Playing Games

Playing games might be

Your forte

But you’re too easy to see through

Leaving you speechless to say


How the dog

got into your stash

Or how a frog bounced your cash

off the log

And how you almost crashed


But this game

is way too lame

Even for your future walk of shame

Who you gonna blame


Can’t change your face

Too caught up in the race

Gotta pick up the pace

Step back and know your place


Did the cow suddenly jump

over the moon

Be careful ‘cause there’s a hump

When you open your mouth and

speak too soon


I’m that secret piece

between trouble and peace

Can’t wear enough grease

To sign your next lease


Of all the empty frames

you choose to see through

Seems your new match has a clue

about you playing games

Why is being gay an “Unhealthy Sexual Addiction” when there are so many closeted gays?

In today’s Huffington Post, February 28, 2013, GOP Lawmaker, Glenn Gruenhagen, Minnesota Rep. stated “Homosexuality is an ‘Unhealthy Sexual Addiction.’  How would he know?  It amazes me how many so-called straight men take ownership in blasting the way-of-life or even lifestyles of members of the LGBT.  For my many friends who have always remained true to themselves and their significant others, ‘unhealthy’ does not fit into their vocabulary unless, of course, it is a matter of sharing something against another’s will.  It may not be so nice to exclaim this but any true lover of mankind would never knowingly infect another human being.  And, for those who have taken it upon themselves to misuse the trust instilled in them, well, those individuals should accept the fact that they are disgusting.  But, let’s take a look at the perception of straight men…and women.  An ‘Unhealthy Sexual Addiction’ for them is overshadowed simply because it is in their nature as straight people.  They cheat.  They lie.  They even marry out of convenience to throw off their ‘unhealthy’ thoughts.  Yes, I’m talking about the closeted straights who bash those who are more comfortable with themselves in the alternative realm.  Those who are more true to themselves may be just as religious or spiritual, or even more so, than those who choose to use the fact that coming out would ‘kill their parents’ or tarnish their status in the church.  Still, living a lie should be reverberated that it is ‘Unhealthy’ and the more they try and convince not only themselves of their denial is, in fact, an addiction. 


In my opinion, members of society who have the option to go ‘both ways,’ have the best and worst of both worlds.  However, society has yet to fully embrace bisexuality.  It seems much easier to label one as ‘gay’ simply because they enjoy the company of the same sex.  Bromance is a word that should be done away with.  Two apparently known straight men who over-enjoy the time they spend with each other does not encounter the same treatment as two openly gay men based on the connotation associated with the word gay.  This is the same for two straight women.  Now would a straight man admit to having ‘gay tendencies?’  Absolutely not!  And the reason for their denial is the fear of being ostracized by society. 


Gruenhagen may well be riding the moral majority bandwagon.  If there are so many people in support of gay rights, why don’t they really walk the walk?  Just having gay rights assemblies or marches will never conquer the views and 15-minutes-of-fame outbursts of men like Gruenhagen.  More straight men and women will have to come forward and express their rights to have someone like Gruenhagen shut up and move on to something that truly is a detriment to the world at large.  Even the media should cease promoting such vile and despicable individuals just for the sake of news fodder.  Speaking out against gays seem to increase network ratings more than the support of gays does.  It’s as if the media relishes on smiles turned upside down.  This seems to be the American consensus of the GOP right now.  Alas, with so much negativity swirling around and amidst the GOP, could the American public be unhealthy addicts for bias?  It appears that lawmakers like that of Gruenhagen look forward to inciting riots about not only gay rights but for women’s rights as well.  Who really loses the battle?  Is it the gay Republican who knows that they have no chance in Hell of being wholeheartedly being accepted by the group that would rather move them to their own island?  Or is it the female Republican who has had it drilled in their skull that they will never be an equal to a man?  It’s always been about the Republicans.  Money equates to power.  And the more money you have, while you’re seen as a straight and morally upstanding citizen, you can never be stigmatized as ‘unhealthy’ or an ‘addict.’  Sex is something you have in the privacy of either your own home or the home belonging to someone else.  It’s such a shame that getting caught with your pants down across town can all be explained and forgiven, as long as you’re straight.  Out of wedlock pregnancies committed by adulterous men and women even take a backseat to the gays who don’t have the luxury of child-bearing…and in some states, child-rearing.    

Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Know

Holding hands

And walking through the park

Each other’s greatest fan

See the back door after dark


A careful ring

With a special tone

Oh, how you make my heart sing

Why must either one of us be alone


I know he got you

But he doesn’t make your love flow

Believe me when I say this much is true

Your husband doesn’t have to know


The way you slip in and out

Of the things you bought with his card

Make me love what this is all about

Can it get any more hard


Break my back

Make me lose my mind

Never treat you like some halftime snack

The deeper I go, I never know what I’ll find


Keep it tight, and keep it right

I can taste the flavor in the air

Don’t let your head put up a fight

I’ll cherish our time with tender loving care


I love to love you, baby

How else can I let my feelings show

I’ll keep it on the sneak tip, if you want me to

And darling, your husband doesn’t have to know


And if you have any doubt

Go ahead and tell him I’m just a friend

He’s the one with all the clout

But we know how this tale will end

The Moment I Said, “Yes”

Saw you there

Or did you see me first

Didn’t need to ask your name

What’s the difference when it’s all the same?


When I made my way to you

Barely knew just what to say

This may be more than I can do

But I wouldn’t have it any other way


But the moment I said, “Yes”

I felt you give yourself to me

Deepest thoughts I want to confess

Moving in a soft, warm ocean is where I want to be


Take my lips

Hide them from the rest of the world

Swallow my hips

My toes and fingers are now curled


Move me with you

Take me places you’ve never been

Relieve what could be blue

Again and again making me say, “Yes” over and over

With my new friend


All this because I said, “Yes”

And you kept me strong but weak

Like a baptism now at rest

Holy Ghost in my spine I can’t speak


The moment I said, “Yes”

I really was there

Feeling you against my chest

What better way to show you care


“Yes,” I said

But not for just a moment

It’s all me from my feet to my head

Like a heat-seeking missile,

Oh, you know what I meant

Open for Pain

Greasy your hands

Impatient are your glands

Potions corruptedly mixed

Smoldering shooting star nixed

Forgiveness nowhere in sight

Forbidden pleasures torturous fight

With x-ray vision

Only glancing no longer the mission

With every bend

Oblivious to how you offend

Take care and yet beware

Of every silent hyena’s stare

Sugar is gold becoming honey

Sap spread and the shot is money

Underneath your clothes

Bears an unopened rose

The bees will not sting

Until the joy you bring

And like a happy bird

You sing the way they all once heard

What a blow to the ego

When you are a no-show

But with each attempt

More coins are pimped

But when you pimp the limp

Who then becomes the wimp?

The Queen who rules the 24 hours

Even headless you have the powers

And though you give face

This is but a taste

Of the pleasures

And treasures

That satisfy the measures

Upon salacious pressures

Where are they

When you want to play

Or have one stay

Until the end of May

Cause that’s when all springs

Turn to hay

And the day

Will come

When the mighty sum

Gives you the thumb

Chasing you from the beat

And off the heat

Before you are covered with the sheet

That turns the biggest trick

Of no longer keeping you sick

Cause that’s when all springs

Turn to hay

Blessing you with all pain brings

Every time your smarts you lay



Shaking while

Making it just for the taking

Take care and beware

Of every Greek hyenas lair

Before you chase your hair

Away from all that is fair

Cause that’s when all springs

Turn to hay

Beating at your door with pain it brings

Will your voice pray

Before or after the dues they pay?

Is not a Muppet

A puppet?

No matter how you tuck it

Someone’s hand has to stuff it

Unclean hands

Spoil the glands

Enraging fans

In the stands

Be it woman or man

So can you take a stand

And be diamond grand?

Cut, color, carat

How long can you grin and bare it?


Feeling Me Because of a Secret

I was forced to

Tell a secret

I didn’t want

To tell

And it hurt me


Not in the moral sense

But the pain was

Unbearable for a good bear

And friendly soul


I was forced to

Give of myself

For somebody

Else’s pleasure


And they got off


The light for me

Became clearer


When I took it

I gave it back

Until I could

Give nothing else


Delicious pain

It has become

Even my shoulder does

Think so


Yes, it got me

What perfect time

Along with your timing

Gives you applause


Thank you secret

Now I can be


She Wears a Pearl Necklace at Night

They can’t see her struggle

Daytime folk just want to snuggle

What she holds in her bag

Keeps them guessing so she can brag


Out of breath as if she panted

So nice to say, “hello,” in light

Away from the chains he granted

So she can wear a pearl necklace at night


The less chosen thinks she is it

But oh, she keeps her price at bay

How much longer can she take the slow hit

Before he finds another way to pay


She dressed him up nicely

Taught him to speak just right

Her movie screen life was pricely

Because she wears a pearl necklace only at night


Not the first time and not the last

What will it take to pass the test

Sparkling things fade life fast

Now in a place she thought was best


She’s out of his own mind

Something would never be in sight

Three little words would be so kind

Instead, she wears a pearl necklace only at night


He loved the rage when she was on stage

A 5, a 10, just for a private sight

Sad the closed book can’t turn the page

Because she keeps wearing

  pearl necklaces at night