The Sell-Out at the Citizens Academy

A really good person thinks that he was a sell-out at a meeting or class he attended at the Citizens Academy, in Syracuse, New York. ,

The Class offered many students the opportunity to learn more about the government and/or how the city of Syracuse and its surrounding counties operated. Each week, a panel is involved as each person who is incharge of their department in Syracuse discusses what they do to make the city of Syracuse a better place to live. Apparently, no one has the courage to challenge its panelists on how non-diverse Syracuse really is. There seems to be monies available for revitalization and getrification in the city but not for much else. The poor in the city stay poor. Crime is rampant and rising as talks about the I-81 infrastructure takes true precedence. The area affected would be the poorest in the city and is the most dire for a makeover. Being that it would be considered a makeover, something or someone would have to go.

Back when Black people were forced out of the 15th Ward to make way for a new highway, those in higher positions turned a deaf ear to the people of that community. Today, with all of the meetings and forums created to supposedly invite voices to be heard about the I-81 viaduct, it seems those souls are being placated and patronized. A decision has already been made to tear down the eyesore known as Pioneer Homes. Although there are those meek souls and gophers who work for Blue Print 15, a company brought in to smooth-over the tempered voices of the soon-to-be decimated area, they steadily expect their check to arrive weekly. The Workers in the House quells those working in the fields. Visions of sugarplums dance in the heads of those truly expecting to move back into their old neighborhoods in a new dwelling alongside the middle and higher income level residents. Does this really seem realistic? Who would or could tolerate such? Why should they tolerate living next to a family that crime follows? Then again, Blue Print 15 was incharge of like communities in Atlanta, GA. Go figure.

But there is also the issue of diversity in Syracuse where it is perceived that persons of color don’t have the proper skill set to hold mid-level positions in companies. As an incentive to bring new companies into the Syracuse area, tax deferments or tax breaks (spread out of years) are offered. Do those companies hold the proper skill set to maintain employees of color. Of course, there are those who would say, “But at least they could have a job making a decent wage.” Is it really a wage that would allow them the luxury of living comfortably without having to secure a second or third job? And, what if the person of color is held to a different set of matrixes, a higher set, that could see them walked out the door of that job before they have met their probationary period?

Aside from and in lieu of all that, the person tried to incorporate Atlanta, GA into a question he asked: What does Syracuse have to offer me? The real question, as the reason he felt he sold-out, should have been, “What does Syracuse have to offer a Black man like myself?” I told him that I’m sure some people understood where he was going with the question, but everybody should have gotten it. Each panelist spoke on the wonderful qualities Syracuse has to offer. It’s just that each panelist, including Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens, knew that there was only one real race, genre, and nationality that mattered. White. A new proposed Aquarium, new downtown loft apartments, all the non-inclusive eateries and clubs that frowned upon the thought of intimidation or fear that accompanied a single or group of persons that did not include at least one white person were just a few joys of one moving to Syracuse.

What does Syracuse have to offer a Black Man? More crime, harassment, discrimination, discouragement, complacency, static. Just how would the panelists have answered that question? Isn’t the Black Man, and even the Black Woman, part of the economy they spoke about? Even the Deputy Mayor wouldn’t be able to answer that question with a stragiht face, since she was trying to save face. Yes, the gentleman could have been a Maverick from seeking an answer to that question. Would it have been worth it? Probably so. Were those waves that should have been ruffled? Yes and No. More Yes.

My Derby Hat

See You turn Left
Knowing You would tell me
that You went right
How could You not see me
I was right behind You
I had the look
You know
The walk
The wave
The Yell
All that I wore
wasn’t even
It’s off to the races I go
I anticipate the winner
Without the hype
My brim is Best In Show
And still You would tell me
Show me
That I am not
It’s my horse that’s faltered
The pasture is calling
You jumped the gun
Glad I bet against you
I liked the odds
And I wear it so well

The Meaning of the Wedding Ring

English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...
English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Though intended to profit two


only one is the truest Victor,


guess who


Should it be decided that


muscles reign


then the other knows their plain


Rose-colored lenses


bear the bulk of offenses


Always in defense


giving more than six pence


untll every egg is cracked


and stacked against loneliness


Allowing this charade


any good times begin to fade


The ire stands behind the fire


of a proposed Empire meant for fidelity


What a pity


The picture is clear


while as there is fear


The voice of cheer applauds


and lauds


slaying the pretty


Itty-bitty kitty


Only one pole


has stolen the hole


of the forlorned soul


away from


the next thumb


that comes along


and delivers a wind-song


But, the prettier the ring


one is bound to accept anything


Expect to be a reject


with a defect


Unless a thick skull


finds you in a lull


Placing all of one’s heart


in a revolving glass mart


sets for destruction


minus the input of the other’s construction





Boys And Their Diamonds

Diamonds (Photo credit: Kim-bodia)

At one glance

He’ll take a chance

At being larger than life

What circumstance

It’s still romance

When he buys one for himself instead of a wife



He likes the shine and the glare

That make people stare

He’s so rich having so much fun

Why take them off

Let ‘em gawk and scoff

Boys can wear diamonds


Maybe he’ll compensate

With a package

 that never comes too late

It’s easier to take anyway

Underneath it all

Who cares about a ball

When it’s the nut that makes her late


What they won’t do

To get close to you

If only they had the funds

it’s not just the brother

who forgets his lover, or mother

 who would try and smother

a boy who wear diamonds


At one glance

He’ll take a chance

And dream of visions of sugarplums

Not just for the girls

Grown ones in pigtails and curls

Make room for the boys who wear diamonds

Hyde Park on Hudson

So many ways to inhale the

nostalgic breath of a time when

allergies did not excuse reason for

titling the nose higher than one’s face

Alas, do remember when just F.D.R. stood

for something other than a mistake uttered


Crisp, linens so elegantly laid

protecting the blue blood from

trying to show

Care do I not that you fail to comprehend

my dialect save speech pattern

dependent on the part of town you derive

Yet, the hermit finds solace in the

breath of the air he commands

Necessary is the raincoat that meets

the suncoat that keeps bland the royal skin

And that head pointed towards greatness

is undeniably seen and felt immediately

So many ways to inhale

As if to say to exhale

Frees life

Present but vacant are the emotions

of giving as if you need an excuse

Blissful acts of boasting overcomes all

And the epitome of everything subservient



Around and around you go

And where you stop is excusable to show

Will the ocean make it known

when it will spill over and linger

forcing higher refuge into the sky

Denying what lies on the lower end

to touch your angelic garment