The Same Song

Same song

Every night

When I feel like dancing

You just wanna hold me tight


I can dance alone

It’s probably better anyway

This is like keeping me on the phone

But partying lets me say,


I want to be free

To move from here to there

I want to be free

In a world that doesn’t care

  As long as I share

I want to be free

Still closer to thee

I want to be

What freedom has for me


If I twirl too much

Don’t be quick to think I’m dizzy

Just because I move when you try to touch

My hand, and I hear you say, “Is he always this busy?”

“Do you always have to be this busy?”


What if I don’t want to stand or sit still

All the time, it’s just not enough

Maybe it’s not my will with so much time to kill

Making life more rough with lifeless stuff


My dance floor is the earth’s store

And it gives me so much more when I don’t sit still

Like biting into an apple’s core

The seeds inside are like a pill,

     keeping peace at will, seeds that thrill





Change the song

And you’ll see my new clothes

Sure as the day’s gone long

Even the Emperor holds a white rose


Change the tune

I’ll help you learn to step right

I’ve been to the moon and you can soon

If you stop putting up a fight and follow the light


Come Dance With Me

The stage is set

The music’s playing

All that’s left

Our bodies swaying


I see you

In all your glory

What’s left to do

(Is for you to) Come dance with me


A song will play for us

And no one else

No need to cause a fuss

You’re my trophy for my shelf


Just wrap your arms around

My neck and baby, let yourself go

Like you were lost now found

Somewhere so low


We’ll go places

We’ve never been before

Somewhere no one knows our faces

No need for secrets anymore


And if the music ends

Hopefully then you’ll see

We can stay more than friends

once you come and dance with me








I Danced Last Night

I danced last night

And it felt good

Real good


I danced last night

Just like I should always

I kicked, I dipped, I tripped

I skipped, I hopped, and then

I bopped


I danced last night

And forgot I was all alone

I loved myself

And told myself

The music loves me too


I danced last night

And all the lights

Shined just on me

For everyone to see

And I was free

And I was me


I danced last night

All night

And I was right

All right

To love myself

All by myself


I danced last night

If you danced with me

I didn’t see

Cause I was free

Free to be me

Free to be me


I danced last night

That’s why I’m dancing today

My own way

My way

Last night danced with me

And it was free

This Love Story


Your hand feels so good in mine

So I was wondering

If we could stop wasting time


I don’t know if I could take you to Heaven

But I sure will try

I’ll be there for you like a 7-11

can you promise to never make me cry?


This Love Song

can’t ever be wrong

Just as long

as you keep me in your heart

And on your mind

this Love Song

can go on

for however long

you want it to

Just as long

as everyday for us is a brand new start


Can we go out on a date?

How about you bring me home late?

After holding on to each other on the roller-coaster

So what if

we burn each other’s toast In the toaster


I wouldn’t trade a minute

of the day

without you in it

How else could I play

out our love story on a piano

or guitar

These words could only go so far

without the melody

of you dancing

so carefree

Knowing you could never fall

as long as I’m your wall


Where you go

how can I not follow

Without your lead

my soul would be so hollow


You are the reason

my life can’t be wrong

I’m prepared for every season

cause you are this love song


Dancing With The Stars has received “White Powder” for maybe, “White Power?”

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On Monday, November 22, 2010, Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey, and Bristol Palin will compete for the coveted title of Dancing With The Stars Champion.  The final three contestants have seen nothing but calamity since the booting of one favorite, Brandy.  Yet, as Bristol Palin remains at the bottom of the leaderboard, rumor has it that she has been getting a lot of support from members of the Tea Party – Republicans.  Now, as the finals are upon us, Dancing With The Stars is getting something else.

It has been confirmed that a white powder substance has been delivered to the Dancing With The Stars Office, at CBS Studios in Los Angeles (according to ABC  After further investigation, the white powder substance turned out to be nothing more than talcum powder.  Is there a message being sent here?  Could the message be that of “White Power” for Bristol Palin to be victorious.  Or, is this a warning from someone else to not have Bristol Palin as the champion?  Either way, it’s hard to decipher.  As we know, on Wednesday, a man from Wisconsin shot out his television when he learned that Bristol Palin was still on the show.  Suffering from a bipolar disorder, the man then turned the gun on his wife.  Though no one was hurt in the incident, the SWAT Team had to take the gentleman out of his home by force and turned over to a facility for examination.  Is this the beginning to the end of Reality TV?  Has America become sick and tired of the way voting is truly done?  Is there really a need to even have judges on the stage if America’s votes are the ones that really count?  It appears that someone has allowed this thing to get out of hand merely for ratings sake – yet now, it may be that no matter how safe security tells people they are, the belief has been planted in their head that they are probably not safe.

With only one letter distinguishing a harsh reality for the show, what does that missing letter “d” represent?  It’s a good thing that ABC did not hold back in reporting this the way TMZ failed to release the homophobic slurs and rants with Willow and Bristol Palin on Facebook the day after the voting finished on Dancing With The Stars.  Controversy and Ratings.  People will do whatever they have to do for a little attention.