The Beauty of it All

Time means nothing
  when You have no watch
Sight means nothing
  when You fail to see
Power means nothing
  when You have no support
Love means nothing
  when You don’t have a heart
Desire means nothing
  when passion alludes
Dates mean nothing
  when You live care-free
A name means nothing
  if it is not used
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
  when the soul is being abused
A mirror can mean everything
  If You like what You see
It’ll let You know something is off
  If You don’t let it be


I want to escape Here
and make myself get out
Nobody can tell Me
that I should have some fear

I want to get out of here
and take my best tempo along
Somebody can put it in a song
before my melody goes all wrong

I want to be taken away
and scooped up with definite plans
Anybody can make promises
but not everybody can afford the band

I want to meet my new home
and leave all my old stuff where it is
Everybody wants to be free
without a little conditioner to cure the frizz

…Turn at Bat



At bat

I am

As my eyes close

I feel where I am

Why I am there

What I need to do

And where I want to send


And I will send myself far

 Further outside the stands

Than those standing

      to catch me

   hoping to be the lucky one

    The Lucky one


And I feel where I am

And I grip myself well enough


 When opposition hurls itself at me

I greet it

I meet it

And send it on its way

And as I soar

And as high as I soar

 It is forgotten

Whether how foul

 Or caught down below


At bat

I close my eyes

And I am a hit

Because I am at bat

 And the stands are reaching

For me