TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  It never amazes me how fallen celebrities find a way to re-surface.  For example, Stacey

Dash is a Republican who respects Romney’s views.  Stacey is Cluelessly Black.


TTBoy Says:  Fibromyalgia is real.


TTBoy Says:  Big Bird really had no political views until his job was threatened.


TTBoy Says:  President Obama must be planning an ambush at his second debate with Romney.


TTBoy Says:  I wish the wives of the Presidential candidates could debate even them individually.


TTBoy Says:  Has Michelle Bachmann fallen off the face of the planet?


TTBoy Says:  Do the Lohans have more in common with Honey Boo Boo’s family than we think?


TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people stop saying that their ‘Sex Tape’ was leaked?  It obviously wasn’t.


TTBoy Says:  Who’s more overexposed, J-Lo or Kim Kardashian?


TTBoy Says:  Who actually paid for Nicki Minaj’s butt implants?


TTBoy Says:  Is Tyler Perry hoping to become the next Will Smith?


TTBoy Says:  What is happening to Blacks in Hollywood films?


TTBoy Says:  Did Beyonce pull out of the Hollywood remake of “A Star is Born” because she is being



TTBoy Says:  Who votes for Esquire Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive?’


TTBoy Says:  Does Bristol Palin and J-Lo have the same agent and PR rep?


TTBoy Says:  Why do people still have land lines?


TTBoy Says:  Why are the only people who claim to have gone to Heaven after a near death experience




TTBoy Says:  Rich people aren’t really cheap…they are just careful.  Some are just more stupid than



TTBoy Says:  Why does Ann Marie Buerkle call herself ‘qualified’ to be a Member of Congress?


TTBoy Says:  Did Governor Cuomo push hard enough to pass the law approving Medical Marijuana?


TTBoy Says:  My Toyota Yaris has been recalled, but Toyota refuses to give me a new one.  It’s their fault.


TTBoy Says:  Is Angela Lansbury returning to Prime Time TV?


TTBoy Says:  Does Ryan Murphy have an issue with men of color on TV?


TTBoy Says:  How is it that a man can tell when a woman is gay, but a woman can’t identify a man as



TTBoy Says:  Is the New York Times about to launch a site similar to The Huffington Post?


TTBoy Says:  Who did Lance Armstrong piss off to come under fire so harshly with the Anti-Doping



TTBoy Says:  Is Oprah regretting starting her own network?


TTBoy Says:  Where on earth is Corinne Bailey Rae?


TTBoy Says:  Why is Matt Lauer still on television?


TTBoy Says:  Can women be Alpha-Males?


TTBoy Says:  Who’s more of a loose cannon:  Ann Romney or Dinah Lohan?


TTBoy Says:  Is Roma Downey still doing Angel work?


TTBoy Says:  Which four celebrities make up the Good Ole Boys Club for production companies?


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to the Rob Lowe scandal involving the teenage girls?


TTBoy Says:  Is the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes really real?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it so difficult to reload my Starbucks gold card?


TTBoy Says:  Fisher-Price has to have the most adorable commercial jingle:  “Always”  Next, Lowe’s.


TTBoy Says:  Publix has to be the absolute best supermarket chain in the world.


TTBoy Says:  Why does Vanessa Williams play villains so well?  666 Park Avenue is perfect for her.


TTBoy Says:  Why is “The Young and The Restless” so fearful to have a gay character on the show again?


TTBoy Says:  Is Tyra Banks losing her modeling edge?


TTBoy Says:  Why is poetry only popular when it comes from Maya Angelou?


TTBoy Says:  Are people really becoming so disillusioned with God that atheist is the only alternative?


TTBoy Says:  Rachel Maddow is smarter than Rush Limbaugh.


TTBoy Says:  Is film director, Jonathan Case, a material thief?


TTBoy Says:  Is Whoopi Goldberg afraid to run for Government Office?


TTBoy Says:  Will Betty White ever receive an Honorary Oscar?


TTBoy Says:  When an incident is caught on tape, why is an investigation necessary?


TTBoy Says:   Shouldn’t J-Lo’s real estate agent have told her that her house wasn’t worth double of the

asking price?


TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t there an iPhone or phone just for bloggers?


TTBoy Says:  Is the New York Police Department crooked?


TTBoy Says:  Why do politicians claim to be able to bring jobs back to the United States when it’s not up

to them?


TTBoy Says:  If you can’t explain a tax plan, it’s obviously not worth having.


TTBoy Says:  With depression on the rise, which drug is worse:  Marijuana or anti-depressants?


TTBoy Says:   People who say that size doesn’t matter, want something else from their partner.


TTBoy Says:  Are children becoming bored with animated movies designed for them?


TTBoy Says:  Is “The View” a better talk show than “The Talk?”