With Me

That threshold wasn’t as
threatening once I passed the door
There seemed to be the need to
back up and back in repeatedly
Just to get a feel of the room
We danced and bounced around
so much until I exploded
And You were right there
with Me
How quickly must we leave
this lustful sanctuary of Home
before that threshold needs repair
Still, You will be With Me
Forever feeling that first feeling
again, and the amount given out
Anaphora will be our best friend
and Pandora rests on the souls of our feet
At least, that’s what I tell myself
even when You are not with Me
Civility may not find me soon enough
since your eyes reveal every reason
for my backing in and out until I can’t
can’t stand any longer
and You can’t stop showing love
with a threshold to be cherished
when You are with Me
When You are with Me
I feel larger than life every time
And You never complain
so You keep showing love
with a threshold that is cherished
And I feel threatened every time

I wish you’d ask my name


The way you flip your hair

tells me you’re on it

But the way you part your teeth

I wish you would flaunt it

Don’t mind me if I stare

Or if you see me everywhere

Sometimes I wish you’d ask my name


The way you walk

 down the aisle

could make a lame man

 stand and smile

My how did you get your fame

Maybe it was the way you talk

that made men draw their own shadows with chalk


Damn, I wish you would ask me my name


And it’s a fine time

To make me thine

I got a name with my frame

And I’m down with a game

that would turn this smoke into a flame

I dare you

to ask me my name


When I think of our future

Makes my insides need a suture

My God, you’ve got me so tame

Our offspring from the sheets

would stand the test of time with tweets

Just give them my

own last name


Just let me love

to be loved

And then be loved

so I can love

Don’t make this a crying shame

When it’s time to lay your head

on my pillow on our bed

I hope I’ve made my mark with my name