The Day the Ghetto Died

The Day the Ghetto Died

On the day the Ghetto died
Malcolm X bowed his head
While Martin Luther King stood and cried

On the day the Ghetto Died
Some sat and sang a hymn
Others just sat and lied
Lied about what the white man did for them

On the day the Ghetto Died
Little babies ran through streets
While their mothers bowed their heads and cried
To see their children with shoes on their feets

On the day the Ghetto died
The bible was opened even wider
To thank the Lord for a bond to be tied
And to pray for it to be tighter

In front of the steeple
I sat and felt a drop of rain
I looked up despite the people
And saw Jesus rejoicing over his pain

The pain must have been great
For it came down like a herd of angry men
But then it stopped
And I saw the sky smile again

‘Twas the Day the ghetto died
all the great heroes rose from the dead
to spread the knowledge they once had to hide
to the souls whose hearts now bled

They walked in hundreds of thousands
Wearing potato sacks
And chains and ropes
I can say this – for I was there
And in unison they sang the most beautiful hymn

It was one I never got to write
Because I could only listen in solemnity
It was a song that made me frown
– one that gave me back my dignity

The tone sounded like it came
From the chain gang
But I couldn’t be sure if it was of
Rejoice or of pain

I walked around my beautiful home and cried
I looked and saw that I had everything money could buy
Then realized how little I had
But my ancestors had much pride

The Man who Grins

Pitted against each other

Sister and a Brother

By a man you took in

Who only sat back and grinned


Said you didn’t know

How my mind it would go

In and out of love

Still, looking up above


Things looked pretty and nice

Though, they came with a price

What made him so mad

When we all should have been glad


Time hasn’t changed a thing

With that voice, you could sing

It hurt me that you kept it in

Because of a man who sat back and grinned


We were supposed to be close

Who took the overdose?

No one did care

Just headed on to the State Fair


Remembering the beatings

You were absent for the greetings

Could a child fight the sins

From your man who sits back and grins?



This Christmastime

My gift from you

This Christmastime

I pray it comes to past

So I promise to cherish this moment

As if it were our last


Children singing

Bells a ringing

Everywhere just for us

And when you smile

That great smile

With my hand you have my trust


This Christmastime


As God is my witness

With tender, sweet kisses

May we forever be as one

Love for always

In our hearts I hope it stays

Don’t let this feeling come undone


I will get down on one knee

Everyday, with a vow to thee

That I will do you no harm

You are the only gift

That gives me that special lift

When you walk and hold my arm


Especially, this Christmastime

Joy in Action

#christmas (Photo credit: Isselmuden)

The crisp Winter air

welcomes me

like a burrowing hole does a rabbit

And there is safety there

Children playing

unmindful of the outside force

Cheering on each exhale

Loosening the noose around their necks

before they see stars and spotted flecks

Greater prospects are their mittens

Soft and warm like  newborn kittens

They are used to protect their grips

Just in case the ground bumps their hips

Slipping and sliding on thin ice

Invisible music oh so nice

Even a sudden slip

is no match for the childish lip

And I tip-toe to my car

which isn’t very far

In hopes that the road

is as kind to me

with such a heavy load

and place I need to be

For I have gifts to get before

I can give

Inconsiderate of the hole

in which I live

To make merrier a day

for children to play

when they awaken

on Christmas Day

So, what I hold with my gloves

know the pain endured for my loves

But I would have it no other way

to present joy on a silver tray

When they awaken

On Christmas Day

Though should I ever play too old

I hope my debt was paid in gold

Movie Night at a Grocery Store in Upstate, New York

While visiting friends in Upstate, New York, I had no idea that I would be involved in such a serene and packed environment of adults and children.  The store was Wegman’s and Friday Night was their children’s Movie Night.

What a delight to see so many well-mannered children interested in watching an animated movie, The Ice Age, on a terrific flat screen television in the grocery store’s dining area.  And would you believe they served the adults and children refreshments?  Smoothies were served, the best chocolate chip cookies I have tasted in a really long time, popcorn, and bottled water.  The Area Manager was constantly surveying the sitting section making sure that everyone was comfortable and the sound was satisfactory for everybody.

I just couldn’t believe that this sort of thing went on in a grocery store while others were going about their business shopping and using the store’s free WiFi (another plus for Wegman’s).

Although the store has delegated its time and space to accommodate families on a special night, the manager and his help staff should be commended for the way they kept everything running smoothly at the store.