Like a thief in the night

She takes away

in the daylight

Hoisting and shattering

young dreams

from those who admire

and envy her

Teachers alike

stand in sheer amazement

of her rise to


Most bidding a farewell

in the final hour

Even it is no match

Lucky are those

who capture the wild wind

Those she do make

rarely meet her again

They know her by one name

Though it’s all the same

Something has touched this soul

to make her stand alone

The unruly lags around the corner

and cries with each mourner

Her name rests above mere titles

whereas mere mortals of past

rise to witness her presence

With health, wealth, and glee

beside her is the place to be

Pray to the Heavens

for sevens and elevens

Though a six is like a latch

For Serena

It’s Game, Set, and Match!