You came

You came
without alerting me
Was I to know
that your feet were clean
before you entered?

Now, there isn’t a vacuum
to clean up the mess
You made inside the home
I made comfortable for myself
My self now houses
all that your soul conquered

You came
to get me to say,
“I’m sorry you had to wait”
If only I held out a little longer,
You couldn’t have come
and I couldn’t hate you
like I do now

It would have been
someone else
who cared about what
they brought inside

The Universe plays God

Earth South Pole
Earth South Pole (Photo credit: FlyingSinger)

How can I

exist in the universe

when I am prohibited

from leaving myself here

on Earth

without repercussions?

Though I send my prayers

and cast my spells

only the soil beneath my feet


and keeps me grounded

Above me knows how much

my passion longs for its embrace

The clock I hear

ticks alongside me when

I bow my head

Though it is the pendulum I

see when I look up

Oh, sweet precious clicks

For some to get their kicks

Do bid me mercy

to be one with you and

just once to feel like number one

while my eyes can see above and


For if I should bow my head

once too many times

I wouldn’t have

the very best of both worlds

to thank


Due Diligence

Garden of Eden 2009
Garden of Eden 2009 (Photo credit: NakedSteve)

What possesses a man to withhold life from another?

As floods rush in and level playing fields

It’s not just time with history to heal

Thunderous displays of shock invade the skies

Upending true wealth through uninsured lies

Animals we were given dominion over rebel from petting zoos

As if there weren’t enough clues

A Reversal of fortune as temperatures disguise the seasons

Excuses given as scientific reasons

Voices beckon acts of treason

Voices act and beckon treason

So many towers

above Babeling brooks

All hail the newest and most masterful of crooks

Fire starters allow the flicker to catch

Proof that earthly bondage has met its match

Years it took to puff up the bloke

Now gone in a flash, like Hades and smoke

Not as forgiven as a toe-curling pleasure act

Rumbling break in the soil engulfs all on track

Why should Zephyr winds just blow on high

when there is a lesson below to be learned through a cry?

He takes a pillage and calls himself the victor

Hunger and displacement rule laws of stricter

For all know that with a flick of the wrist and the pen

Devastation could meet its end

Only one could stretch out his arms and put us to sleep

That is why I pray the Lord my soul to keep

The power we give to our star-struck leader

is our blood-letting that strengthens the breeder

What possesses a man to withhold life from another?

look to the Garden of Eden and how a brother

turned his sister into a mother

When I come for You

Thy Will Be Done

I will have you

in whatever way

on whatever day I say

I won’t care if you are ready

or if you are sick or poor

And if you are happy and rich,

shame on you

because I won’t need anything that you have

but You

That soul that you have

 only seems to cry out for

something, someone, some thing


when you are in need

of a fix of clarification that you are not


And you are not Alone

And that is why

I will have you

in whatever way

on whatever day I say

And I thank you for your sometimes-nature

That’s why You are so valuable to Me


When I Come For You

Don’t Be Afraid

You know why I’m coming