Damn, You told the truth

They all had passes
along with their free thinking
Gods meant nothing to them
until they needed a change

PC went out with the trash
like the first computer did
Somewhere, there is one still out there
about to be crushed and recycled

Corporations flourish
at the sake of a mere opportunity
for the already gone
Grabbing stones to encircle their grave

Yet, only one remains supreme
because of default
Crazy isn’t just Crazy
just junk before drinking the juice

Letting the truth be told
feelings will be hurt
once the death toll hits home
But, it’s already happened

They’re dead, too

Truth in Journalism

See me in print

Yeah, that is me

Or so I think

Can I really be read

Like an old magazine

I am the dream

Add to it what you may

Maybe one day

You will be able to then say

I felt like I was there

Right there with him

Singing that upbeat battle hymn

Forget how grim

Or how the words made him look so damn gloriously slim

Along the absence of image

Can a mirror

Ever offer up a game of scrimmage

Played in Black and in White

Whether or not you score

Behind the door

There is the light

How much duller

Threatens the typed joys of color

What they don’t know

Let them make up

Dyslexia can be like snow

When an author drinks from a dirty cup

What really fades

Doesn’t require shades

Throw yourself on the blade

Save the anecdote that you made




I Tried To Be Perfect

You put me here

 for a reason

though it may not have been

the right season

I had no fear


I listen to the sound

Of their voices

And what I found

Were many, different choices


Some found their own way

Others refused to say

Lives floated like a bay

Awakening to fears and pain every day


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

I tried to be perfect


Though it was my mind

That kept me kind

More indifference

Would I find


But I can’t blame them

For another sad church hymn

Souls don’t change with time

They’re just the blind leading the blind


If I ask for rest

After I confess

Will you shed your light

With all your might


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

Father, I tried to be perfect