Intimidation vs. Peer Pressure (Discussion)

A lady told me that her son was going through something in school. It was made apparent that her son was “sweet” on a young girl in his class. And she was “sweet” on him, too!

Well, other young boys, in the class, knew that her son was fond of the young girl as well. Their mission: to turn the young girl against the boy with good grades. “He ain’t all that!,” was what had flowed in the class. The young boy wanted to fit in.

He comes home one day and exclaimed, “I don’t like her anymore!” It didn’t seem like she spent too much time in getting him to explain the sudden change. But yet, she knew of the boys intention to pretty much disown him because of his prestine reputation in the class. She shrugged it off.

So then, I said, “That’s intimidation.” No, it’s not!,” she said. Intimidation is when somebody has an ultimatum to fulfill. He didn’t feel as though he had to do anything.”

I said, “You’re wrong. So wrong. And I don’t even have kids.”

Flip the Script


He can’t wait ‘til Tuesday
His wheelchair moves
with much dis-ease
Eyes all aglow
begging but then mumbling
to make it stop
Why isn’t it Tuesday?
Didn’t they know
they wouldn’t last?
Bargaining for his life,
trying to cut a deal, 
he grows angry
His pain is worse than theirs
He served his country
better than the ghetto
he settled in
They didn’t deserve his patriotism
They didn’t deserve to deny him
Wasn’t his smile enough?
They made him talk to walls
but now, he can’t manage Hell
As the mud flows from his tank,
the air stifles of hate,
and shame
Why isn’t today Tuesday?
He will make sure they don’t forget
If he makes it,
it will be the last time
he goes through this 

Show Me

Show me
How much you love me
Just so 
I know what not
To listen to

Show me
How much you hate me
Just so
I know how to
Greet you

Show me
How much you fear God
Just so
I know how much
Of my heart to give

Show me
How much you love yourself
Just so
I know what kind
Of friends we’ll be

Show Me
Show Me
How you pray,
But not what you pray for
Just so, I know