Show Me

Show me
How much you love me
Just so 
I know what not
To listen to

Show me
How much you hate me
Just so
I know how to
Greet you

Show me
How much you fear God
Just so
I know how much
Of my heart to give

Show me
How much you love yourself
Just so
I know what kind
Of friends we’ll be

Show Me
Show Me
How you pray,
But not what you pray for
Just so, I know

I want to make a sound

It seems so easy to just exist

Go under the radar

Don’t ruffle the feathers

Do the opposite of Do


What energy

To see something

And voice nothing

Be the air that brushes by


As long as I can move

I can Be

I can Have

I want to Try, at least


To then be seen

Is not quite like being heard

Stating something

By saying nothing is


But, I want to make a sound

To be a wonder

Turning heads become talking heads

And still, they don’t know


I must be Here

Laughed at, congratulated, skewed

Sans figure

And, they want to know


I want them to.

Even if they decide later

That they don’t

Want to.


Again, until We meet

The Dog knew it was Man’s Best Friend

He made his life worthwhile

as they aged, the Dog aged faster

And, as the Man aged, He ran slower

Their connection lasted through death

Protection then came by dreams

He knew He had taught Him well

Then, when His time was up

He no longer dreamed alone

Waiting patiently on the outside

With His lights so bright,

His best friend jumped into His arms

without jumping

As if guided by a leash,

He led Him into forever



Through the eyes of a child

Here I Am
Looking and noticing
All that is in my path
What does time change?
Even with repair
Things do wither
Yet, they still change
My younger self
Wishes to grow
While wishing to know
That I will see
The happiness and love
That made me laugh
And glow
And may what or who looks
Out at me, someday 
Pick me up like I cried in hunger
Or writhed in my drench
Shelter me with just a smile 
A while 
To remind me

The Missing Christmas Card

My heart is my heart
and it beats better with you
near me
beside me
knowing me
As a master of words
I find it so easy to write
but I always want to
say what’s right
You challenge me to be better
Better for you
Better towards you
Ultimately, better for myself
Where I find it easy to say, “Thank You,”
I would rather show you appreciation
so as to not be taken pettilly
Should I step out of bounds,
I hope you are there
Not to catch me,
But to hold my hand
like you do my heart
Can I say, “I Love You” today
and again tomorrow
as a card you enjoy reading everyday?

Turn my gray skies blue

It takes my fingers

So long to feel all of you

And it takes my lips

To quiver and let me know this is true


But it takes my mind and eyes

To turn my gray skies blue


Tracing your body

From a perfect silhouette

Let’s me know

I’m not through yet


Standing in front of me

I feel Heaven’s here on earth

How could I be a part of this scene

When I don’t know my own worth


You never tell me lies

About who’s loving who

You can take my mind and eyes

and turn my gray skies blue


Make me whole

But don’t take flight

I’d play any role for you

Just say the word day or night


Don’t hold back your cries

When it feels good too

Just close your my mind and eyes

and feel how gray skies turn blue


The Moment I Said, “Yes”

Saw you there

Or did you see me first

Didn’t need to ask your name

What’s the difference when it’s all the same?


When I made my way to you

Barely knew just what to say

This may be more than I can do

But I wouldn’t have it any other way


But the moment I said, “Yes”

I felt you give yourself to me

Deepest thoughts I want to confess

Moving in a soft, warm ocean is where I want to be


Take my lips

Hide them from the rest of the world

Swallow my hips

My toes and fingers are now curled


Move me with you

Take me places you’ve never been

Relieve what could be blue

Again and again making me say, “Yes” over and over

With my new friend


All this because I said, “Yes”

And you kept me strong but weak

Like a baptism now at rest

Holy Ghost in my spine I can’t speak


The moment I said, “Yes”

I really was there

Feeling you against my chest

What better way to show you care


“Yes,” I said

But not for just a moment

It’s all me from my feet to my head

Like a heat-seeking missile,

Oh, you know what I meant

Like No one Knows

You can hide yourself in a sweater

If it makes you feel better

You can even change

your voice on the phone

not the usual choice

when you’re all alone


Watch the box

 with a spliff

forget about the hard knocks

spacefully, give yourself a lift

best to do nothing

than an aggrevated something


And you can do all this

And hope it never shows, like no one knows


You can say, “I Love You”

But who would ever say it’s true

Sign your name

For wealth and fame

Think it’s all so lame

You see


Drive around in the car

That you need to take you very far

The things you do

Just to stay in touch

If only they really knew

Even saying hello is a bit too much


And you can do all this

In the midst of all their bliss

And hope they never show

 like no one will ever know

La Femme Accident

Cold girl

Shivers in fur

Calculating her move

with the sure powerful

Only she knows

the renewal date of her

Tramp-stamped passport

Trading secrets too tender for legal

Though always legal to make one tender

Like a chameleon she pretends

Able to turn on love gestures

at the drop of sodium pentothal effects

Included in one’s IV line

Even a Green-Colonel wearing a beret

cowards to her talents

Yet she is able to get invited to dinner

and wash her laundry below the family room

Passion for her

does have an expiration date

And the gauge she professes

leave no powered residue

The young and impressionable can see

her true essence

Well, out of the mouths of babes

She is vilified

But she will never see herself in them

The many faces of wickedness

could succumb to joy

Though emotion is a sign of weakness

until a drink is ordered and left unattended

Let her pretend to pretend to not care

of their demise

About two steps behind her

before she changes her fur