The Flower Pimp

The Flower Pimp


I created something

That was already there

It just needed me for cultivation

In all honesty, I feel pimped out

For being able to

 keep something alive

I didn’t know

The more it grew,

The more I grew

But it all started

Because I created something

That was already there

I made this thing my life

And it made me

I didn’t know

How green the world really is

Until it picked me from the litter

To take a stand

Still, I feel pimped out

But not exhausted

I like it

I didn’t know

Just how good it would be

Once you stood at full attention

I didn’t know

I would know

Lou Ball’s Best Pizza Ever


Best Pizza

Lou Ball’s Best Pizza Ever


1. Flat Bread Pizza Crust

2. 1 Onion sauted (25 min.)

3. 12 Pepperonis slightly fried

4. 2 MILD or HOT Sausage Patties

5. 6 Green Olives

6. 1 Red Pepper sliced (HOT)

7. 1 Package of Mini Mozzarella Balls

8. 1 Package Grated (FANCY) Mozzarella

9. 1 Gina Rispoli Marinara Sauce

10. Olive Oil

11. Crushed Red Pepper

12. Black Pepper


· Slice 1 large sweet onion and sauté with butter 30 minutes (on LOW)

· Remove onion and set aside

· Preheat oven at 425

· Using Pizza Dough, generally brush with Olive Oil

· In same pan as onion, cook 2 sausage patties until almost done – set  aside

· Cut 12 Pepperonis and sauté in same pan for 5 minutes on HIGH – set aside

· Green Olives stuffed with Garlic (optional)

· In same pan, sauté 10 sliced Mushrooms

· Slice 4 Roasted Peppers; sauté and then remove

· Slather Gina Rispoli Marinara on Pizza Dough

· Sprinkle all other ingredients on Pizza

· Spread Shredded Mozzarella Cheese generously

· Bake for 16 minutes

· Remove and allow to sit 8 minutes

· Slice/Portion off and Serve



How Blue Bell turned me into a ‘Nana Puddin’ Junkie!

     Making the transition to the South was hard enough.  Leaving behind my mom’s historical southern flavor was enough to make me long day in and day out for home.  Upstate New York, sure there was a lot of cultural diversity…that is, museums, music festivals, but true conversation was never lacking.  As long as you definitely had something worthwhile to share, you were somewhat accepted.  Atlanta, Georgia had it all.  There, you wouldn’t have to look too hard to find an open cross-dresser, an open audition for a nondescript Tyler Perry film, a shopping mall that insisted on the valet of a Lamborghini, dog grooming salons that truly pampered your pooch in Hollywood glamour, and grocery stores with parking lots so clean you would think you had self-parked at a hotel resort.  ‘Nuff said, Atlanta was culture shock for the Northern Boy. 

     I managed to keep in shape.  Walking and a stellar gym membership became my pastimes.  That’s really how I kept up with the corporate Joneses.  Appearances meant everything in the new L.A.  Your reputation meant everything when it came to networking.  But, with keeping up appearances came the corporate dinners, albeit lunch or dinner.  For some, it was both.  I began to miss real flavor.  Just the first bar of my mom’s voice ached to ask her to FedEx a dinner my way.  There were a couple of places that came close to easing my homesick pain:  Mary Mac’s Team Room in Midtown and the Horseradish Grill.  Everything I ever devoured in the North was not all Southern.  It was just about the flavor.  That’s all.  And the only one who seemed qualified to satisfy me was my Mom.

     Maintaining my demeanor, I needed to relax, unwind.  It didn’t help any that Atlanta’s weather promoted even the chilliest of deserts – any time of the day or night.  I had always been a fan of Breyer’s ice cream in the North.  It was probably because it is the most widely distributed brand in the world.  While grocery shopping at Publix, the cleanest grocery store in all the South, one night after work (managing called for late hours), I found myself loathing the site of the salt-infested Breyer’s Butter Pecan ice cream that I had come to adore.  No other brands or tastes peaked my interest.  That is, until I noticed a yellow tub-container with a gold-rimmed lid.  It was Blue Bell.  It was Blue Bell Banana Pudding!  Had I found the flavor I was looking for?  Had I found that homesick replacement?   I couldn’t get home fast enough to tear open that sheer potential for goodness.  With the correct coloring, the moist but fresh vanilla wafers brought excruciating, yet delightful, joy to my palate.  I was hooked from the very first dip.  I found that I could eat this ice cream for breakfast.  Thank goodness my body didn’t welcome lactose intolerance.  But the late night night-cap in a Pier1 Import cereal bowl eased the discomfort of another busy day ahead. 

      I became so enthralled with Blue Bell’s Banana Pudding Ice Cream until I let all my northern friends and family members know what they were missing.  Some even asked if I could FedEx them a carton.  It wasn’t at all possible.  Soon, the thoughts of home subsided.  I would still frequent the popular restaurants in Atlanta…just as long as I could imagine what was waiting at home for me.  For six years, I continued the same routine:  working, dining out, Banana Pudding.  Notice I didn’t say, “working out?”  I did try to stay in shape by doing a few reps with free weights here and there, a few push-ups to keep the chest hefty, or even a few squat thrusts to…keep my pants up.  Once word spread about my newfound joy, I became delusional when I had to search different stores when Publix was out of my Banana Pudding.  The girls at the Customer Service Desk must have thought me neurotic the way I would nearly bang my head on the counter when they informed me of the next shipment of my fix.  Then, I was told that the drugstore CVS carried Blue Bell.  With gas prices not as high then as they are now, I didn’t mind going store-hopping.  CVS did charge a little more, but my CVS Advantage Card saved me considerably…at times.  It just didn’t save my waistline though.  My body seemed to had grown in the most obvious places.  I carried the weight of my world above and below my Coach belt.  I even began to seem more managerial to my guests.  All that weight was mistaken for solid muscle.  Okay, it still was muscle, but it savored a little something extra – like high-cholesterol, high-blood pressure, borderline diabetes.  I had suddenly contracted in the South what I should have contracted in the North because of Mom’s purity and sweetness.  Just when I thought the South would be my savior, it became my demise with the diagnosis of Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream.  Need I really say how much weight I bore?  Good.  Because it doesn’t matter.  All those wonderful years in the South found me now fleeing upward. 

     With age, you are not really expected to keep up the same look or physique from high school.  But I did exactly that while I was in the North.  One would think that as salty as any Breyer’s ice cream was I could have just been a catastrophe in the making.  Always on the go, always trying to be up on everything, maybe it was my mobility that kept me from falling earlier.  Once I became comfortable, I never really thought about the Joneses anymore.  My happiness was found in a bottomless tub with a gold-rim. 

     Back in the North, the absence of Blue Bell Ice Cream was both a blessing and a curse.  After so many years away, and the ceasing of praise towards such a culprit, Blue Bell could not be found.  I even wrote the President of Blue Bell, Corp. to ask as to when their brand could be purchased.  All I was told was that there weren’t any immediate plans to distribute it to the northeastern part of the country.  What a shame!  Even after my physical ailments cleared, I still found myself longing for the taste of Blue Bell’s Banana Pudding Ice Cream.  Because of all the work that is involved in the making of Mom’s own banana pudding, she couldn’t make it as often as I would like.  But she knows better.  Now, with the weight off and me back to my sociable self, I still crave my ‘Nana Puddin.’  I can’t even look at another kind or brand of ice cream as I did Blue Bell.  Its classy but deceptive packaging made me see just how much I have in common with the crack-head or recovering alcoholic.  I admit I am still a ‘Nana Puddin’ Junkie.  I really do hope there are no plans for Blue Bell in the Northeast.  If there are, I hope there’s a rehab facility that won’t laugh at my insurance plan.    


The Best Restaurants in Atlanta (Buckhead)

English: A portion of the Buckhead skyline in ...
English: A portion of the Buckhead skyline in Atlanta, as seen from Lenox Square mall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite eateries in Atlanta, Georgia


I have to admit, I am a Buckhead Boy!  Always Have Been!  Always Will Be!  I love Buckhead!  But, living in the posh area of Atlanta comes at a price.  With the beautiful living facilities, added features are the amenities:  awesome workout rooms, coffee-shops, internet cafes, and those wonderful restaurants!  Of course there are other notable areas in Atlanta like:  Midtown and Cobb County, that also occupy very good restaurants that provide quality service as well.  Buckhead, the area that allows Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza (mall) to speak obscene wealth would not live up to its name if it did not contain flawless restaurants.

Horseradish Grill –  located in the heart of Buckhead and about two blocks from the famed Chastain Park, the Horseradish Grill is a restaurant created from an old-horse barn.  With delicious food, along with iced tea that becomes insatiable upon the first taste, the people-service makes you want to return.  A specialty would be their fried chicken…though any plate served provides one with enough nourishment to thoroughly hold one over until their concert event is over.  You may even want to return after the show for a nightcap.  When in the area, or even staying at the wonderful Wingate by Wyndham Hotel, ask to speak with the Manager, Richard, at the Horseradish Grill.

Atlanta Fish Market – Buckhead’s finest Seafood restaurant is best accommodated with a reservation made by the concierge at your hotel.  Being chauffeured to this restaurant and picked up after your meal makes you feel like royalty.  You definitely get more than you pay for at this dining facility.  What’s more is the servers smile.  If you’re looking for an intimate setting, the Atlanta Fish Market may not be the place for you.  The patrons there are there to eat and to express their gratitude for having been seated to eat.  Seafood is Seafood – but a platter is always what matters.

Cheesecake Factory –  Who hasn’t heard of this smorgasbord?  But, when you dine at the Cheesecake Factor in Buckhead, it truly is a privilege.  This has to be one of the cleanest restaurants in all of Atlanta.  Not only are the appetizers and main entrees to die for (almost literally because of all the delicious, scrumptious calories), the desserts will have your eyeballs searching for your forehead.  There’s never a bad experience at this pad.

Anthony’s Fine Dining – owner Mary Aguirre sets this plantation-like home with Southern grace and Southern charm apart from any other restaurant in all of Atlanta.  The restaurant also plays host to many wedding parties and provides the most intimate and romantic setting.  Surely there is the special of the day, but every dish is quite memorable at Anthony’s Fine Dining.


Yes, Buckhead is a very special place in Atlanta, Georgia.  Synonymous with wealth and class, Buckhead delivers.  And it delivers well!  But there is another area in Atlanta that is very special.  That area is Midtown.  Midtown is home of Centennial Olympic Park, Midtown Park as well as Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Midtown is not only considered beautiful because of its parks but the High Museum of Art contributes its artistic talent to the area.  And, in speaking of art, there is one restaurant that deserves   a lot of credit for its endurance and longevity.

*          *          *          *

Mary Mac’s Tea Room – probably the most diverse area in Atlanta, Midtown houses this iconic establishment.  Known for the photos of celebrities of today and yesteryear, Mary Mac’s Tea Room serves the best southern cuisine of any Soul Food restaurant in Atlanta.  With fresh corn right-off-the-cob, fried chicken that will make you wanna slap yo’ Mama, carrot soufflé, and the delicious peach muffins, Mary Mac’s Tea Room is packed every night there is a performance at the nearby FOX Theater.  It’s not bad that they have a pianist who is dressed the part as well.  If you were to ask to speak to the chef, he will oblige you with no hesitation.  Although you may wait a few minutes to be served, rest assured – it’s well worth it!


I mentioned five marvelous restaurants in the Buckhead and Midtown area of Atlanta, Georgia.  Atlanta plays host to many out-of-towners who seek a great meal before heading out to their show or ballgame.  If visiting Atlanta, Buckhead for the first time, make your reservation for the Wingate by Wyndham Atlanta Buckhead.  With their complimentary car service within a three-mile radius of the hotel, you can’t go wrong anytime.