True Imposter

She sings the Church songs on Sunday
and tries to emulate the feeling the singer had
In its absence, she taps those soon-to-be
manicured nails on the table
and taps those eight years old Shirleys
that even God would question on the floor
She bows her head and damn near speaks
in tongues that even the tongue can’t decipher
She taps the mind to make it believe, like she does, that She is doing all the right things to make it into Heaven’s God’s grace
She can’t wait ’til Church is over
So She can resume how others see her
All along, She was planning her day

Black as a Cowboy

Ride ’em!
Until they call You, “Cowboy.”
Take hold of the reins
and raise your arm and fist
up high to show you mean business.
And, when that one tires,
raise the other one
Steady and balance yourself
to avoid being knocked off
the merry-go-round.
There’s no need to raise your voice
to be taken seriously.
Remember, you don’t have to lower
your head to know where you’re going

Damn, You told the truth

They all had passes
along with their free thinking
Gods meant nothing to them
until they needed a change

PC went out with the trash
like the first computer did
Somewhere, there is one still out there
about to be crushed and recycled

Corporations flourish
at the sake of a mere opportunity
for the already gone
Grabbing stones to encircle their grave

Yet, only one remains supreme
because of default
Crazy isn’t just Crazy
just junk before drinking the juice

Letting the truth be told
feelings will be hurt
once the death toll hits home
But, it’s already happened

They’re dead, too

In the end

What does it matter
That we weren’t fed with a silver spoon
Or that we didn’t hear the clatter
When the cow jumped over the moon?

What does it matter
That we left home without an umbrella
Saw other kids laughing then to scatter
At the sight of a burly fella?

What does it all mean
When some have more
The price they paid for all that green
Could have made their hearts more  sore

Do you think about
the meaning of life?
Could you have taken a different route
And become someone’s devoted wife?

Even if you tried to live
According to the Bible
If your mission was just to give
No one could hold you libel

But, when it’s said and done
Did you find a least one friend
One who could turn gloom into sun
And promise to be there In the end?

The Warm Goodbye

Saying what you want to hear
Always confuses me
Turning shivers to fear
Something (even) a child shouldn’t see

Breaking apart
For some, it’s so easy to do
After I’ve given you my heart
I see the difference in You

Please say, Hello
to our Warm Goodbye
Try not to let me fall too low
I may not be able to reach the sky
Please say, Hello
before you pass me by
It’s not all my doing though
If only you’d ask me why

Tears they fall off my pillow
Onto the bed sheets and into my hands
Wanting you to water my weeping willow
So the other flowers cheer in the stands

Tell me that you still love me
Say it soft and with a wink and a smile
I pray that my eyes don’t fail to see
the joy I gave you for a while

Ask Mama, but trust Dad

Before your nose gets bloody

And fighting gets you sad

When you can’t find your best buddy

Ask Mama, but trust Dad


Sometimes they need a fist

To go upside that head

I know it’s such a twist

It’s as if you are seeing red


When you’ve tried making peace

But it’s going from worse to bad

Stop making your own elbow grease

Ask Mama, but trust Dad


Mama don’t want no hurt

She tries to make things right

Even tries for a sit down chat

If Daddy sees a bruise

He’s got nothing to lose

They’ll all know where the party’s at


Both sides of good

Keeping grace and love

in the neighborhood

They know how to settle the score

A different way to fight

one dark one light

Hey, that’s what parents are for


When you keep trying to make peace

But things just get too bad

Stop using your own elbow grease

Tell Mama, but trust big bad Dad

Say it like you mean it

Call me a lezzy

Just like a lesbian calls me

And dust me off

Inhale and cough

like the dust Doritos leave on

the tips of your fingers

by licking them

 and savoring the taste

Man, it lingers

I love the way

you leave me on your sheets

for the next one to see

Let them see the beets

So they think of me

And then, I love the way

I make you say

you see superstar in my eyes

after the marathon

The Champion

The Don

 of defiling box springs

And those oh silly little things

that make hearts sing

by flowing down below

North by South

 by way of the mouth

It’s always warmer South

after you tell me how to

milk the cow

When a tree cries

It is so sweet

Damn good enough to eat

 then after a retreat

Deplete me

never mistreat me

Please make me cry

Reach above me

As high as the sky

And this festival of nations

The best of creations

will make us both

 spend our last dime

on a sticky, drippy

 sweaty good time