Lately, I Care

Lately, I care
You only frequent a place
When only a certain 
Someone is there
Lately, I care
That that blessed friend
Doesn’t make an appearance
Like he used to
Lately, I care
That your lingerie arouses you
As much as it does me
Lately, I care
That you can make your hands
And lips
Feel the way mine does to you
Lately, I care
That I cared to notice
That I have been living all along
Lately, I care
That I wasn’t the one 
To teach you how to love me
Lately, I care
That it took an outlet
For me 
Lately, I care
About our adventures
Lately, I care
About when it’ll all end

It’s too late for Love, (When You never even told me You Love me)

It’s too late for Love, (when You never even told me You Love me)


Sitting there

And everywhere

I look for You

But you won’t care


When I want You


I walk alone

On the streets

After leaving home

It just repeats


When I need You


But it’s hard

To put all this

Down like playing cards

I always miss


A better number


Where do I fall

In line of the others

When I risk it all

Under the covers


Selfish Lovers


You should have opened up

And just said, “Ah”

Your love I held in my cup

Like you were on vacation in a spa


It’s about time


From what I see

You’re not ready, Love

‘Cause I know that it’s too late for love

When you never even told me you Love Me


And what I feel

Listen carefully

I wish this thing of ours was real

And you cared for me

But now it’s just too late for love

When you never even told me, You love me


I could spend my time

Making dinner

Try to pour the wine

But you look thinner


My, You’re changing


When You go out

I’m never knowing

What that’s all about

You watching me glowing


Now, it’s my turn


So, I clean up nice

I have to say

Loosen that vice

You held at bay


I’m somebody too

Somebody new


Why stop me now

When you always ran

  1. Somehow

I’m using your words, “Yes, I can!”


You Did This



I wish you had rose above

But it’s just too late for love

When you never even told me, you Love me

The Warm Goodbye

Saying what you want to hear
Always confuses me
Turning shivers to fear
Something (even) a child shouldn’t see

Breaking apart
For some, it’s so easy to do
After I’ve given you my heart
I see the difference in You

Please say, Hello
to our Warm Goodbye
Try not to let me fall too low
I may not be able to reach the sky
Please say, Hello
before you pass me by
It’s not all my doing though
If only you’d ask me why

Tears they fall off my pillow
Onto the bed sheets and into my hands
Wanting you to water my weeping willow
So the other flowers cheer in the stands

Tell me that you still love me
Say it soft and with a wink and a smile
I pray that my eyes don’t fail to see
the joy I gave you for a while

Always in the dark

Try to ask where you’re going


I guess it’s

not worth knowing


You play so coy

As if I’m your kept toy

Loving you isn’t always a walk in the park

That’s why I feel I’m always in the dark


Thought I caught

a fallen star

But reaching out for you

is stretching way too far


The wish I made

Really let you leave your mark

The way you keep throwing me shade

Ain’t no wonder I’m always in the dark


You’re still a pot of gold

It’s just that you’re too hot to hold

I think this is getting old

Somebody out there will break the mold


I’ll always feel the spark

When I can get you alone, one-on-one

Until then, I’ll always be in the dark

playing solitaire while you’re on the run

The Meaning of the Wedding Ring

English: The photographer's wedding ring and i...
English: The photographer’s wedding ring and its heart-shaped shadow in a dictionary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Though intended to profit two


only one is the truest Victor,


guess who


Should it be decided that


muscles reign


then the other knows their plain


Rose-colored lenses


bear the bulk of offenses


Always in defense


giving more than six pence


untll every egg is cracked


and stacked against loneliness


Allowing this charade


any good times begin to fade


The ire stands behind the fire


of a proposed Empire meant for fidelity


What a pity


The picture is clear


while as there is fear


The voice of cheer applauds


and lauds


slaying the pretty


Itty-bitty kitty


Only one pole


has stolen the hole


of the forlorned soul


away from


the next thumb


that comes along


and delivers a wind-song


But, the prettier the ring


one is bound to accept anything


Expect to be a reject


with a defect


Unless a thick skull


finds you in a lull


Placing all of one’s heart


in a revolving glass mart


sets for destruction


minus the input of the other’s construction






Cry yourself to sleep

Little girl

Love can’t find you

Hidden in so much unfurled

you want to keep

What could you benefit this world?


You are not your past

though you make it last

Trouble seems to awaken you

from the misery that keeps you blue

Where is the love

when your head can’t rise above


Go ahead

and cry it out

Why just pout it out

when you don’t know what love’s about?


Can you find your chin

when the winds of change begin?

Are you a chip off the old block

sitting, hearing, and watching the clock?

What’s it gonna take

to stop the heartbreak and tearful lake?


Have faith in yourself

before you put another on your shelf

Say what you need

and stop the reed-bleed

Are you staying in detention

of a rule of you who can’t even mention

your name at attention?


Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Know

Holding hands

And walking through the park

Each other’s greatest fan

See the back door after dark


A careful ring

With a special tone

Oh, how you make my heart sing

Why must either one of us be alone


I know he got you

But he doesn’t make your love flow

Believe me when I say this much is true

Your husband doesn’t have to know


The way you slip in and out

Of the things you bought with his card

Make me love what this is all about

Can it get any more hard


Break my back

Make me lose my mind

Never treat you like some halftime snack

The deeper I go, I never know what I’ll find


Keep it tight, and keep it right

I can taste the flavor in the air

Don’t let your head put up a fight

I’ll cherish our time with tender loving care


I love to love you, baby

How else can I let my feelings show

I’ll keep it on the sneak tip, if you want me to

And darling, your husband doesn’t have to know


And if you have any doubt

Go ahead and tell him I’m just a friend

He’s the one with all the clout

But we know how this tale will end

Congratulations, Love

Congratulations, Love

I see your dreams have all come true

I remember the nights we sat up together

Creating a plan

Trying to figure out who was going to

be paid first

and how we could get an extension

for something else

it was tough

But we made it through

I remember the nights you would call

And tell me how your study group was all

getting together for drinks afterward

And if I could set your plate in the microwave

You couldn’t tell me what time you would be home

because you were trying to make a good impression

on your new friends

I remember the impression you made on me

Back then

I’ll never forget telling you I Love You

and feeling like the whole room you were in

was cheering me on

It didn’t matter that I couldn’t hear you

say it back

My My My how the years have gone by

Four years or 96 months

I don’t know how a mom would say it

You got your dream job

Your dream relationship, yeah I know her

Your dream car


It took me eight months to figure out

your drawers were getting empty

And I understand she’s expecting

Man, you really have it all

I remember when we said we would be together


For better or for worse

Anyone could imagine what came first

For me

Then again, it looks like you got the better

And now all your dreams have come true

I still remember the plan we made together

The passion we put into every action

But it was the action you put into your passion

that has got us here today

I want to thank you

I want to thank you

for teaching me how unselfish I have been

Knowing that I give all of me

And it’s okay to want something back

And it’s okay to want it back in someone else

But it’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

Wish you well

Oh, I do wish you both well

If what they say is true,

what comes around goes around

I’m glad we never were able to continue

the line you just started

I could never see a child of mine getting hurt

like I was

I don’t know what I would do

What’s even worse, you told her about me

Well, Congratulations

I’m really glad things worked out for you


P.S. Now it’s time to pay up

I’m sorry, I didnt’ know

Did I make you a promise

I didn’t keep

Or did I break your heart

And made you weep?


Would you forgive me

If I did any of this

‘Cause if I did

I’m sorry, I didn’t know


I see you and I’m amazed

Often I’m dazed

Because I don’t know it all

Would it be too much to ask you

 When I

 To touch me, smile at me, and

Correct me before I fall


Please don’t just do it for show

It’ll be alright

I’m sorry, I didn’t know


I didn’t know

Is the one thing that will

Keep you close

When I’m not sure

 just what to say

in times I’m needing you most

I didn’t know

Doesn’t make me doubt myself

When I know something that’s true

I didn’t know

I didn’t know

There was anything else, but you


I may not be the smartest man

And claim to know it all

Beat my chest, and take a stand

Like every day is a ball


So, if you have to remind me

Of something I didn’t see

Do me a favor and let it go

But if you cannot forgive

What I failed to give

Just remember, I’m sorry, I didn’t know












This Christmastime

My gift from you

This Christmastime

I pray it comes to past

So I promise to cherish this moment

As if it were our last


Children singing

Bells a ringing

Everywhere just for us

And when you smile

That great smile

With my hand you have my trust


This Christmastime


As God is my witness

With tender, sweet kisses

May we forever be as one

Love for always

In our hearts I hope it stays

Don’t let this feeling come undone


I will get down on one knee

Everyday, with a vow to thee

That I will do you no harm

You are the only gift

That gives me that special lift

When you walk and hold my arm


Especially, this Christmastime