Legend (In Memory of Prince)

I appeared before your eyes
And affected your minds
I became the product
    Of society
You paid millions to see me
      Adored and criticized
You worshipped me more than Jesus

When I glittered
       I became gold
And was shaped better than
        The cross

You can never forget me
I live forever in your memory

I am a legend

Silent Bombs

Sleep through it all
Awaken to the aftermath
Don’t speak when You hear fear
Talk over the chaos
Turn away from the truths
Make up your own lies 
Carry a black Bible
Recite scriptures from memory
Send tots to school
Force them to believe You

Vote the way others do
Don’t bother knowing why
What a beautiful family tree
The difference between a snake and a bumble bee   
Own a TV
Tune out reality
Claim to give selflessly
Close doors to needy and not greedy
You know what fails
Instead You keep it pale  

In The Bowels Of A Rust

Churn the damn scam
that awaits its moment
to rear its truth
Like smoking weeds
green, brown, sticky
laying prostrate
telling secrets to onlookers
who marvel and record
defecated prayers
Wishes are all You have
Verbiage reins supreme
Smoke smells
before ideas flow
Yet, who will fail to flush
after You wipe
Then so, who won’t?
How much length do You need
to pull out the real You
Maybe hip-flex color matters
when I reach for the air

The Days of Monterrey Park

Smoke a doobie

Played like Scooby

Guitar Jammin’

Dashiki a slammin’


Waves a wavin’

South’s a slavin’

Life is carefree

As far as I can see


Voice rockin’ out

Watch the lips pout

Painted on jeans

Sell-out for greens


All posin’ ‘til closin’

No dozin’ while hosin’

Get the Clap without hands

On stage make fans


Powder was great

In the Valley was hate

Powder made them all skate

Cocaine made them feel great


Elton and Dobie gave ‘em the beat

Rock On fed the heat

Soul tickled the pole

Sucked many through the hole


Happiness, Peace, and Love

All fell from up above

Lights out, it all went dark

In the days of Monterrey Park

Tyra Banks will NEVER die!



Tyra Banks at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.
Tyra Banks at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tyra Banks will NEVER Die!  Okay, that’s a given.  But you just can’t call her a “Green-Eyed Monster” just for the sake of calling her that.  Tyra Banks is a force to be reckoned with. 




Modeling since the young age of 15, Tyra, with her mother beside her every step of the way, has diligently worked to become a Supermodel, Actress, Author, Television Show Host, and most recently a Harvard Business School graduate.  Okay.  I made the word ‘graduate’ in lower case all because it has been reported that Tyra didn’t exactly graduate from Harvard Business School (four-year program).  She participated and completed a weekend entrepreneurial course and received a certificate for her effort.  At least she did grace the halls of Harvard College.  Many of us will never get the chance to say that we had the privilege.  But that’s not the reason Tyra Banks will never die.  Tyra Banks will NEVER die because she is a chameleon.  A soul that can change its look more times than it can change its mind is a wonderfully beneficial thing.  With the soul being a thing, we cannot look at Tyra Banks as just a 5 foot 10 inch beauty who dates and eats what she wants at will.  We must view Tyra Banks as a fierce media mogul competitor who is as savvy as she is passionate.  If the Media ever caught Tyra Banks crying over a lost relationship, may the earth part and swallow up every person who kicked and scratched their way to that historic photo.  May Tyra Banks expose her true self in a Medussa-like pose before revealing who she chose to keep safe from destruction in a photo she always carries around with her.




At 39 years of age, Tyra Lynne Banks (it’s a mystery why she won’t use that middle name more often) is already worth more than $45 million.  Establishing her “America’s Next Top Model” show, Tyra Banks became not just an innovator, but a trendsetter.  Her show has sparked many copycats as the show’s title itself (with the exception of the country it is shown in) is seen in more than 25 countries.  While Tyra Banks can be seen week after week crushing and dashing a young girl’s hopes and dreams of becoming America’s Next Top Model, she herself can be seen off-screen making the Social 50 by wearing raccoon-eyed makeup or up-stepping her real, voluptuous breasticles so high until we think she is the one who put the ‘hoo’ in hoochie.  Tyra Banks will NEVER die because she has been and probably will be the only African-American (someday they’ll go back to using the word “Black”) woman to continue exposing the glamorous Modeling business for its unattractiveness.  How can someone ever die who gets mocked for a saying a phrase or a word that many think they are but only a true few really are?  Tyra Banks will NEVER die because she can back-up what she puts-up.




Tyra Banks may have changed her format for this new cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” for the better this time.  Prior to Cycle 19, the judges selected the winners and losers of the show.  For this season, at least half of the pressure is taken off of Tyra Banks and her panel of judges by the public voting on photos of the show’s contestants.  How creative!  André Leon Talley should have never judged the girls on that show in the first place.  Who would ever agree that his own fashions were fashionable?  This is just another reason why Tyra Banks will NEVER die.  She rejected VOGUE!  When Tyra Banks’ nemesis, Janice Dickinson, tried to start her own failed modeling show, she made men her main focus while putting women on the back burner.  Maybe Tyra Banks can start a show like that but using men only.  You know.  She could start an “America’s Next Top Male Model.”  Another winner, Tyra Banks!  But this time, no males get to judge the men…at all.  I don’t even know why she’s got a male judge on her show now.  Anyway, Tyra Banks will NEVER die because her looks are the hats she wears.  What surprises Tyra Banks?  Insincerity surprises Tyra Banks.  Tyra Banks knows how to make anyone feel sorry for feeling ungrateful for the opportunity to be in her presence.  Just the honor of standing beside another girl about to learn your fate on the show is enough to pee your pants and fall out while having an epileptic seizure.  As the tears flow, the slob will grow.  How more household must she be?




While many models, let alone Supermodels, are considered brainless, Tyra Banks is quite the public speaker.  Having won two Daytime Emmy Awards for her talk show, Tyra Banks has proven that she is a fierce force in the educating of young girls.  And when you get a congratulatory phone call from the Oprah, why not believe you have truly arrived?  With quite a colorful and diverse resume that includes singer/songwriter, Tyra Banks will NEVER die!  Though not even the extremely wealthy, but waif-like, Gisele Bundchen has tried her hand at talk-show host, Tyra Banks would escalate her standing in society by becoming just a mother.  She wouldn’t even need to marry – just have a baby.  Well, what kind of message would that send to young girls?  A great one!  Look girls, I’m rich, I’m famous, and I’m a single-mom!  Not just a talk-show surrogate mom, but a real, honest-to-goodness mother!  But still, Tyra Banks will NEVER die!  When most women of color turn to the OWN Network for assistance, like the first-ever self-professed Supermodel, Beverly Johnson, Tyra Banks took her own lead and won.  And, as long as her mother is alive and by her side, Tyra Banks will NEVER die!


Fame or Fortune…Which would YOU choose?


When I was young, which wasn’t too long ago, I always dreamed of having more money than my parents.  I wanted to be able to drop whatever I was doing and head off to the mall like my Mom or even leave my office like my Dad and go fishing or even hit the tennis court.  They would always give me the option to do what I wanted to do.  Sometimes, they would just assume I would choose to spend time with one over the other.  Sure, we did things together.  It’s just that when we couldn’t do everything together.  Love had nothing to do with it.  Going to the mall wasn’t my Dad’s favorite thing to do and breaking a nail on the tennis court didn’t win any love points for my Dad.  And, when something didn’t go right with a family outing, somebody blamed it on the fact that they never liked doing that sort of thing in the first place.  But, aside from all that, I remember that wherever my parents went everybody knew them and liked them.  Even to this day, when I enter an establishment that my parents frequented, I am always referred to as “Mr. and Mrs. So-n-Sos-kid.”  Just who gets the respect here, me or my parents?


I can never recall a time when my parents had a falling out over money or anything ever went lacking in the household.  As a child, I had things when other kids in my neighborhood said they wished they had them.  If I asked something of my parents, they saw to it that I got it just as long as I could give a good enough reason other than “…because” for having it.  I must have been a pretty bright and morally correct child because I seemed to know what being spoiled was.  My just knowing that my parents could obviously afford the world for me made me feel privileged.  How forever grateful I am to them.  That’s when I realized the greatest gift they had given me:  their name.  Strangely enough, though I never directly asked them about it, I think my parents knew about the Law of Prosperity and could have written the book, “The Secret,” long before it was conceived by Rhonda Byrne.  My Mom was Oprah and Martha Stewart before they were and my Dad was a nicer mental form of Donald Trump and a more appealing and agile Warren Buffett.  I said all that to so this, I loved it when I heard people wanting to give my parents things.  When I go to the mall with my Mom, quite often a different sales agent each time would offer my Mom his or her discount or would say to her, “I knew I would see you sometime this week, so I put something on hold for you.”  The expression on my Mom’s face was always priceless.  What’s more is I could tell she was genuinely sincere in her response to the sales people.  My Dad wasn’t too different.  People actually wanted to spend time with him and asked if he could bring his family over for dinner.  He was never without a tennis match or a round of golf playmate.  They even asked his advice on certain business opportunities.  I guess what touched my heart more was how other men actually treated him like he was their brother.  My parents were like celebrities who both had underwear tossed at them wherever they went.  The wallet only served as a tip holder.  But when they gave, they gave.


Talk about values…family values.  I learned from my parents that it was necessary to have money – however much money you needed fully depended on the habits you develop also known as needs, addictions, and desires.  If you set yourself up for failure, you have to work harder to stay away from it.  I adored that about my Mom and Dad.  They were so wise.  Now, I won’t say that I didn’t go off the deep end at least once in my rise to adulthood.  It was ever-so-comforting knowing that my parents were there to pull me back to earth reminding me to fully understand my purpose for doing a certain thing.  How on earth could I ever try and hurt the image that they had so effortlessly built for me?  Aside from feeling loved by my parents, I heard them tell me that often.  That really made a difference as well.  It would be such a shame for me to tell someone how my parents were so chummy with the outside world but were complete jerks when it came to me.  What isn’t a shame is that my parents treatment of the outside world made them see me and love me in their absence.  Though my looks may have changed slightly over the years, the mere glance at the name on my driver’s license brought me into being for myself.  It is my wish that in time I will be remembered for the good I have done to and for others.   I don’t know if I will ever be exactly like my parents, though being them isn’t a bad thing, but I must make sure I continue using the Law of Prosperity every day:  Give freely and it will come back to you. 


Do I want Fame or do I want Fortune?  By having a fortune, it would take so much out of you by looking over your shoulder, becoming paranoid, at thinking of ways you have to maintain it.  There may well be a price to pay for fame, but with fame people remember your name.  And what you do with your name could mean the difference between eating and starving to death.  Treat your fame well and respect will be your best friend.  It wouldn’t hurt to have a little of both Fame and Fortune.  Since you can’t take your fortune with you, your name can live on even after you’re gone.   



Why does a non-famous parent want their 15 minutes of Fame?


Hollywood sign from the air
Hollywood sign from the air (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

Let’s suppose a celebrity like Brad Pitt had a mother who wrote an anti-gay letter.  I don’t know who she wrote it to and will only speculate about why she wrote it…for attention.  With Mr. Pitt constantly coming under fire, mainly for his humanitarian efforts, but for his somewhat Bohemian lifestyle he has set with common law spouse, Angelina Jolie (who is always on the forefront of humanitarian ambassadorship), the man no less still commands attention after years of being deemed a heart-throb in Hollywood.  Excuse me for neglecting the fact that Miss Jolie has seen her father, Jon Voight, try and capitalize on her fame as well.  However, Mr. Voight nailed his fame long before Angelina started to rise.  Then again, it’s all about staying relevant, right?


But when are we going to stop with the attacks on gays all over the World?  What have they ever done to anybody except try to help them dress better, eat better, speak better, decorate better, or maybe even be better parents?  I really can’t see how even the meekest woman could not campaign for equal rights of gay men and women.  Is it fear that makes a woman not want to take a stand for her niece, nephew, neighbor’s son or daughter that protected them a potential street attack because her husband’s stature was like that of an Archie Bunker or….  You get my meaning.  I guess Hollywood is everywhere.  So what if the woman isn’t or never was a Hollywood Stage Mom?  If you have a child, your behavior is reflective of your child.  And please don’t throw religion into the mix.  It has nothing to do with nothing.  With so many children committing heinous acts on themselves because their parents’ religious beliefs prevent them from being themselves, why can’t at least the nurturing mother take heed to something being out of sync with that culture?  The loving son grows up to be well-respected, marries a beautiful woman, meets another beautiful woman (who probably is so unlike his mother he finds her even more attractive), divorces his wife for the new woman, has a slew of children, remains socially viable while taunted with speculation about why he really let go of such a vision only to shun any and all criticism of himself and the mother of his children and soon-to-be future wife – to then be upstaged by his mother speaking out against something that is at least dear to his future spouse.  Why now?  Why seek attention now?  I thought that the “Coming-Out” ceremony had peaked with Neil Patrick Harris only to wonder why TV Personality Anderson Cooper had to make his mark.  Lo, to make matters even more interesting, even Blacks are seeing the light with a noted artist like Frank Ocean holding the reins on his sexuality.  While many say, “It’s not like we didn’t already know…,” the artists themselves seem to be “freer” by not having to carefully walk or tip-toe around certain subjects for the fear of being exposed by someone.  For the celebrities who have already achieved such fame, fortune, and success, the World continues to embrace them because of their talent, no bravado, but their talent.


So why would the mother of a celebrity want to speak out against someone else’s way-of-life?  Maybe she’s about to run for office.  In running for office, battling or dismantling DOMA – Defense of Marriage Act (anything related to President Obama trying to make the World a better place) is a hot topic that so many are more than willing to sit for hours and listen to gibberish about how gays and anything and anyone not natural could influence our own lives and children.  It’s almost as if when we age, we hear that villanelle by Dylan Thomas read to us over and over, “Do not go gentle into that good night”  While there are those who do need to be told to fight against poverty and persecution, there are those who just need to do something because they are bored with their lives.  It’s not enough to have produced productive offspring.  You need to make your own mark…even if it is at the expense of someone you consider weak.  Dying is dying.  A mental death only leads to a more painful physical death.  Go out fighting knowing that the boos you hear still have a few cheers mixed in.  But, if you change your environment, you can hear cheers all day and all night long.  Then, the World might question the actions of your offspring who might love you more than words can say.



What mother

stands beside a son

Is like no other

who will turn and run