The Old Man Has a Date

After 74 years
No sign of a shower, though it may rain outside.
He can’t play like a child. The Ex took that away.

After the first encounter,
He never understood his errors. Even his housemates
succumb to his bullying tactics. Onto the next write-off.

Number Four calls him a stalker. He thinks it’s Love
And he is going to make her Love Him. Then, the airmail
breeds fire, brimstone, and handcuffs.

A new resolution calls for a different religious book.
God will bring him the perfect mate. He sees them all as
Perfect. They don’t want to see him anymore. The Ex gave him that.

The Ex took control.
Even after the divorce, now he feels free. He lies to himself
as his prayers go up, over, and out. She knows the truth and so does He.

The Ex took control.
He thought she was happy, after four kids. The Church pitted them.
The Church fitted them. Who or What does she hate more? She lives her truth.

43 years with the same person who wore pants.
He says it was out of Love. She wanted out and got out. Laugh, she does.
74 and trying to court the wrong religion.

Paul Ryan uses his Mother for Face-Time and Favors



Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How convenient!  A wealthy congressman has chosen to use his wealthy 78-year old mother to promote a plan that she herself would never benefit from – nor would she ever need to.




“She planned her retirement around this promise,” Ryan said as Betty Ryan Douglas looked on. “That’s a promise we have to keep.”—at a campaign rally in The Villages, Florida on Saturday, August 18, 2012.




This really makes no sense.  Do people really plan their retirement around their Medicare eligibility?  Not really.  If anything, it’s social security that helps one continue after retirement.  However, if one is lucky enough, and that is a strong ‘if,’ to be at a job long enough to receive a pension from a job, medical benefits is the added perk.  Medicare has always been a given for anyone who has reached that specified age.  But for Paul Ryan to use his own mother to promote something that he hopes to fade out is almost blasphemous.  And what’s worse, she has no idea her son has plans to force seniors to eventually pay for their own healthcare once their Paul Ryan ‘voucher’ runs out.  This is so unlike the scene where Brad Pitt’s mother stole face-time by writing an anti-gay letter.  She went against everything Brad and his wife-to-be Angelina stands for.  Betty Ryan may just be ever-so-elated to have her son running for the Presidency, I mean, the vice-Presidency.  Perception may be everything.  So, if senior Floridians see that the mother of He-Who-Acts-As-His-Own-Public-Relations-Manager supports him, then a mother’s love can’t be wrong.  I know it snows in Pennsylvania in the Fall, but I didn’t know it trickled South in August.  What a snow-job that it, huh?




She’s 78-years old, wealthy, and really doesn’t need Medicare.  To have this body beside him up on that platform would be an obvious ploy for Ryan to avoid taking questions.  Again, perception means so much.  With the right makeup, clothing, the right-arm around the person as if she is on the left, is a picture-perfect moment that all is in working order.  Now, it has become a bit clearer as to why Marco Rubio wasn’t selected as Mitt Romney’s sidekick.  Hispanics, Latinos on Medicare?  Now, if only that tax return issue could resurface along with Ryan’s union intervention…life might really become a Shakespearean play for the Democrats.  It’s surprising that Sarah Palin hasn’t spoken out on Paul Ryan’s choice of advocacy for his plan.  Quickly ask a rich person what a coupon or voucher is and their immediate response would be, “What?”  But be sure to hurry up and walk away after they respond.  They might get confused and get a headache.  Somebody else knows what I mean.




What a “Political Animal” Paul Ryan is!  At what other lengths will he go to just to brainwash the elderly into adopting his plan of assisted suicide?  If the right senior were to appear on the scene, why not hammer home the Ryan-Kevorkian similarity?  Maybe no one’s gotten to that measure of true health just yet.  If you’re currently on Medicare, it seems you’re grandfathered for any changes.  But, those future Medicare recipients either need to adopt New York Lottery’s old motto of “A Dollar and A Dream” or stow away an adequate amount of true blood.  Life would have to imitate Art.


The New Nurse and the Old Game

Doctor Doctor

Please come quick

one of your nurses is

making me sick

Just look at me,

don’t I look thin?

Maybe it’s because of

the color of my skin

I don’t want to die

that’s why I came here

It was the outside

I thought I had to fear

She barely even speaks

or care to look at me

Just tell me what I’ve done

just what could it be

There’s not a sign of respect

though let me refer to my age

Days of yesteryear I reflect

Somebody forgot to turn the page

Why is this so

Have the times not changed?

Below my pillow my face will go

as I will be called demented and deranged

I hear she went to school

to learn how to make me feel better

I guess somebody was made the fool

And gave me the scarlet letter

Doctor Doctor

can’t you see

I really think she has it out for me

I know I heard her talking


Then again, maybe it was just


About how the life would be so


The closer it was to the color

of rice

She’s afraid to touch my hair

Says I should do it myself

Not a hint or sign of care

as I have to get my brush from

the high shelf

Should I slip or fall

on my back or on my face

If she could send me back

I might be treated with grace

Why oh Why

I cry to the sky

Lying so often in waste

Festering with lye

I long ago thought of the tales

I would tell

Surrounded by little ones

Instead of the book smart from Hell

Now when I close my eyes

I try and force dreams of love

Feeling my body drift and rise

And looking down below from above

Doctor Doctor

Why are you here?

Is there anyone for whom you’ve

shared a tear?

Are you aware

Or do you care

Memories you can share

Shed the evil, if you dare

Treat me

like I’m a human being

Treat me

Like I am worth seeing

Doctor Doctor

Tell me true

Why does my nurse make me feel Black

And make me so blue?