Somebody Knows Me

I can open the door for you

And you might look away

Not just what I choose to do

Don’t expect a word anyway


You smile and greet them so kind

They all just let me be

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time

Hey, somebody knows me


I don’t buy you flowers

But how about a diamond ring

Something to help pass the hours

Oh, to you, it’s just this old thing


Can I whisper sweet bliss

In your ear, sealed with a sweet kiss

How else can I possibly be

Hey, somebody knows me


Take you to the ballet

We can dress up and later sway

How ‘bout a baseball game

Even there you don’t have to say my name


I don’t know what else I can do

When will you ever have a clue

I guess true love is blind to see

That’s okay, somebody knows me


Sometimes love is for the truly lucky

Hey, somebody out there wants to know me