknowledge that promiscuity, infidelity, and troubles occur in all kinds or types of relationships.  Just to say that his family –led business is “married to our first wives” really is nothing short of hot air.  What prompts an person or company to begin to express itself in such a vile and despicable manner?  Could there possibly have been personal trouble at the top – forcing Mr. Cathy to divulge such hate for the LGBT community?  Whatever the case, the Chick-Fil-A organization has set standards against anyone living their lives in a way that does not conform with the beliefs of Chick-Fil-A.  But is it just sight alone of seeing two same-sex people together that irks people?  Do people walk in to Chick-Fil-A advertising verbally that they are gay?  In any respect, knowing now how that company feels about the LGBT way-of-life, why would one continue to act as a patron for that establishment?  Is the chicken that good?  Really?


Guilt by Association.  Even if one was to say that they don’t believe in their company’s policies and beliefs, it’s almost a slap in the face knowing how that company feels about you or others that fit their negative profile.

Jeremiah Cillpam, owner of the Hollywood Chick-Fil-A Los Angeles, California has tried to clear up any misunderstanding about Mr. Cathy’s comment to the press.   Jeremiah Cillpam promised that customers will continue to receive excellent food and service regardless of “belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.”

Emphasizing the “independently owned and operated” structure of Chick-Fil-A franchises, Cillpam went on to say that he personally spoke to Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, who clarified that his controversial comments against gay marriage do not represent every company employee. (HuffPost).

Yet, the damage has already been done.  With the enormous spending power of LGBT community, the absence of their monies could indeed cripple a business.  Just as one’s involvement with an anti-gay establishment like Chick-Fil-A makes them guilty by association, imagine the effects of word of mouth from gay individuals to their friends and families.  Chick-Fil-A tries to show that they are truly acting in accordance to God’s plan by even not working on Sunday.  Still, one should wonder how they treat fair in other departments of their company:  Diversity (belief, race, sexual orientation or gender).  Though Mr. Cillpam did say that as long as you are a customer you won’t be discriminated against in these areas, you just can’t work for the company under these conditions.

Could members of the LGBT community firmly remove themselves from their addiction to Chick-Fil-A?  Even drug addicts know that drugs are bad for them – yet, the pusher is Dan Cathy and he is daring the scum-of-the-earth into rehab.


Hooray for Anderson Cooper! Finally somebody who’s not ashamed of their designer closet!

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...
Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children’s Hospital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Is it really such a big deal to tell everybody that you ARE gay when they already suspect that of you?  You don’t take any special precautions of watching who you’re seen with or the places you frequent.  Then, you even stand up to bullies on points or subjects that others question your sincerity to.  Yet, the speculation is there. 


For so long, I have heard many White, Anglo-Saxon patrons say, “Oh God.  If my parents knew, it would kill them” or “I’m Catholic.  My family would never accept that gay stuff.”  Just who’s being two-faced here?  Does the family accept a gay person in someone else’s family or would they be happy with you living as they want you to live:  A LIE?  Why is it such a horrible thing to be in love or even infatuated with someone of the same-sex?  Love is supposed to be love, right?  Wrong!  As people tend to quote the Bible, namely the Old Testament, homosexuality is a sin (the only reference is Sodom and Gomorrah). ..probably not the worst sin, but a sin no less.  But why doesn’t the act of homosexuality appear on the Ten Commandment tablets?  In looking further into the passage of Leviticus in the Old Testament, what Sodom and Gomorrah exposed was “shady” or “clandestine” acts and not those of “Love.”  Isn’t Love supposed to be the Law or Law of Christianity?  In other words, a loving, committed relationship should negate one of lies, solicitation, and deceit.   After reading Thessalonians 4:4 RSV, in the New Testament, the line “take a wife for himself in holiness and honor” appears as if everyone is thought to be heterosexual – and the only real way to curb unnatural act tendencies.  No man is to have unnatural acts with another or man nor shall a woman be with another woman.  Excuse me if I am wrong but this appears to be referring to prostitution.  This is about pure lust.  Does homosexuality really an abomination by God or was the passage or passages in the Bible rewritten in the words of Man – Mankind.


If I have gone off on a tangent about the God complex, it was only because so many people use God as their excuse to not be happy.  God invites Love.  God welcomes Love.  The act unwelcomed by God is the lust – the weak flesh that is uncommitted, whether in holiness, to another flesh.


Maybe that explains why there are so many scandals of infidelity in the church.  If a preacher is already married, then chooses to sow his seed with someone – anyone other than his wife, can he or she claim to have committed the act in the name of Love or even God?  Isn’t this the same as taking the Lord’s name in vain?   Then, there are those who “bear false witness” against another to save themselves.  Suffice is to say that I’m better than you, if I beat you to the punch.  Don’t you just love the Paparazzi?


I am sure there are many celebrities who are afraid to take a stand and be who they really are.  To many, it is such a cop-out to say that it’s no one else’s business whether they are or they aren’t.  But that’s a lie too.  Not that they are trying to act as role models, they are in the public eye.  If it’s all about image, they must have a real problem looking at themselves on the big screen or the desktop picture tube.  Using drink or pills or any other means to self-destruct make them think they are doing a good job keeping inquiring minds at bay.  Always looking over your shoulder could give you a cramp in your neck.  Why not live in peace?  If every non-heterosexual celebrity like Anderson Cooper decided to be real for personal reasons and not for those under stress, the World could be a better place.  Whether he is in a relationship with another man or not, it doesn’t matter.  He doesn’t have to live in a lie.  I wonder how many celebrities joined the cause “It Gets Better.”  It only gets better if you help make a difference.  Not every gay man has to dress like Tom Ford and not every woman has to have the brazen humor of Lisa Lampanelli.  But you could create your own style and dialect and broaden your cult status.

If the world loved you before, they’ll love you even more if you just step out.

Who Knows What the Future Has To Hold

Time spent trying to explain

 Civil Unions hoping to regain

Everybody watching the clock

Beds and Pillows left behind the lock


Pages turned resembling a Bible

Lurking conversations rooting for libel

Stages set and wages bet

Someone knows what we haven’t seen yet


Storms form through sun-filled skies

Lives taken amid and after failed tries

Will it all stop once the horn blows

Falling like the petals of a fade rose


What is there to race to, what finish line

How can one pray without a candle for a shrine

Yet stages are set and wages bet

That someone knows what we haven’t seen yet



Angels are in my Presence


For the past couple of days, I have been extremely stressed…stressed about school, stressed about my finances, stressed about my activities of daily living.  I am very confident about my spirituality, and though I know Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and savior, I have been drawn to the Buddhist way of life.

I know how to meditate, pray, and send out to the universe what I want.  And yes, I must admit, I have asked for extreme monetary riches instead of just uttering a simple debt removal prayer.  I do tend to go overboard.  But still, it seems that stressing over my faults is what I do best.  I created my current situation.  No one else did.  I did not listen to my inner-self…the one that told me, “No.”  I didn’t listen to my inner-self…the one that asked me, “Do you really need that?”  There are many out there or here who would say that one shouldn’t ask the creator for material riches.  Why not?  Lo, does not the Bible say, “…seek and Ye shall find.  Ask and Ye shall receive?”  I would think that the powers-that-be would want to help, if I was sincere.  I will admit, I have won certain amounts in the lottery, squandered them away, and asked for more.  I looked at it as a blessing.  Then, and now, that I really do need the money, it seems harder to come by.  Yet I know my faith must be strong…as it had been before I those other times.

I recall times before I had found different feathers, single feathers…different colors…in my living space.  I believe they could have been around the time I had won monies from the lotteries I played.  It’s funny because I can’t even remember the severity of the stress I was under at those times.  What a joy it was to have a few bucks in my pocket!  Now, seeming like there could be no end to the chaos in my life, I am still playing the games when I can, knowing that my financial situation is increasingly tiring of my motionless progress.  What is ever so fascinating about these particular last two days is the fact that I have found two white feathers in two strategically placed locations.  One feather I have found at the foot of my bed.  The other, I found when I arose one morning and was startled when I noticed it directly beneath where I was sleeping.  Directly beneath me?  How could this be?  I this a sign from the Divine – something placed in my path to allow me to sleep in peace only to awaken knowing that peace is still with me?  Both feathers were of different sizes.  At the foot of my bed, the feather was a feather but smaller than the one that laid beneath me.  And no, it wasn’t a feather from a down comforter or pillow.  I was not covered with one at the time.

I don’t consider myself special in any way.  Though maybe, just maybe, I have learned to get the attention of those that need to hear my pleas.  Looking back over the past couple days, I do remember having dreams that lead me to consult my dream book.  Messages in dreams?  Again, many people scoff at dreams and even say that they never dream.  Why do I find this impossible?  Doesn’t everybody dream?  Can’t everybody dream?  Maybe not.  Some would even say that it was my subconscious mind telling myself that all would be good.  Whatever the case may be, I have slept in peace the last couple days.  What if my encounters have been so that I could and would bear testimony that angels do exist?  Do I have to actually see them to believe?  My heart most likely wouldn’t be able to bear the glorious sight of an angel.  So, in an effort to not startle me, they just leave behind a little reminder for me – telling me that they are watching over me.  And the greatest thing about them is…they don’t care that I am Buddhist.  They love me anyway.