The Wisdom Keepers

Be quick
Be nimble
Don’t get so sick
Where You can’t use a thimble

Pray often
But keep it moving
Don’t let your brainwaves soften
‘Cause there’s a lot to be proving

You’re expected to sit still
Stay in your place
Just take your blue, pink or white pill
And put a smile on your face

Why should You wear your heart on your sleeve?
You paid a lot for those achy bones and laugh lines
Old Age tries its best to deceive
With hefty penalties and fines

So, let’s call out those who say, “You Can’t”
and those who say, “No”
Your body, mind, and soul is like a Plant
It also needs a little nourishment to grow, and grow, and go


Ashes to ashes

I am still a Buddhist

Loving to Love

The love that knows love

The way Love should be loved

Dust to dust

I am still a Buddhist

Chanting to chant

Chanting for Love

Loving to chant

Like smoke I spread

Disappearing I am still all

And everywhere, I rise

And Fall

I am still a Buddhist

The colorless exhale

Once the wind blows

From ashes to dust

Burning yet yearning to exist

Still, I am Buddhist

 born, created from ashes

Mona Lisa’s Got Nothing On Her


Skin reflecting sin
Where do I begin?
Even her hair’s so fair
With glasses on
She becomes a song
The epitome of wildfire flair

She makes a background smile
Never ever moving all the while
Making a flash soft as fur
As Winter becomes Spring
The past becomes a thing
Because Mona Lisa’s got nothing on her

Mesmerizing forever
A creation all too clever
Statuesque causing commotion
From where did this soul come
When she’s been right there, under our thumb?
Giving rise to self-promotion

The heavens make it clear
Her beauty brings a tear
Whereas envy can’t concur
The past found its muse
Repeating it just to confuse
Because Mona Lisa’s got nothing on her

Make Me Fashion

Who, What
Where, When and Why
Do I have to
look to the sky
for the answers
that make prancers
I know somebody does love me
Looking as good
As I want to

Do I?

Patiently, I’m waiting
Inspite of my hating
It’s so damn degrading
Feeling my life fading

Still, I look to the sky
And ask,
Who, What
Where, When and Why
Do I have to
look to the sky
when it already knows
and sees my cry
(But still, I fly)

I don’t need You
to flip the script
on my already ripped
To know me –
Then see Thee

Turn Me into Fashion


My window breaks

as I stare out

What I see won’t

look back at me

The air is dry

through all the cracks

What is there left

on the side I can’t see?

Even the clouds

fail to appear

the closer I pull my chair near

No birds do sing

Awakening heart-strings

Yet, while I stand for this

it pains me to see nothingness


There go the lies



Is there someone

something willing

to draw my shade

so I can be

what I can be

though I can’t believe

the color of my sleeve

after I grieve?

My window breaks

when I look out

And I can’t tell

what’s looking back at me

Lou Ball’s Best Pizza Ever


Best Pizza

Lou Ball’s Best Pizza Ever


1. Flat Bread Pizza Crust

2. 1 Onion sauted (25 min.)

3. 12 Pepperonis slightly fried

4. 2 MILD or HOT Sausage Patties

5. 6 Green Olives

6. 1 Red Pepper sliced (HOT)

7. 1 Package of Mini Mozzarella Balls

8. 1 Package Grated (FANCY) Mozzarella

9. 1 Gina Rispoli Marinara Sauce

10. Olive Oil

11. Crushed Red Pepper

12. Black Pepper


· Slice 1 large sweet onion and sauté with butter 30 minutes (on LOW)

· Remove onion and set aside

· Preheat oven at 425

· Using Pizza Dough, generally brush with Olive Oil

· In same pan as onion, cook 2 sausage patties until almost done – set  aside

· Cut 12 Pepperonis and sauté in same pan for 5 minutes on HIGH – set aside

· Green Olives stuffed with Garlic (optional)

· In same pan, sauté 10 sliced Mushrooms

· Slice 4 Roasted Peppers; sauté and then remove

· Slather Gina Rispoli Marinara on Pizza Dough

· Sprinkle all other ingredients on Pizza

· Spread Shredded Mozzarella Cheese generously

· Bake for 16 minutes

· Remove and allow to sit 8 minutes

· Slice/Portion off and Serve



The Universe plays God

Earth South Pole
Earth South Pole (Photo credit: FlyingSinger)

How can I

exist in the universe

when I am prohibited

from leaving myself here

on Earth

without repercussions?

Though I send my prayers

and cast my spells

only the soil beneath my feet


and keeps me grounded

Above me knows how much

my passion longs for its embrace

The clock I hear

ticks alongside me when

I bow my head

Though it is the pendulum I

see when I look up

Oh, sweet precious clicks

For some to get their kicks

Do bid me mercy

to be one with you and

just once to feel like number one

while my eyes can see above and


For if I should bow my head

once too many times

I wouldn’t have

the very best of both worlds

to thank


If Ever met Never

Classy impositions

Obstructed by cruel intentions

The masses live for pretensions

The clergy orchestrates superstitions



Does the fountain of youth

Spewing freshness

Trickling truth


If ever

Met never

Dare one say, What Ever

In a manner all too clever


When the bell rings

Inside the Watchtower

A lonesome dove sings

Exposing its true power


Rumble does the Earth’s belly

Letting the sky know it is craving

Life too strong for the telly

But remain do the steady all worth saving


Words delivered

Not by the weak or quivered

From a Book of purity

Undeniable in its surety


Careful one must be

To not skew or change one meaning

Though all that is down, not all can see

Let the heart rule the mind for better screening


Then when the bell rings

All  of Heaven sings

And He shines down on His creation

Granting the faithful real love salvation