Damn, You told the truth

They all had passes
along with their free thinking
Gods meant nothing to them
until they needed a change

PC went out with the trash
like the first computer did
Somewhere, there is one still out there
about to be crushed and recycled

Corporations flourish
at the sake of a mere opportunity
for the already gone
Grabbing stones to encircle their grave

Yet, only one remains supreme
because of default
Crazy isn’t just Crazy
just junk before drinking the juice

Letting the truth be told
feelings will be hurt
once the death toll hits home
But, it’s already happened

They’re dead, too

The Fate of the Tramp

Blue as fire
Thanks garnered no pleasure
The Dance left all spent
Unable to sustain the steady
girth and mirth
Inching closer to the flame
indulgence eroded the soul
Until reputation proceeded any
real voice
Solace met loneliness, finally
as and while memories
continued into the expiration date
once the eyes fully closed
And respects were paid

Mona Lisa’s Got Nothing On Her


Skin reflecting sin
Where do I begin?
Even her hair’s so fair
With glasses on
She becomes a song
The epitome of wildfire flair

She makes a background smile
Never ever moving all the while
Making a flash soft as fur
As Winter becomes Spring
The past becomes a thing
Because Mona Lisa’s got nothing on her

Mesmerizing forever
A creation all too clever
Statuesque causing commotion
From where did this soul come
When she’s been right there, under our thumb?
Giving rise to self-promotion

The heavens make it clear
Her beauty brings a tear
Whereas envy can’t concur
The past found its muse
Repeating it just to confuse
Because Mona Lisa’s got nothing on her

I wish you’d ask my name


The way you flip your hair

tells me you’re on it

But the way you part your teeth

I wish you would flaunt it

Don’t mind me if I stare

Or if you see me everywhere

Sometimes I wish you’d ask my name


The way you walk

 down the aisle

could make a lame man

 stand and smile

My how did you get your fame

Maybe it was the way you talk

that made men draw their own shadows with chalk


Damn, I wish you would ask me my name


And it’s a fine time

To make me thine

I got a name with my frame

And I’m down with a game

that would turn this smoke into a flame

I dare you

to ask me my name


When I think of our future

Makes my insides need a suture

My God, you’ve got me so tame

Our offspring from the sheets

would stand the test of time with tweets

Just give them my

own last name


Just let me love

to be loved

And then be loved

so I can love

Don’t make this a crying shame

When it’s time to lay your head

on my pillow on our bed

I hope I’ve made my mark with my name


Joy in Action

#christmas (Photo credit: Isselmuden)

The crisp Winter air

welcomes me

like a burrowing hole does a rabbit

And there is safety there

Children playing

unmindful of the outside force

Cheering on each exhale

Loosening the noose around their necks

before they see stars and spotted flecks

Greater prospects are their mittens

Soft and warm like  newborn kittens

They are used to protect their grips

Just in case the ground bumps their hips

Slipping and sliding on thin ice

Invisible music oh so nice

Even a sudden slip

is no match for the childish lip

And I tip-toe to my car

which isn’t very far

In hopes that the road

is as kind to me

with such a heavy load

and place I need to be

For I have gifts to get before

I can give

Inconsiderate of the hole

in which I live

To make merrier a day

for children to play

when they awaken

on Christmas Day

So, what I hold with my gloves

know the pain endured for my loves

But I would have it no other way

to present joy on a silver tray

When they awaken

On Christmas Day

Though should I ever play too old

I hope my debt was paid in gold



Should my hands not cover

the tips of my nipples, let me

  turn slightly so as to not expose

 my Pinocchio nose down below

And should my bells lag then

 imagine their pleasure

when frustration becomes less

 of a beautifully crafted barbaric

mess as of if pounding the Gorilla’s


Beneath your navel your brow beads

 trickling from perspiration

Dab it I do

 knowing it will never dry as

long as I am long and strong enough

 for you to cuff me

time and time again


And down there

wasting each other after engulfing

me lovingly yet violently

yet insatiably

Let us not speak after words

 even though you may see the dark

side of my moon as I walk away

Look at my face

  when I return and then after

for completeness

Too many on ‘Glee’ will kill the mood

Here we go again! Another top rated show that everybody wants a piece of… 2009 brought the Emmy winning show, Glee, to the forefront. As the show simmer, it did had to warm up quite a few, at first. But, then, as the show grabbed performance nods and praise from critics, it was a hit. Not an instant hit. But a bona fide hit! Now, as musicians fight to get their music performed on the show, it’s more that they all want to appear on the show as well. During Glee’s upcoming season, Britney Spears will be there and even Gwyneth Paltrow will be making a stint on the hit show. Gwyneth Paltrow? Shakespeare In Love’s, Gwyneth Paltrow? Amazing! Next, we’ll have Beyonce, Liza Minnelli (who was killer on Sex and the City 2), Rihanna… I even smell Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum walking their runway to RuPaul’s, Supermodel. That would be a blast! RuPaul’s Drag Race meeting the cast of Glee. I tell ya, the gays would definitely have it then! Just please make everybody stay away from American Idol. It’s way too soon to have Glee sabotaged. I do feel sorry for American Idol though.

Anyway, Glee starts its new season Tuesday, September 21. Britney Spears guest stars Tuesday, September 28 at 8pm. Catch Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Amber Riley and others for the season Premier! It looks like this season is going to be a winner! Even with Gwyneth Paltrow playing a substitute teacher.