The Wisdom Keepers

Be quick
Be nimble
Don’t get so sick
Where You can’t use a thimble

Pray often
But keep it moving
Don’t let your brainwaves soften
‘Cause there’s a lot to be proving

You’re expected to sit still
Stay in your place
Just take your blue, pink or white pill
And put a smile on your face

Why should You wear your heart on your sleeve?
You paid a lot for those achy bones and laugh lines
Old Age tries its best to deceive
With hefty penalties and fines

So, let’s call out those who say, “You Can’t”
and those who say, “No”
Your body, mind, and soul is like a Plant
It also needs a little nourishment to grow, and grow, and go

Again, until We meet

The Dog knew it was Man’s Best Friend

He made his life worthwhile

as they aged, the Dog aged faster

And, as the Man aged, He ran slower

Their connection lasted through death

Protection then came by dreams

He knew He had taught Him well

Then, when His time was up

He no longer dreamed alone

Waiting patiently on the outside

With His lights so bright,

His best friend jumped into His arms

without jumping

As if guided by a leash,

He led Him into forever



Just say, “No.”

When I ask your feelings
about something I did,
Humor me, then
Don’t abuse me

Don’t let me feel
I am doing it right, when I am not
It’s like laughing
without sound.  Poking at me

If I ask you your opinion,
make me feel like you’re staring right at me    
Let me see the truth
before your smile becomes a wall  

If pleasure never finds you,
How long will you ever stay?

Words are never meaningless,
as long as the right action is taken

I love you, because you’re an alcoholic (2)

She knew all of them.  He knew hers.  The knowing of why he got married never behooved mom.  For goodness sakes, she had grandchildren.  Not the first of grandchildren, but no less, he produced.  Just like she did.  Who cares if it was the church who pretty much forced her and her husband together.  The church felt it would be best that they stayed together, despite what it knew.  Maybe, it was their idea of ‘conversion therapy.’  Little did he know, that nickname her son acquired in college, Lou, which stood for “Loser,” would come back to haunt him.  Many, many times.
     As the drinking got heavier and heavier, the dementia and anger grew more fiercely.  His mom would throw physical tantrums at her best friend.  Never once did she assault her husband.  The police were called to carry her away each time.  Still, her was constantly reminded of his failed attempts at life, at living.  But, as her determined hate professed, so did her son’s.  When she hit, he hit back.  Once it was all over, no one remembered a thing.  Except for the apparent bruises and scratches and scrapes.  This obviously made him an even bigger loser.  Yet, through it all, her detached god-fearing husband could be found barricaded in his room all nestled on the tiny sleeper sofa that fit kindly into the short bedroom he called his own.  Mom finally broke the camel’s back when she was caught driving under the influence after leaving her younger daughter’s home.  Guess who came to her rescue?
     It wasn’t too long after her release, the authorities were called to their home again.  This time, it would be her last stay at the home she let the tormented spirits fester.  Walking into the front door, one might ask why the walls were so dark and that there were no window coverings.  I knew.  Along with all the crosses on the tables and walls, the Jesus pictures hung so strategically, cut-outs of biblical sayings posted about on refrigerator and bedroom doors…there was trouble there that had no plans of fleeing anytime soon.  Even after she left, the dad still slept with his light on.
     There were those times when my partner would attempt his own hand at withdrawal.  One particular event had his younger sister witness him having a seizure in the aisle of a Hobby Lobby.  It would be her only time doing this.  Her own bouts of repression and drinking would make her more numb to the fact that, all awhile she was left with Sybil, her brother and eldest sister abandoned her and the youngest brother for college.  Was her about to leave again, under different circumstances?  She wanted to be a part of his life without the future hands-on experience.  All the while, little sis knew that mom and dad were enabling her brother’s non-sobriety.
     Her sought help at every turn.  Sadly, when he felt the need to return to the emergency room, his family members were too busy to go in and sit with him.  They would just pull up to the front door and tell him to call them when he was ready to come home.  Where was the love?  He recalled the time that was most traumatic to him when he was escorted to a mental ward.  He didn’t know why he was there.  He wanted help because of his drinking issue.  That was all.  Somehow, he talked his way free and walked the seven miles back home in the dead of winter.  Putting his life in further jeopardy, he accepted a ride from a group of college kids who felt he garnered a lift.  Everything’s a blur, after that.  They all wanted to know how he made it back to the house…without calling either of them.

Bye Bye Liquid Fool

I see you there
Lying away all our dreams
Funny how this leather armchair
Isn’t all that it seems

Wish I could climb in
And save you from it all
But what good is the sin
When only one of us can fall?

Had a fantastic run
Give and taking the bad
Will you ever see the sun
Once you realize what you had?

This could be a happy ending
Despite all the chitter clatter
With open eyes start the mending
Without a bottle that is the matter

Bye Bye liquid fool
I gotta let you go
Before you take my cool                     Well, no, no, no

Take care of yourself
‘Cause I’m tired and so confused
Just jumped down off that shelf
Of loneliness, used and abused




My dream has come
And stayed with me
Through everything
I have wanted
To be wanted
Needed never                                 
What we can do
no others can
Each year you get older
I hope you have dreams, too
with me in them
directing you
caring for you                                     Caring with you
Showing you love
Be it in a candle
so flickering
Growing brighter
or just a flame
Never changing
Each year you get older
Let your dreams come to life
And know that I am here

The Warm Goodbye

Saying what you want to hear
Always confuses me
Turning shivers to fear
Something (even) a child shouldn’t see

Breaking apart
For some, it’s so easy to do
After I’ve given you my heart
I see the difference in You

Please say, Hello
to our Warm Goodbye
Try not to let me fall too low
I may not be able to reach the sky
Please say, Hello
before you pass me by
It’s not all my doing though
If only you’d ask me why

Tears they fall off my pillow
Onto the bed sheets and into my hands
Wanting you to water my weeping willow
So the other flowers cheer in the stands

Tell me that you still love me
Say it soft and with a wink and a smile
I pray that my eyes don’t fail to see
the joy I gave you for a while

The Missing Christmas Card

My heart is my heart
and it beats better with you
near me
beside me
knowing me
As a master of words
I find it so easy to write
but I always want to
say what’s right
You challenge me to be better
Better for you
Better towards you
Ultimately, better for myself
Where I find it easy to say, “Thank You,”
I would rather show you appreciation
so as to not be taken pettilly
Should I step out of bounds,
I hope you are there
Not to catch me,
But to hold my hand
like you do my heart
Can I say, “I Love You” today
and again tomorrow
as a card you enjoy reading everyday?

The Quiet Neighbor

Smile...Smile...Smile ;-)!


They go back and then forth


Not that they come and go


Statement of some status


What do they know


that others don’t


No slamming doors


They do their chores


And they are one the same


Smile when you speak


Gentle wave flies


Their car wreaks of silence


What do they know


that others don’t


A reality show for Freud


If only that man knew
Einstein did know


Theory of relativity they gel


They mesh


Following their own lead


Marching to their own beat


Round and round back and forth


They make you see


What you want to


Yet they don’t change


When you see one


they are still one


More meek than mice


Ah, that’s so nice


What do they know


that they won’t show


Is there an afterglow


in their money honey?


If they ever need a favor


How can you judge


their peace


their love


their devotion


their emotion?


Them two


As one