I must quit you.
You speak to me,
as if I’m not there.
Then, You dissipate.
Together, we sing
so joyfully,
only to escape my spirit
in search of my soul.
What more melody
can I take in, 
until I am hooked
at first stanza’s end?
I know I am here.
And I sense corruption,
a cou-de-ta to make me into
a robot of dysfunction.
It’s been fun
even when I didn’t have none.
Just too many to choose from
all in one night.  When I do.
That is a lighter I never want to use again.

Until the cup is empty

Like coffee grounds

You have changed your course

To flow into the pot

that you want to be a part of

To become the perfect brew

a little color and specter is added

to your impression

While you add your own sugar

depending on what catches you

You are taken in according to your warmth

Special attention paid to your burn

Then, when you become perfect

siphoned are you

Until the icing is seen at the bottom

You are spent for your flavor

your packaging, act of mouth

As silent as you are

As silent as you can be

Still, you are swallowed however whole

Soothing their craving

Like impregnating the barren

by every fiber of nature

Amidst arrogance

Until you can do no more

followed by a chaser just like you

Dripped from the same grinder

The Herpes Simplex

Why won’t you go away

The medicine I take won’t work

You fester below me

You pester above thee

I have to hold you back

Nothing is this simple

The addiction you have for me

will boil my flesh if I say, “Hi”

Why won’t you go away

and take your self with you

If I get numb, I may forget

and let you get

I have to hold you back

but not give you my back

The addiction needs direction

And satisfaction needs freedom

that I will not allow

It will never rain in my house

Even a mouse can hear a mouse

I will shout the right way