You came

You came
without alerting me
Was I to know
that your feet were clean
before you entered?

Now, there isn’t a vacuum
to clean up the mess
You made inside the home
I made comfortable for myself
My self now houses
all that your soul conquered

You came
to get me to say,
“I’m sorry you had to wait”
If only I held out a little longer,
You couldn’t have come
and I couldn’t hate you
like I do now

It would have been
someone else
who cared about what
they brought inside

The Purified Holder

Your label need only say
One word
One that I know is my sustenance
Like thirsting for a piece
that would welcome or not my
animal nature
Like a top is to a bottom
The mission will be accomplished
The way I squeeze your supple skin
provokes a melody not even Beethoven
could arouse
I see your end
And I quiver
I need much more
Much more
Until I’m done
Until I’m done with you
Only one position is possible to empty you
The only way I can accept all of You
The only way to feel accomplished
Though, a vacuum down your middle
could work as well
Apart there is intention
the time has come and gone
For now
Sometimes, it only takes once
And like a gentle bully
a place is located for you to rest
One that houses or has bedded others like You
Then, I will remove You
Either as trash or to receive my security deposit
in return
We are insatiable


Longer are becoming

my days without hearing

your voice

Even longer does the

moon shine

Though seeing you

would mean the end is near

Your image entices my soul

within belief

I pray to you

as if…

Dare I wonder

if you make me better

Only my mind can answer that


As the wind blows

and the leaves move

it’s there you are

If you are change

may the spectrum turn

Saved are the little ones

I am supposed to reign over

Dare I wonder

if you make me better

when better serves

as a verb and not an adjective

Then comes the rain

to its anew

But I take some shelter

because I should

as if beckoning me

to then bow down

Dare I wonder

to find your face

to wash me clean

and make me whole