You just weren’t the one for m

Gave me everything You had
Still You weren’t the one for me
Never had a chance to be mad
When You should been the one for me

Drove your car through a snow storm
To prove You were the one for me
Greeting me in fine form
Why couldn’t You be the one for me?

Call You on the phone with nonsense
Because You were there for me
I knew you couldn’t ride the fence
You thought You were the one for me

I spoke up for You when You couldn’t
Did they wonder why You were with me
I spoke up about your pains
Then realized you weren’t the one for me

You see, I should have had the chance
to tell You, to say to You how much more I wanted and needed
But, You made it all about me
and how little I did to keep You happy
You did it all out of necessity
And that’s why, You’re not the one for me

When you think you’ve found love
Don’t look for anything in return
Blessings come from up above
There’s a chance though, You might feel a burn
But, I’m sorry You just weren’t the one for me

I want to know why You wanted to go


Beside my bed

Is a brown-eyed dresser

These voices in my head

Should make me the Professor


It would take so much more

Just to find the right door

I guess I’m going through a phase

Of Jungle Boogie or School Days


Did I read the wrong signs?

Are there thorns in my eyes?

I’m just a lover of all kinds

Helping others see different skies


I need to know

Why you wanted to go

Tell Me

Don’t show me

I may not want to join the cast of your show

I need to know

Why you wanted to go



There were times I felt like slippin’


There were times I couldn’t stop drippin’


Only you can stop me from trippin’, slippin’, dippin’,


Almost got me crippin’ and hippin’


So, I need to know

Did you find a brighter light

That makes you want to go

In a new direction of right?


I need to know


Strawberries and cream

Passion fruit made of tears at your seam

If you couldn’t shame hang

Why come in for the bang?


I need to know

Why you wanted to go

‘Cause if you need to leave

Give me time to grieve



I wasn’t born by a river,
no crow could say he waited nearby
for me to lay down or stop,
no bird to not welcome me a good morning
with an annoying but sweet song,
no man to ever say he got the best of me without me demanding that I was king,
no pastor, or rabbi, or preacher to not see my light before speaking their sins to me.

I wasn’t born by a river,
but I could get to one
and bottle all my troubles and let them drift away and pick them up on the otherside.

The Warm Goodbye

Saying what you want to hear
Always confuses me
Turning shivers to fear
Something (even) a child shouldn’t see

Breaking apart
For some, it’s so easy to do
After I’ve given you my heart
I see the difference in You

Please say, Hello
to our Warm Goodbye
Try not to let me fall too low
I may not be able to reach the sky
Please say, Hello
before you pass me by
It’s not all my doing though
If only you’d ask me why

Tears they fall off my pillow
Onto the bed sheets and into my hands
Wanting you to water my weeping willow
So the other flowers cheer in the stands

Tell me that you still love me
Say it soft and with a wink and a smile
I pray that my eyes don’t fail to see
the joy I gave you for a while

The Key to the Kingdom


Like a password

to enter God’s kingdom

A code is placed on the door

for only those worthy

of entering

Troubles at the altar

when left unattended

by those who have no faith

no structure

Not avoiding His Holiness

only daring Him to perform a miracle

of banishment and approval to leave

Taking what is not there’s

Giving pain by removing goodness

But where is the true fault

in Man’s judgment

to say All are Welcomed?

Those faithful patrons who

sit to hear the message

of the day

in hopes of chasing, warding, fending

the wicked away

Unable to forget how their given

riches were absconded from His House

think they helped furnish it

Malice joins them

Though their presence is congratulated

Forgiveness is the theme

Lo, for some it’s just a dream

If Ever met Never

Classy impositions

Obstructed by cruel intentions

The masses live for pretensions

The clergy orchestrates superstitions



Does the fountain of youth

Spewing freshness

Trickling truth


If ever

Met never

Dare one say, What Ever

In a manner all too clever


When the bell rings

Inside the Watchtower

A lonesome dove sings

Exposing its true power


Rumble does the Earth’s belly

Letting the sky know it is craving

Life too strong for the telly

But remain do the steady all worth saving


Words delivered

Not by the weak or quivered

From a Book of purity

Undeniable in its surety


Careful one must be

To not skew or change one meaning

Though all that is down, not all can see

Let the heart rule the mind for better screening


Then when the bell rings

All  of Heaven sings

And He shines down on His creation

Granting the faithful real love salvation

I’m sorry, I didnt’ know

Did I make you a promise

I didn’t keep

Or did I break your heart

And made you weep?


Would you forgive me

If I did any of this

‘Cause if I did

I’m sorry, I didn’t know


I see you and I’m amazed

Often I’m dazed

Because I don’t know it all

Would it be too much to ask you

 When I

 To touch me, smile at me, and

Correct me before I fall


Please don’t just do it for show

It’ll be alright

I’m sorry, I didn’t know


I didn’t know

Is the one thing that will

Keep you close

When I’m not sure

 just what to say

in times I’m needing you most

I didn’t know

Doesn’t make me doubt myself

When I know something that’s true

I didn’t know

I didn’t know

There was anything else, but you


I may not be the smartest man

And claim to know it all

Beat my chest, and take a stand

Like every day is a ball


So, if you have to remind me

Of something I didn’t see

Do me a favor and let it go

But if you cannot forgive

What I failed to give

Just remember, I’m sorry, I didn’t know












The Same Song

Same song

Every night

When I feel like dancing

You just wanna hold me tight


I can dance alone

It’s probably better anyway

This is like keeping me on the phone

But partying lets me say,


I want to be free

To move from here to there

I want to be free

In a world that doesn’t care

  As long as I share

I want to be free

Still closer to thee

I want to be

What freedom has for me


If I twirl too much

Don’t be quick to think I’m dizzy

Just because I move when you try to touch

My hand, and I hear you say, “Is he always this busy?”

“Do you always have to be this busy?”


What if I don’t want to stand or sit still

All the time, it’s just not enough

Maybe it’s not my will with so much time to kill

Making life more rough with lifeless stuff


My dance floor is the earth’s store

And it gives me so much more when I don’t sit still

Like biting into an apple’s core

The seeds inside are like a pill,

     keeping peace at will, seeds that thrill





Change the song

And you’ll see my new clothes

Sure as the day’s gone long

Even the Emperor holds a white rose


Change the tune

I’ll help you learn to step right

I’ve been to the moon and you can soon

If you stop putting up a fight and follow the light


The Sweetness of it All

As the storm set outside

the clouds did form

Darkness followed

And sugar was what she needed

Of all things at the store

She needed some sugar

Could a Hello come first

before kisses were blown

Facing the storm

aside from auto-drive

Milk, sugar, eggs

No abundance but begs

With mind set on another store

Supplies galore

Paying for sugar out of love

Home is where his heart was

until she said

“Happy Anniversary Dear”

And as the mirror cried with her

he opened the sugar

for his sugar

As it dripped down her neck

and settled like an icicle

He said

“Back at Cha, Dear”

Baking a cake without

preheating the oven

All I Ever Wanted

I never meant

To let the sun catch me

Before the moon

Showed me the stars

Nor did I mean

To not hear the birds sing

Or feel the rooster crow

Before I somehow know

Whether my eyes would glow

The way yours did

When I saw your beautiful face

I meant

To tell a friend

To use their library voice

Inside the house

Out of respect for you

I forgot about me

I never meant

For you to walk all over me

After I gave my all

But then, all I ever wanted

Was to know who you were


Only suit those

Who hold the keys

To hear Thank You and Please

I am sorry

You brought shame to its knees

Because all I ever wanted

was to get down on one

 see us through the long run

and to know you