Ashes to ashes

I am still a Buddhist

Loving to Love

The love that knows love

The way Love should be loved

Dust to dust

I am still a Buddhist

Chanting to chant

Chanting for Love

Loving to chant

Like smoke I spread

Disappearing I am still all

And everywhere, I rise

And Fall

I am still a Buddhist

The colorless exhale

Once the wind blows

From ashes to dust

Burning yet yearning to exist

Still, I am Buddhist

 born, created from ashes

Come Dance With Me

The stage is set

The music’s playing

All that’s left

Our bodies swaying


I see you

In all your glory

What’s left to do

(Is for you to) Come dance with me


A song will play for us

And no one else

No need to cause a fuss

You’re my trophy for my shelf


Just wrap your arms around

My neck and baby, let yourself go

Like you were lost now found

Somewhere so low


We’ll go places

We’ve never been before

Somewhere no one knows our faces

No need for secrets anymore


And if the music ends

Hopefully then you’ll see

We can stay more than friends

once you come and dance with me








I Danced Last Night

I danced last night

And it felt good

Real good


I danced last night

Just like I should always

I kicked, I dipped, I tripped

I skipped, I hopped, and then

I bopped


I danced last night

And forgot I was all alone

I loved myself

And told myself

The music loves me too


I danced last night

And all the lights

Shined just on me

For everyone to see

And I was free

And I was me


I danced last night

All night

And I was right

All right

To love myself

All by myself


I danced last night

If you danced with me

I didn’t see

Cause I was free

Free to be me

Free to be me


I danced last night

That’s why I’m dancing today

My own way

My way

Last night danced with me

And it was free

Dance for the Rich White Men

A friend of your parents

helps your career takeoff

The price you have to pay

Unknown to them

They think prayer is getting you through

They think what they believe

But you deceive

Not just a pole but a cute mole

separates you from them

What do you know

that keeps the flow

is what they need to feel

so real

If you make the right deal

you can make the pig squeal

and never long for a sweet meal

What has no taste

Is hunger on your face

Yet who would not trade place

for their share of the human race

Aside from all the name callin’

Is free-ballin’

A raw rag doll

and alcohol

makes it harder for them to crawl

But now a smart Barbie

Is good Barbie

Whose assets will never be a darby

A boy or a girl can make their heads twirl

Give them joy in this mixed up world

 In memorance of your parents friend

Why can’t I say Goodbye?


Sometimes I think you’ll go away

Or just stop calling me

Maybe you’ll send a note

Or return the letter I wrote


I can’t see why

I get to be the one to cry

Can’t I just walk away

Without a word or two to say


Why can’t I say goodbye

Without getting an answer from the sky

Just want to do it on my own

Sometimes it’s worth being alone


Seeing others dance at a ball

Me standing with my back against the wall

But it’s okay ‘cause I can dance

And it’s my chance to take a final stance


I may not know how to write or do math

And I just might never choose the right path

And though someone might not want me to say goodbye

Where were they before I said Hello to the sky


Why can’t I say goodbye

Do I still have a lesson to learn before I kiss the sky

Just want to feel free like a cloud

Then as I look down I will make somebody proud