When I let it all go…

When I let it all go,
I feel myself
No adjectives necessary
  I feel how I am supposed
to feel
I release all the baggage
I collected over time
and I had to let it all go
I’m sure I’ll keep a few reminders
and over time,
  it will all be a wiped memory
When I let it all go,
I want to remember what got me
to that place
like being my own life jacket
trying to stay afloat
And I float to stay alive
and keep moving to ease
the discomfort I feel over time




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Los Angeles Skyline at Night


My Lesson Learned for Sunday, July 22, 2012






This may sound extremely strange, but I noticed something about myself today.  This thing I noticed is all about excretion.  Like I said, this may sound extremely strange and almost sadistic.  I don’t mean to gross anyone out; however, the only way I can express this thought is to do it in regards to releasing what I put in my body and mind.




I had a great morning.  I ate a great breakfast and lunch together, while I enjoyed several episodes of “Million Dollar ListingLos Angeles” and finally the lengthy “Shawshank Redemption.”  For some reason, whenever I flip through the channels and I come across that movie, I am compelled to watch it.  This time, though, I watched it from beginning to end…all the while, feeding my face.  Oh, and what I forgot is that last night, I read a book called, “Three Magic Words,” by U. S. Andersen (…a book about the greatest idea in the world – a splendid secret revealed in just three words…)  But enough about the book.  You’ll just have to read it for all this to make sense too.  Last night, while I read I ate.  Things were cool.  I have my occasional movements with little to no physical activity.  And there was nothing different about last night…no artery-clogging foods, moderate to little caffeine intake, adequate fiber.  Then, this morning to afternoon, I couldn’t recall anything I had read last night.  High fiber cereal this morning, yogurt for my potassium, along with the necessary cleansing liquid fooled me into thinking I was well on my way to flexibility and greatness.  There I sat.  No gurgling sounds from my stomach resembling those of an alley cat screaming to be freed from a hostile takeover; I was lifeless.  Again, I did the customary couple of side-bends and couple of squats to lubricate the squeaky joints.  Still, there was no mad rush to the porcelain throne.  So, I did what any young man fed up with not being able to read a magazine in peace would do.  I jumped in a vehicle and took a ride to the nearest market to purchase a scratch-off lottery ticket.  After scratching in the parking lot, doom set in.  Still, all was quiet on the western front.  Being that I was dressed comfortably tacky for the park, I decided to grab my iPod (Yes, I still have one) along with my earplugs and walk the track.  It took me forever to remember how to turn the darn thing on.  Ever since I discovered the iPhone, I had no use for the iPod anymore.  Boy, am I glad I only tossed it to the side.  Such clarity in the earplugs as Sade helped me to walk and step in unison to every invisible thought I had all morning.  Transitioning out of love, Madonna got me into the groove and then Prince nearly had me speed-walking.  All the while, like visions of sugar plums I began to see the words on the pages from the book I read last night.  I also found myself remembering all the members of the Bravo TV series I like so much, “Million Dollar Listing:  Los Angeles.”  I remembered my Mom’s telephone number and why I needed to call her back.  I could even recall the woman’s name who told me how happy she was that her daughter was working, even though it was in the Porn industry.  Yes, as my memory began to return to me, I began to feel and just about hear over the sound resonating through my earplugs my stomach bubbling and rear squirming.  That hour I had stepped to the sounds of the 80’s had done me a hell of some good.  Boy was I glad the track wasn’t too far from my house.  And, though I was king of my castle, I was master of a certain domain.  Porcelain should be treated with care too.




With so many diuretics being purchased, be they over-the-counter meds or foods said to help stimulate the digestive system, I realized that none of those things can truly do the trick while keeping the brain healthy.  And, as your bowels need to move…so does your entire body.  Now there are people who will say that they do things around their house like working out on the treadmill.  But there is something so bizarre about that too.  Although you are moving your body on that machine, you’re really going nowhere.  At least, your mind and your eyes know you’re not really moving.  There is no change of scenery.  I was once that kind of person who thought that working out at home was going to do me as much as good as getting out among people.  Wrong!  I was wrong!  I had no plans of leaving my house today.  I was a little frustrated that things weren’t moving as quickly as I had wanted them to.  Little did I know that my frustration and annoyance with myself would lead to my self-discovery.  Walk it out to let it out.  I even feel that my writer’s block is gone.  Forgive me, if I sound crass by not mentioning those who are unable to mobilize themselves.  I send out praise even to Nurses who help those individuals unable to help themselves.  However, many of us can prevent immobility; not just physical immobility, but mental immobility.  Stay active.  Move!  Replenish with one of life’s most vital sources, water.