So, if I leave

If I leave

I need to know that you

will be cared for

That you’ll never forget

you were my reason for living

And when you take a look in

the mirror

you’ll see a little of me in you


Toss your hair back

Throw yourself a smile

Let the world see what you’re giving

You’re still my reason for living


If I leave

I need to see you being good

to you

That you know how to really smile

Feeling that it’s all worthwhile


And if I have to leave

I hope there’s enough time

for me to live

To introduce tomorrow to today

What a more perfect way

to be able to say

So, if I leave

Will you remember what I did

Though I wish more of the good

than the bad

But will you remember what I did


Make me more than just a name

that carries all the shame

Remember what I did


Don’t make me more than I was

Just remember me because

of love


So, if I leave

I hope you do believe

I gave it my all

When only seasons change

Feelings remain the same

And words sometime break the fall



Her Beauty, in Her Death

It did stop for Her

As if it had a choice

 Her will surpassed it

A long life she made it and

forced it to be happy

As if it had a choice

A smile that humbled the sun

 The quest that time tried to profess

  Make it confess did she

As if it had a choice

And as she rode life

 Death galloped for her peacefully

  It pranced into her light with permission

Folded hands

 Rest laid

The rain did not touch her

  As all else could not bid her adieu

but paved a clear way

 for her next journey

Even the coldness of the day warmed the ground

  so that flowers could protect the earth

   she welcomed

As if it had a choice

Her Beauty, in Her Death

  Made Life knock on every door


As if it had a choice