Ex-Crackhead, Crackhead

Last night,
an ex-Crackhead saved my life
Stories told as tales
brought out the Fairy in me
But, I didn’t have to save
what was never my business
With bended ears
we both heard
With stunned lips
we both shared
Yet, the ex-Crackhead passed judgment
when it wasn’t warranted
The ex-Crackhead saw what could
have been
and the smoke began to clear
Recovery is just a word
I was the crack
who couldn’t shake the head

Somewhere’s Morbidity


they went over the clear

wide blue rainbow and

waved from above

So strong was the dragon

Singed was the porcelain pallet

that searched for tears from an angel

But when Santa hit the bottom

out came a diamond from behind

The pristine tale by the dragon

told of mystics

and fairy dust

Made flies fly through fire

Changed princess to a vampire

Even made a priest fearful to kneel


They knew not where

Nor did they care

as long as they were there

And they rode unicorns

And walked through walls

Suddenly a prince worked the pole

A shame he got lost in the hole

They all woke up


With help

They all came down