Oh, Church is just a Fashion Show

Grand words

Statements are made

As they enter the doors

To hear the Gospel spread

A nod

A glimpse

Even from the preacher

while his wife sits close by

Gawking with jealousy

Orchestrated Amens

Applaud the podium

For attention

He knows

 who he wants next

White bears no sign of purity

just eagerness

to be eager

The sermon is so clear

as to who is to fear

Prepped to lay low

Oh, the Church is just a fashion show

A dress rehearsal for

the horn to blow

So the designer will

have his due fill

for the ears hear his skill

and tilt the till

Come see the Garden of Eden

bend Saville Rowe

while his wife sits by

and dare to show

just how often the blood does flow

It compels them all

To take the fall

Next Sunday is


And boys

rest high in banana hammocks

 and toys

and pretty things like socks

The Time We Think We Have


What time we have

to spend with time

Since it spares no one

why should we wait for it


We party and dance

Some just wait for romance

Time becomes our chance

Maybe even by happenstance


Gracefully grow

And dare to show

Let time defy who is to know

the once drab but now glow


Time can pass by

those prone to cry

Alone they do ask why

But they can’t look up at the sky


Time can be a best friend

from beginning to end

For some can glitter and trend

Others seek broken hearts to mend


As you change time

It gives more poison than a dime

Pucker up like a lime

Smear on life oil like some gold slime


Maybe a pill

Will make it still

However we will it can kill

A little word can stalk at will


Just say, “Hello’ to time

Even through all sublime

Put all reason to rhyme

Know time loves only time