Please Grab a Hand and Go Vote Together!


 Well, another four years of hope and trust is upon us.  We have the opportunity to bring CHANGE back from its captors of 2010.  Americans know what happened; though they may be gravely embarrassed to admit to it.  None of the despair and turmoil would have surfaced had a new apparition of Jim Jones rose and brainwashed the vulnerable into thinking they would be better off believing that they would or could be as rich as the ones standing at the podium laughing at them and their naiveté.  However embarrassed they were, color made no difference to the ones affected most by the lesser-promoted recession:  the Blacks and Latinos.  Had Blacks and Latinos gotten out and vowed consistency, there could have been lesser division for them.  Instead, they puffed and pounded their chests, and made their voices heard as if attracting their 15 minutes of fame.  And that’s exactly what the Republican Party was hoping for.  The Black mad man and woman  and the Latino mad man and woman played right into their hand.  Even worse pity goes for the ones who didn’t vote; those with the nerve who said that their vote wouldn’t count anyway.  As if they had a Black Tie affair to attend, they sat on their hands and watched matters and issues for them worsen.  Now, because CHANGE is once again at hand, that same party that they supported for a new brand of change has made it difficult for many to cast their vote to re-elect their Savior-in-Chief, while mocking those silly many who thought that they would be recognized for giving their Judas part of their Heaven to control.  Yes, Black and Latino people…you need to make this right.  No one should have to beg you to do the right thing.  But at the risk of like the better human being, “Please Grab a Hand and Go Vote Together!”  It’s not too late to get a “Non-Drivers Drivers License” or a “Sheriff’s I.D.”  Obtain a true picture I.D. that cannot deny you the right to cast your vote for your life and your family’s life.  If there is a cost involved, is there not a delicacy you can give up to take back your life?  Another four years of hope and trust is upon us.  You have a chance to make history again and be taken seriously.  No matter how much money you have, you will receive no more respect than you already have.  If you need any proof, just take a look at Florida.  During the last two years, there has been a war against Black men and boys far greater than Black-on-Black crime has ever seen.  Yet, Black people with a little money think that they are immune to homeboy treatment.  Even by not helping a cause, you help the wrong cause.  You listen to the wrong people who you have enjoyed being entertained by for years.  Most likely, they have their funding to hold on to by getting you to go their way.  Another case of Black-on-Black crime.  And, now that they themselves are being mocked, they are trying to come back to their own side.  Be entertained and just entertained by them.  Vote the right way.  Vote for what’s right.  Even if you don’t want to divulge who you will vote for, don’t.  Does everybody tell the truth anyway?  They all tell you what is appropriate for you to hear.  They don’t have to tell you anything else.  But you need to tell yourself that you are valuable and that you demand to not be classified as a second-class citizen.  One way to do that is to VOTE!  Do not try and submit an Absentee Ballot because it WILL go into the TRASH.  Get out of your home, stand in line, and VOTE!  Furthermore, unlike the movie theater when you ask for a certain ticket, they will slide you a ticket for a completely different movie – make sure you check and confirm your votes before you walk away.  Take your time and do not feel rushed just because people are waiting behind you.  PLEASE GRAB A HAND AND GO VOTE TOGETHER!  If you know of someone who needs a ride or a companion to the polling booth, help them.  What a great opportunity to pay it forward by lending a helping hand.  Lend a hand and take a stand!  With all the mis-truths and lies that have been spread out on the platform, how can anyone deny who the better candidate is to represent them?  Besides, isn’t the better candidate already in place even though he didn’t have the necessary support to truly make a difference or change?  What is there to fear other than a new Civil Rights Movement?  This time, you might not have a chance at another fight.


Just How Gullible Are Black Voters?





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In a nutshell, Joe Biden made reference to the GOP and Republican Presidential candidates putting Blacks “back in chains…”  It’s not that the comment was taken out of context, but it was taken by the GOP maliciously in an effort to show that Joe Biden had no love for his own supporters.  With the Republicans’ record on minority affairs, it would be ridiculous to believe that the Republicans had their best interests at heart.  What’s worst is how any Black leader could even assume that Mr. Biden meant harm by presenting that comment.  Do Black leaders have any reason to act so vulnerable in the eyes of the party that is doing its best to save their dignity?  If anyone answers “Yes” to this question, they really need their head examined.


Let’s face it.  Blacks are in no position to stand up for the rich man.  Even their conversion into the Republican Party is a more obvious grab at acceptance that will never be achieved.  The holy roller intellectuals who speak against President Obama have no real reason to support any member of the Republican Party except for the promise of their own project funding.  Some would call this method a ‘Sell-Out.’  I remember an instance when an older Black woman who was about to retire in three years the night Obama was elected say that she voted “…the way her boss voted…”  Her boss owned a hotel.  He was from India.  He voted Republican.   I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for her mainly because she thought that I was going to pat her on her back.  She was 62 years old and wasn’t about to collect a pension from any company because her attitude caused administration to relieve her of her duties long before she could ever get that comfortable.  Four years later, she is still working for that same employer.  Other employees have moved on to other jobs.  Word has it they just didn’t want to be miserable any longer.  While the turnover rate at the hotel is high, she’s the only employee adamant about being a Republican.  Her boss could probably care less.


It’s not hard to believe that Black Republicans would never use the word “uppity” to describe themselves, but words like, blessed, gifted, and privileged would fit the bill.  Most well-to-do Blacks who identify with the Republican Party turn a blind-eye or develop tone deafness in the presence of other Republicans who outwardly express their disapproval of them at RNC events.  Could this be the loneliest life for a Black person?  The cons definitely outweigh the pros of being a Black Republican.  Just imagine a Black Upper-Management level male who is so focused on the big picture for his company until he doesn’t realize how he has subjected himself to total isolation from members of his race group.  Sure, there is the perception that management should remain ‘above’ his or her subordinates.  Maybe it would help if that member of Upper-Management could manage the perception a little better.  Now, once displaced, all bridges have been burned – and those supposed perceived friendships that existed in the workforce no longer exist.  Yet, the ocean looks deeper and bluer.  Everything was all good while he was in the in-crowd.  His calls get screened.  Her called don’t get returned.  But the calls always seem to get through that ask for a donation to your favorite party.  People like Dr. Cornell West and Cory Booker and even radio personality Tavis Smiley can use the airways to express their feelings about the President and his history.  These three members of Black society have held their positions for quite some time and may even feel that they could broaden their fan-base by speaking-ill of the President and his entire party.  Though when their plan backfires, they backtrack by offering apologies and excuses.  The damage has already been done.  And, although I believe the Black (race) people are the most forgiving of any race group, they can also be considered the worst to not remember history.  Allen West and his stunt, however, can never be forgotten by any group.


When words and promises mean so much, Blacks fail to remember.  Whether it’s a history lesson of the Flood of 1927 or the election of November 2010, they fail to remember.  With little to no cohesion or solidarity, Blacks tend to use prayer as their mantra for everything.  It is the church, too, that says, “Faith without works is dead.”  Black leaders, and those Black Church leaders, who misguide or mislead Black members of their congregation, are like the blind leading the blind.  Drop a piece of cheese and the mice will find its way to it.


When will the Black ancestors speak to their people about selecting their President?



Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Call them humble, gullible, nice, caring, non-threatening, well-educated, articulate, up-and-coming, upwardly mobile, God-fearing…they may still just be stupid or ignorant.




It should pain anyone when the likes of Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornell West and other so-called Black leaders discuss their disapproval for the only Black President the United States of America may ever have:  Barack Obama.  Surely, the President could speak directly to them when he utters the ‘taken-out-of-context’ phrase “You Didn’t Build That” because they truly didn’t build their empires on their own.  It seems that all the aforementioned used a little brainwashing of their own to attain the following they have achieved over the years.  The Bottom Line:  they needed faithful followers, People to carry out their restricted domination.  Let’s not forget the near-passing Corey Booker of New Jersey who also has denounced his sincerity for President Obama.  Why is this happening?  Have affluent Blacks suddenly seen a different side of themselves they want more accepted of mainstream America?  Would anyone disagree that the greatest payoff is money, not a hand-out, but mere compensation for switching common courtesy for humanity and confusing it with concern in the form of tyranny?  At a time when change has come, many naysayers refuse to let history repeat itself.  Then, in many ways, what is provoking Blacks to attack a leader of their own race is similar to “Black-on-Black” crime that was prevalent or tied to gang warfare.  Yet, instead of these leaders thumping their chest with a gang-sign, they just let the hate run off their tongues and onto the microphones that eagerly await them.




So many Black leaders say that they have marched with Dr. King and stood beside John F. Kennedy as they tried to make the world a better place by demanding equal rights for all men and women.  If this is true, why has the message gotten lost?  So much of the world is all about Big Business.  Breaking the Union, Big Business.  Education, Big Business.  Outsourcing Jobs, Big Business.  Liberal versus Conservative, Big Business.  Democrat versus Republican, Big Business.  Lies versus Little White Lies, Big Business.  Black Unemployment, Big Business.  Pretending to be color-blind, Bigger Business.  What are these Black leaders or pillars of the Black environment thinking?  Are we heading towards a two-year reassessment of the President?  We didn’t do it when Bush was in office.  But if it wasn’t enough that a Black Barack Obama, who stood for CHANGE and fairness, won the Presidency over a lesser qualified male and female, what is it?  Just two years after being elected, the President came under fire because Americans did not get jobs right away.  That seemed to be the main issue that threatened hard-working middle-class Americans who were on the verge of losing their homes and personal wealth really because of issues that preceded Barack Obama.  On that note, November 2010 had citizens of America who once were Democrat now voting Republican.  Basically, the public was tricked into believing they had made a mistake by voting for someone who was not even taken seriously by his own party.  To make matters worse, the President even saw Democratic leaders stepping down – removing themselves or dissociating themselves with him.  Yet, Black leaders still want their followers to believe, again, that the grass is greener on the other side of fantasy land.




Surely, there are many who remember the Flood of 1927 (The Great Mississippi Flood).  There may even be many who are still alive today.  Herbert Hoover, the Secretary of Commerce, was in charge of flood relief operations.  The promises Mr. Hoover made to the Blacks who occupied refugee camps helped set the stage for his election to the presidency.  However, as conditions worsened with Whites receiving better treatment with food and shelter, thousands of Blacks lost their lives.  This horrific and inhumane act caused the shift of Blacks from the Republican Party to that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Democratic Party.  Promises were broken.  Unlike Hoover, President Obama faced much opposition within his own party.  Maybe had he said emphatically that change was not going to be immediate because of the severity of the conditions he had inherited, Americans would have been more willing and tolerant.  But, they were not.  They were eager, angry, tired, and felt misled.  Fast forward two years, and this time even wealthy Blacks are promoting Big Business, I mean, someone who knows what Big Business means for himself.  The problem many affluent Blacks face is that they are still Black – no matter the size of their wallets, purses, or bank accounts.  No one wants ‘freebies’ especially if there is going to be a limit to them.  To say that all Blacks want nothing but “Free Stuff” is quite derogatory.  What better stigma placed on a culture that has almost no chance of rising like the phoenix from the ashes?  The words in the phrase “Uppity Negro” still resonate with many poor, elderly southern Blacks (partly due to the Willie Lynch Speech) who believe that the Black man should always know his place in society.  But, if that is the case, does a Black man have a place in the Republican Party?  Chances are, many of those elderly types don’t believe their vote count…anyway.  Would their ancestors agree?