Ashes to ashes

I am still a Buddhist

Loving to Love

The love that knows love

The way Love should be loved

Dust to dust

I am still a Buddhist

Chanting to chant

Chanting for Love

Loving to chant

Like smoke I spread

Disappearing I am still all

And everywhere, I rise

And Fall

I am still a Buddhist

The colorless exhale

Once the wind blows

From ashes to dust

Burning yet yearning to exist

Still, I am Buddhist

 born, created from ashes


Cars stop

Then go        

Lights changing with a chop

Leading to where the waters flow


Imagining the waves

Crashing without a shore

Searching for their faves

But me I want much more


Here I am

Waiting for them to take me in

Like looking for peace on the lam

Waiting here like committing a sin


Life without hope

Like I’m doing some dope

Waiting for a good day

When I can love my way


Add a touch of greatness

Not so hard when you know

Despite its untimely lateness

Telling the wind which way to blow

I’m waving my flag

I’m waving my flag down below

In hopes you see my surrender

Praying the right direction the wind does flow

Hearing Elvis sing “Love Me Tender”


My flag has seen many countries

Hurt by some, damaged by none

Never burned like heat in trees

Riding the waves while having fun


But I’m waving my flag

Giving to you my heart and soul

Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag

Naughty purr for a kitty cat’s hole


Don’t let my flag touch the ground

Welcoming hands might say no

Coming dressed in white to the sound

Of parting waters that deliciously flow


“Love Me Tender” plays

To the banging and chatter

When duty calls for missionary stays

In go the grunts and out when they matter


I’m waving my flag down below

And it’s headed in your direction

The North Pole is as far as it will go

Extending joy of pure affection

I Tried To Be Perfect

You put me here

 for a reason

though it may not have been

the right season

I had no fear


I listen to the sound

Of their voices

And what I found

Were many, different choices


Some found their own way

Others refused to say

Lives floated like a bay

Awakening to fears and pain every day


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

I tried to be perfect


Though it was my mind

That kept me kind

More indifference

Would I find


But I can’t blame them

For another sad church hymn

Souls don’t change with time

They’re just the blind leading the blind


If I ask for rest

After I confess

Will you shed your light

With all your might


I did my best

To pass your test

But as my heart and smile reflect

Father, I tried to be perfect