I’m waving my flag

I’m waving my flag down below

In hopes you see my surrender

Praying the right direction the wind does flow

Hearing Elvis sing “Love Me Tender”


My flag has seen many countries

Hurt by some, damaged by none

Never burned like heat in trees

Riding the waves while having fun


But I’m waving my flag

Giving to you my heart and soul

Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag

Naughty purr for a kitty cat’s hole


Don’t let my flag touch the ground

Welcoming hands might say no

Coming dressed in white to the sound

Of parting waters that deliciously flow


“Love Me Tender” plays

To the banging and chatter

When duty calls for missionary stays

In go the grunts and out when they matter


I’m waving my flag down below

And it’s headed in your direction

The North Pole is as far as it will go

Extending joy of pure affection

The Dreams of Emotions

Emotional dreamer

Dreams because of emotions

Colorful boundaries explain why

the memory sleeps only with the angels

Not even a pinch awakens one

from a disaster of solitude

Psychedelic memoirs

written in a leather-bound photo album

solicited only  the forlorn and destitute

when high tides cease


Life still exists on Mars

Just not to the naked eye are the naked

But which eye counts

when the beholder can’t count the sheep

that will jump into the waiting pond of fluidity

Rapid movement means little later

when the tongue is tied

Even warm milk simply masks the pain

Honey and cinnamon

adds spice to life