Setting Up House


Are the 24 hours of daylight

of which all hope

can be soon found

never again treated

like a doorbuster prize


      the only fanciness

stares back in the shiny

wrapping it possesses

Encompassed hands

never do move

As if frozen

Yet all else is carefree

Even Santa doth winks

at full-fed twinks

And drinks are spilled

as portals are then filled

Within the merriment of glee

Peace be with thee

To get closer

does He then see

the poser can no longer be

Still rules

broken by fools

wade childishly in pools

that laugh and smile

with all invitations on file

No expiration date

And Return to Sender as Fate

No Postage Required

Just your Will desired

Meeting the stamp of approval

Like a squirrel

earns points for accrual


are days that always last

everywhere and

out there

to share

strutting confidently

and oblivious to the past