TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Wassup!?


TTBoy Says:  Is God playing a cruel trick on US?


TTBoy Says:  What American Idiot doesn’t know that to win a Reality TV Show you    have to have the Popular Vote?


TTBoy Says:  There must be a great decline in the sale of White Sheets now.


TTBoy Says:  You know the old saying, “What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander”?  It’s not true.


TTBoy Says:  Is somebody able to explain what “Family Values” is without laughing?


TTBoy Says:  What’s the big deal with all the Republicans not seeking re-election?  Have people forgotten all the Democrats who jumped ship when Obama was elected?


TTBoy Says:  Did Elvis die in Graceland or in a Las Vegas Hotel?


TTBoy Says:  Could Robert Deniro take Michael Cohen?


TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Halle Berry get a Good Movie?


TTBoy Says:  of all the Thug-Like activity going on in the Houses, why is Meek Mill behind bars?


TTBoy Says:  She picked up a Trick, and that was the STD she got.


TTBoy Says:  Was there a fat woman in “Black Panther?”


TTBoy Says:  Has there ever been a fat Super Hero?


TTBoy Says:  Can the new Administration re-convict someone who’s been Pardoned?


TTBoy Says:  Why did I stop getting my Plenti Points?


TTBoy Says:  The Kardashians have more K’s than the KKK.


TTBoy Says:  Can people not identify the potential for Roid Rage?


TTBoy Says:  Is there somebody sitting behind a computer watching us play the Lottery?


TTBoy Says:  Jack White is really white.


TTBoy Says:  Why is Investigation Discovery so addictive?


TTBoy Says:  Isn’t “Precision Strikes” the same as “Shock and Awe?”


TTBoy Says:  It appears Mueller is playing his trump card while quite pence-ive.

Tissues for your Issues

Like a flattering bathing suit

compliments were hurled at you

With reassurances at hand

I reached out and felt the grandstand

Senryus formed on your behalf

Like nursing a new baby calf

My sweet honey you did suckle

Soon the noose formed a belt buckle

The pity parties given without invitation

Later chastised your bleak indignation

Then I opened the box to dry you off

But a buried boned appeared when you coughed

Did I tickle your fancy

like King Necromancy?

Or did you see me as devil

way below your level?

It didn’t take a sleuth

to find the truth

You did it all yourself

by bringing down the shelf

Tissues for your issues are made just right

Perfectly packed though not air-tight

Better in a one-piece

To not show a tear or a crease

The sharks want you to swim

You should be used to them