Is This Not The Most Fascinating Life Line In The World?

What is going on with this palm?

Who has ever seen a heart-line and life-line joined together like this?

What does it all mean, seriously? Many say that “Life is what You make it.” Seriously?! Do we really have control over our own destinies? I know this seems like just a series of questions. But, can anyone tell anything about this individual just from a palm reading? How fascinating to have a palm that distinguishes You from everyone else.

Maybe Guinness should take a look at what could be “The Most Extraordinary Hand In The World.”


The Fortune of Tellers

There is a cut inside my hand

that separates

Life from Reality

A true sense of

where I am now

from where I want to be

Others claim to be able

to read me

And I go along with

the lie

Should I not nod

then egg smears violently

Adhere to rhetoric

I mimic what they tell

Be it I who sees the fine line

inside my head

And provoke my large hands

to grab hold of it all

Releasing to only increase


The story flows

As only spirit knows

May the backs of my hands

stay as clean