Dear President Obama



Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




    I know I don’t have to tell you the history Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech, so I won’t.  At that time, and definitely when you were elected by a landslide in 2008, Americans as well as foreigners alike were hopeful that a change would come in the issue of racial equality.  Dr. King dreamed of a better day for minorities.  Sadly, unfortunately, he was struck down long before he could witness a man he fought so hard for to rise to the mountain top.  Yes sir, you are on the mountain top.  But, it makes one wonder if you truly had the same dream as Dr. King. 




     People still march in front of and around the house that you command.  Jobs are lost, homes lost, lives lost…and still, the hope is there but it seems like it’s fading away.  Though we all know that it’s not just minorities who are in jeopardy of a continuous diminishing livelihood, so much media attention now is comparing Dr. King’s message to your “Yes we can” or even the “Change” messages you promoted.  “Yes we can” is what Blacks and Whites alike chanted back to you, in an effort to get you elected as the first “African-American,” not Black, President of the United States.  I guess in Dr. King’s time, he was considered colored or Negro.  Boy, have the times really changed?  Now, Blacks are considered African-American with thanks to the Reverend Jessie Jackson and his 1988 campaign for your spot.  Yet, the “Change” so many shouted for you has not been felt.  Then again, many minorities feel that it has gotten worse for them since you took over the podium. 




     With jobs being a major focus for Americans, one should wonder how jobs will be created when there is no real demand for products that can’t be afforded.  Education pales due to the fact that once the paper is received and the debt is grieved, it’s all about who you know to get placement in this world.  Then, there are the lucky ones who have the stars lined up for them and feel that the law of prosperity will follow them if they go to the side where money talks.  In other words, once Democrats now become Republicans.  Yes, Republican is synonymous wealth and status.  Democrats are for the hopeless and near-desperate.  As an elected-Democrat, what exactly do you represent?  The podium is yours, the microphone is yours.  Though you stand up straight, it’s actually confusing as to where you stand…for the un-chosen broken.




     I read a poem called, “The Day the Ghetto Died,” and found it to be interesting.




On the day the Ghetto died


Malcolm X bowed his head


While Martin Luther King stood and cried




On the day the Ghetto Died


Some sat and sang a hymn


Others just sat and lied


Lied about what the white man did for them




On the day the Ghetto Died


Little babies ran through streets


While their mothers bowed their heads and cried


To see their children with shoes on their feets




On the day the Ghetto died


The bible was opened even wider


To thank the Lord for a bond to be tied


And to pray for it to be tighter




In front of the steeple


I sat and felt a drop of rain


I looked up despite the people


And saw Jesus rejoicing over his pain




The pain must have been great


For it came down like a herd of angry men


But then it stopped


And I saw the sky smile again




‘Twas the Day the ghetto died


all the great heroes rose from the dead


to spread the knowledge they once had to hide


to the souls whose hearts now bled




They walked in hundreds of thousands


Wearing potato sacks


And chains and ropes


I can say this – for I was there


And in unison they sang the most beautiful hymn




It was one I never got to write


Because I could only listen in solemnity


It was a song that made me frown


 – one that gave me back my dignity




The tone sounded like it came


From the chain gang


But I couldn’t be sure if it was of


Rejoice or of pain




I walked around my beautiful home and cried


I looked and saw that I had everything money could buy


Then realized how little I had


But my ancestors had much pride






     Can you tell if this author is Republican or Democrat?  One would assume that because the author mentioned “ancestors,” he or she is non-white.  One side doesn’t seem to have to yell to get their point across.  Another side is just simply ignored and floored.  Who could deny the impact of one Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, or Quincy Jones?  They have made their mark on the world.  Crossovers?  Maybe.  Still, even the mighty O still has her bouts with abandonment.  And now, Americans are feeling abandoned by another mighty O.  Are you building your cabin the way you want it to be?  There are laws that are nearly favoring the execution of Blacks, let alone Black males – in a state many believe changed the course of history in 2000.  As time advanced, so has favoritism.  Who now represents our nation for the minorities who want a better life?  Just because of the so-called self-help television shows and books, the destination can’t be reached without support, resources. 




     Let’s give kudos to those who can stand back and thank their lucky stars for a blessed life.  It is with faith that those individuals cultivate their gifts and make them grow.  Also, they should remember how they got to be in their cushy position and not be ashamed to admit that they received help along the way.  Has much sight been lost by tending to the grass in other nations backyards?  When you awaken from your night’s sleep, can you honestly tell your dream without making a joke about it?  Laughter is only a temporary fix and dreams of a better way die when they can’t be fulfilled.  And time heals no one or nothing.  It only makes conditions harsher without proper treatment.




     Would Dr. Martin Luther King be pleased with the conditions minorities face today?  Probably not.  Then again, had his dream been kept alive 1988 would have never happened and the 2000 election would never have seen the light of day.   You would still have had your chance to speak for the disadvantage man and woman.  But you more than likely would have been forced to keep your promises of a better day.




     Don’t be that father that went out for milk and never came back.  Or, the one who pops back in from time to time to say, “Hey, remember me?”  Almost two years into our new house and the steps still haven’t been fixed.  You’re the only one who knows where the materials are to fix the steps. 




     The ghetto should have died by now and changed into a neighborhood.  Though it’s like that way for so many, change just can’t happen fast enough.  Some can’t even remember their dreams.




      And, to think, the movie “The Butler” made you cry.










Ms Aerd 






TTBoy Says

TTBoys Flower

TTBoy Says:  Of all the inner-city schools to speak at, why did President Barack Obama choose Henninger High School in Syracuse, New York?

TTBoy Says:  Did anybody ever bring up Halliburton in the Bradley Manning trial?

TTBoy Says:  Why does the U.S. government blame its people for being poor?

TTBoy Says:  Which state is more racist, Florida or Mississippi?

TTBoy Says:  Do the makers of Blue Bell ice cream know their products are similar to   crack cocaine?

TTBoy Says:  Is Taylor Swift a virgin?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Dick Cheney afraid to look in any mirror?

TTBoy Says:  Is the phrase “Paper or Plastic” like asking, “Condom or Bareback?”

TTBoy Says:  Is Lady Gaga life imitating art or art imitating life?

TTBoy Says:  It’s only sexual harassment if the other person doesn’t like you.

TTBoy Says:  Entertainers are not public figures.  A public figure is elected by the People.

TTBoy Says:  Is a woman obligated to tell a man or woman she has a yeast infection before having sex?

TTBoy Says:  Should anyone divulge they have IBS before having anal sex?

TTBoy Says:  Why are heroic deeds suddenly performed when a celebrity is involved in a scandal?

TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t Natalie Merchant considered one of the world’s greatest singers?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s a harder true-to-life artist, Jay-Z or Eminem?

TTBoy Says:  Did the size of one’s bank account make Janet Jackson a true “Size Queen?”

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t it time for Hollywood to have a “Coming Out Party?”

TTBoy Says:  Does anybody remember when Madonna accepted an award stoned out of her mind?

TTBoy Says:  Why were Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey, Jr. so convincing as a gay couple in “Wonder Boys?”

TTBoy Says:  Hollywood scripts really are “stupid…” just like Melanie Griffith said.

TTBoy Says:  Who’s smarter, Sharon Stone or Marilu Henner?

TTBoy Says:  Who’d get naked quicker for a movie role, Anderson Cooper or Shepard Smith?

TTBoy Says:  Is Vladimir Putin the only man allowed to be gay in Russia?

TTBoy Says:  Is Lindsay Lohan the real “Girl, Interrupted?”

TTBoy Says:  Will Tyra Banks ever reveal the greatest orgasm she’s ever had?

TTBoy Says:  Why did Jennifer Love Hewitt decide to get pregnant?

TTBoy Says:  If Google shares the public’s information, why is their stock price so high?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people tell how they really feel about a friend’s terrible engagement?

TTBoy Says:  Shouldn’t more women just admit to men they just want to have sex with them and nothing more?

TTBoy Says:  Am I wrong for wanting to make God jealous by hearing my name called out more than His?

TTBoy Says:  “American Idol” producers have no idea what they are doing.

TTBoy Says:  Have President and Mrs. Obama ever been asked to dance on “Dancing With The Stars?”

TTBoy Says:  There is no such thing as a “Bromance.”  Just call it what it is…dude.

TTBoy Says:  Everyone should remember this quote, “Just because you’re done with the past, doesn’t mean the past is done with you.”

TTBoy Says:  Who uses auto-tune more, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, or Rihanna?

TTBoy Says:  People who suddenly need food stamps are humiliated to apply for them.

TTBoy Says:  Why is Syracuse, New York now one of the deadliest cities in the world?

TTBoy Says:  Why won’t they give Antoinette Tuff, of Florida, a medal for bravery?

TTBoy Says:  Is Rick Perry of Texas smarter than former President George W. Bush?

TTBoy Says:  Would Victoria Beckham upstage her husband David in an underwear TV commercial?

TTBoy Says:  Is Cory Booker a pseudo-opportunist?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s the greatest media whore of all-time, J-Lo, Madonna, or Lady Gaga?

TTBoy Says:  Has Hollywood said, “Bye, Bye,” to all its best actors and actresses?

TTBoy Says:  Did someone of importance call Rush Limbaugh a loser when he was a child?

TTBoy Says:  Would David Letterman ever refuse a sex scene in a Woody Allen movie?

TTBoy Says:  Should all breast-feeding mothers refuse to sit in the back of a restaurant?

TTBoy Says:  Should pre-nuptials include oral sex?

TTBoy Says:  Why do surfers flock to shark-infested waters?

TTBoy Says:  Who hosts the best Swingers parties, Jada and Will or Mo’Nique?

TTBoy Says:  Would Whoopi Goldberg ever tell the second White guy who’s ever gone downtown?

TTBoy Says:  Is comedian Steven Wright still depressed?

TTBoy Says:  Why don’t people with migraines understand the importance of head-banging sex?

TTBoy Says:  Would a priest admit to being molested if he fell asleep during a confessional and woke up?

TTBoy Says:  Stop saying, “the condom broke,” and just admit that the pull-out method didn’t work.

TTBoy Says:  1950’s sex advice didn’t include movement on the woman’s part.

TTBoy Says:  If a man or woman looks too good to be true, they probably have Chlamydia.

TTBoy Says:  Why is Abercrombie & Fitch still around?

TTBoy Says:  Will Bill Maher ever reveal the best Sex-Pot Party he’s ever attended or hosted?

TTBoy Says:  Why are those adamantly opposed to something usually are the ones who secretly engage In it?

TTBoy Says:  The caged bird sings differently when handcuffed and doused with candle wax.

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to model Veronica Webb?

TTBoy Says:  Why can’t Gerard Butler star in a Hit Movie?

TTBoy Says:  The title of Jamie Foxx’s porn film, “Some like it Foxxy!” starring Samantha Fox.  Vraiment?

TTBoy Says:  Where is Anne Archer?

TTBoy Says:  Was Irene Cara Hollywood’s first diva?

TTBoy Says:  Will the Stock Market crash once employees realize employers refuse to honor Obamacare?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s turning over in his grave, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, or Michael Jackson?

TTBoy Says:  Has had cosmetic surgery kept Renee Zellweger away from the Big Screen?

TTBoy Says:  Will Bradley Cooper be People Magazine’s first and last gay “Sexiest Man Alive?”

TTBoy Says:  Why is Perez Hilton so bitter after such a drastic weight loss?  He must be hungry.

TTBoy Says:  Is Catherine Zeta-Jones depressed because of the lack of cunnilingus?

TTBoy Says:  Will Country Music abandon Kenny Chesney like they did Chely Wright?


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TTBoy Says:

TTBoy Says:  Shouldn’t Marvin Gaye’s family sue Robin Thicke over similarities to Marvin Gaye’s own sound?

TTBoy Says:  Why would a celebrity go without make-up when they have an endorsement deal with a Cosmetics company?  Shouldn’t the celebrity be sued for violating that agreement?

TTBoy Says:  Why are Black actors so scarce in Hollywood?

TTBoy Says:  Haven’t conditions gotten worse for Blacks since Obama’s second term?

TTBoy Says:  Why are apologies accepted when people first knew their comments would hurt?

TTBoy Says:  Is DIP Publishing a reputable publishing establishment?

TTBoy Says:  Will P Diddy ever direct or produce a film that doesn’t include the typical Hollywood Illuminati?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to “American Idol” winner Candace Glover?

TTBoy Says:  Does “American Idol” really think Jennifer Lopez will revive sinking ratings for the show that she helped tank?

TTBoy Says:  Will there ever be a sequel to “Wonder Boys?”

TTBoy Says:  Who is helping President Obama with his seat nominations?

TTBoy Says:  Is Robert Pattinson whipped or can he just not find anyone other than Kristen Stewart?

TTBoy Says:  Did Dr. Gupta change his opinion of medical marijuana because someone directly related to him made him see the light?

TTBoy Says:  Does Jennifer Aniston ever read scripts or screenplays by unknown artists?

TTBoy Says:  Why is there such disparity in endorsements in the world of Women’s Tennis?

TTBoy Says:  Is Kim K’s baby more important than Kate Middleton’s and Beyonce’s?

TTBoy Says:  Is Facebook’s “Poke” a subliminal gesture for a Hook-Up?

TTBoy Says:  Why are Black models only shot from the side?

TTBoy Says:  What’s the better screen-couple, Richard Gere and Diane Lane or Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?

TTBoy Says:  Has Joan Cusack been hurt in Hollywood because of her treatment of Gabby Sidibe?

TTBoy Says:  Isn’t Jenny McCarthy more hurtful than Elisabeth Hasselback?

TTBoy Says:  Why does Hollywood not favor the displaying full-frontal nudity of ethnic men?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Grace Jones?

TTBoy Says:  Why do non-Whites try and explain the use of the N-word?

TTBoy Says:  Is Prince really richer than Madonna?

TTBoy Says:  Will Courteney Cox ever revive “Dirt?”

TTBoy Says:  Is NBC failing because of the cancellation of a show like “The Book of Daniel?”

TTBoy Says:  Why does the GOP incite religious values on the public, yet they rally against such TV  shows?

TTBoy Says:  Why won’t George Clooney ever portray a homeless man or sex predator?

TTBoy Says:  Are Speedos thoroughly banned or is it just because most men can’t fill them out properly?

TTBoy Says:  Who’s a better character actor, Robert Downey, Jr. or Daniel-Day Lewis?

TTBoy Says:  Is Sarah Jessica Parker happy every day?

TTBoy Says:  Are there names of dead celebrities that should never be used again on children, like:  GIA?

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Keira Knightley?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Aidan Quinn such an underrated actor?

TTBoy Says:  Why doesn’t Anthony Mackie get more acting roles?

TTBoy Says:  Is Dwayne Johnson a better actor than Vin Diesel?

TTBoy Says:  Is Cate Blanchett a better actress than Nicole Kidman?

TTBoy Says:  Is there anyone taking the reigns of the fight against AIDS that Elizabeth Taylor once held?

TTBoy Says:  Why is Piers Morgan still on television?

TTBoy Says:  Will David Letterman ever stop wearing suits on set and don regular   casual clothes?

TTBoy Says:  Will Angela Bassett ever win an Academy Award?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Roma Downey or Martha Williamson fought to resurrect “Touched by an Angel?”

TTBoy Says:  Why wasn’t Olivier Martinez recognized in “Before Night Falls?”

TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Queen Latifah?

TTBoy Says:  Should “Friends” be kept in syndication or should there really be a revival of the hit show?

TTBoy Says:  Is Robert Dinero ready for a weekly television show?

TTBoy Says:  Is Serena Williams the greatest tennis player alive?

TTBoy Says:  Why hasn’t Rolex endorsed a Black athlete?  And, Tiger Woods doesn’t consider himself as Black.

TTBoy Says:  Did Michael Jackson simply adopt Debbie Rowe’s children?

TTBoy Says:  With his commanding stature, why doesn’t John Isner win more tennis matches?

TTBoy Says:  Has everybody forgotten Daniel Craig’s first film, “Love is the Devil?”

TTBoy Says:  Is Kevin M. Richardson done with on-screen acting?

TTBoy Says:  Florida more volatile than Mexico.

TTBoy Says:  Can anyone really trust Lindsay Lohan?


At Chick-Fil-A, You can’t be gay…Otherwise, You can’t stay!



How can anyone who fully aware that they are not wanted someplace still want to be a part of that organization?  Whether it’s being gay in the Republican Party, enjoying the food at the neighborhood Cracker Barrel, or dining at or even taking out food from your local area Chick-Fil-A, you are trying to buy the love of a hater.  In recent comments, Dan Cathy, CEO for Chick-Fil-A, has basically stated that the gay lifestyle does not align with the “family values” Chick-Fil-A adheres to in its association with Christianity.  The whole idea of “family”, details that Chick-Fil-A fully supports any member, members, or groups who does not engage in same-sex partnerships and considers themselves a family.  As if calling the gay lifestyle, or even way-of-life, an abomination, Chick-Fil-A’s Dan Cathy- the son of Chick-Fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy, mocks that culture by stating in an interview to the Baptist Press:


“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family owned business, a family led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that…we know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”


With such a skewed view of what the ‘traditional family’ is, Mr. Cathy apparently has failed to acknowledge that promiscuity, infidelity, and troubles occur in all kinds or types of relationships.  Just to say that his family –led business is “married to our first wives” really is nothing short of hot air.  What prompts an person or company to begin to express itself in such a vile and despicable manner?  Could there possibly have been personal trouble at the top – forcing Mr. Cathy to divulge such hate for the LGBT community?  Whatever the case, the Chick-Fil-A organization has set standards against anyone living their lives in a way that does not conform with the beliefs of Chick-Fil-A.  But is it just sight alone of seeing two same-sex people together that irks people?  Do people walk in to Chick-Fil-A advertising verbally that they are gay?  In any respect, knowing now how that company feels about the LGBT way-of-life, why would one continue to act as a patron for that establishment?  Is the chicken that good?  Really?


Guilt by Association.  Even if one was to say that they don’t believe in their company’s policies and beliefs, it’s almost a slap in the face knowing how that company feels about you or others that fit their negative profile.

Jeremiah Cillpam, owner of the Hollywood Chick-Fil-A Los Angeles, California has tried to clear up any misunderstanding about Mr. Cathy’s comment to the press.   Jeremiah Cillpam promised that customers will continue to receive excellent food and service regardless of “belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.”

Emphasizing the “independently owned and operated” structure of Chick-Fil-A franchises, Cillpam went on to say that he personally spoke to Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, who clarified that his controversial comments against gay marriage do not represent every company employee. (HuffPost).

Yet, the damage has already been done.  With the enormous spending power of LGBT community, the absence of their monies could indeed cripple a business.  Just as one’s involvement with an anti-gay establishment like Chick-Fil-A makes them guilty by association, imagine the effects of word of mouth from gay individuals to their friends and families.  Chick-Fil-A tries to show that they are truly acting in accordance to God’s plan by even not working on Sunday.  Still, one should wonder how they treat fair in other departments of their company:  Diversity (belief, race, sexual orientation or gender).  Though Mr. Cillpam did say that as long as you are a customer you won’t be discriminated against in these areas, you just can’t work for the company under these conditions.

Could members of the LGBT community firmly remove themselves from their addiction to Chick-Fil-A?  Even drug addicts know that drugs are bad for them – yet, the pusher is Dan Cathy and he is daring the scum-of-the-earth into rehab.


The effect of ‘Frank Ocean’

English: RuPaul (left) seen out of drag
English: RuPaul (left) seen out of drag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It behooves me when someone gets special treatment when they weren’t really entitled to it.  With ‘Gay’ being the in-and-out thing these days, so many prominent figures are stepping up and coming out in an effort to not only draw support for themselves, but to enlist others for their suffragette movement.  With bullying first taking precedence over the lives of young girls and boys – young men and women, a campaign was started known as “It Gets Better” to take some of the pressure off of those inflicted with the mental and physical scars of bullying.  After a meek while, that campaign seems to have faded into oblivion.  “People,” not just young men and women are still committing suicide at alarming rates.  There are probably those who will say that the “It Gets Better” campaign helped someone – anyone.  I’d almost beg and plead to differ.  Many celebrities received praise for stepping in front of the camera and parading to lend a helping hand and offering encouragement to those who they thought saw them as inspirational figures.  Well, it only got better for them.  Seriously. 


As celebrities like Anderson Cooper and, the newly hailed Black Prince of Gayness, Frank Ocean, continue to out themselves in Hollywood, they still don’t get it.  Standing behind a strategically placed podium so far away from God’s country does absolutely nothing for the youngsters who look up to them.  Then again, maybe this is just a more snobby way of expressing their narcissism.  Cop-Out?  It may well be.  If these celebrities dare to say that they are coming out to “help a child face his fear,” tell them to go to that child’s school during a general assembly meeting and come out then.  With so many ghosts of hatred and bullying originating in school, go back there and tackle those demons.  For all you know, you might get the chance to see some of those faces that made you miserable when you were a kid.


With the Black Church constantly advocating near torture for the gay Black male, has Frank Ocean set the tone to remove the door to the ‘down low?’  Being that there are so many ruthless, strong, super-masculine Black males who feel that it is the ‘down low’ male who spreads HIV to the Black community, they forget just why the ‘down low’ male started to grow.  Because of the taboos placed on the Black community from their church, and ultimately trickling into their homes, many Black men felt they had to creep, putting their true feelings on the back burner.  This has nothing to do with love – but everything to do with appearances.  There is this constant air and physical image of being a “strong” Black man who rings supreme in the Black community.  Even the most effeminate male could pass for straight just as long as he doesn’t say otherwise.  And that’s part of the problem.  Don’t Tell, Just Gel.  As long as you say, “No,” we can flow.  That can last only for so long.  There are people who do want to know, eventually, and love to try to put people on the spot…mainly the so-called masculine ones, who as we know from a “Glee” episode are the true culprits pretending to be someone they’re not.  Again, it’s Hollywood telling us how things are.  No one will dare write something for the big screen about coming out in the Black community.  I think the closest thing we have of that nature is Tyler Perry playing Madea.  How sad.  Director Lee Daniels has been out for years, yet there is still no superhero of color or gay heart-throb of color.  I can only mention “Noah’s Ark.”  How far-fetched!


“Dig if you will, the picture…” the words of Prince reverberates and resonates, “of you and I engaged in a kiss.”  Is it the sex act that supposedly grosses people out about gay relations?  News Flash – there are a lot of heterosexual members of society who would vomit on themselves if they saw what they looked like on film.  I wonder who fake orgasms more…  Anyway, Obama has not made anyone gay.  He just made it a little more acceptable for people to be recognized by the government.  I’d say, anybody who wakes up one morning, afternoon, or evening and decides they are ready to come out of the closet they should take time out of their lazy Sunday morning, go to church, and preach to the choir about how tired they are of living a lie.  Maybe then the organist will come out, the Elder Deacon will come out, Sister Eva Marie who leads the women’s choir will come out, and the incomparable Reverend Pastor Bishop Deacon Long will come out.  Do it in the House of the Lord, in the name of the Lord, and be free.  And, since you probably have more money than many of the Gods in the church, a sizeable donation would increase the effect of the bitch slap you give the congregation.  I bet you they won’t give it back.  Somebody will give you an “Amen!”


If you’re going to tell the World they now have access to your bedroom and social activities, have a valid reason for doing so.  Don’t just do it because – Just don’t deny it, if they ask!  You can always stand up for the cause and even fight the good fight.  But for whatever reason you do it, make it right.  All Hail Sylvester!  All Hail RuPaul!  Stand and cheer for them All!  I’ve never met Mr. Ocean, but many will and do judge by appearances.  With the stereotype of the gay man being one of flamboyance and femininity, the World needs to see that gay is gay…whether covered with burly muscles and possessing a husky, sultry voice, it’s not all about what one sees because the eye does deceive.


What if Tom Cruise came OUT?

English: Tom Cruise at the 61st Academy Awards...
English: Tom Cruise at the 61st Academy Awards 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 So, what if Tom Cruise did come out?  Would it really be so bad?  I mean, from what I hear women say Tom really isn’t considered a heart-throb, though he is a mystery.  Maybe he is a mystery that Hollywood has chosen to protect because of his box office draw.  Unlike the late Rock Hudson, Tom Cruise has led Hollywood into more glory days than even Bruce Willis with his “Die Hard” series.  Even the great Will Smith may hold a record for the most consecutive $100 million films to his credit, but overall cash flow is commanded by Tom.  Now that’s Cruise Control!


Now this isn’t going to be a commentary with any specific timeline of events for Tom Cruise.  I will just state what I know and what I remember about Mr. Cruise’s Hollywood journey.  It was director Harold Becker that first saw the potential in Tom Cruise.  After having his role in his first Boy movie, Taps, upgraded, Tom received a role in “The Outsiders” with Emilio Estevez and Matt Dillon.  Although that film was not well received, somebody saw something in Tom to give him his own feature.  And that feature was “Risky Business.”  Whoever thought to have Mr. Cruise dance around in his underwear to get attention was genius.  It worked.  Soon, Tom Cruise would be a household name.


In comes Mimi Rogers, in 1987, to introduce Tom to Scientology (the religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard).  Though the Church of Scientology was said to have cured his childhood dysfunction of dyslexia, Mimi saw her marriage to Tom dissolving.  Sometime later, Mimi had told an on-air radio host that Tom was “impotent.”  Then, after that fiasco, Mimi seemed to had vanished from Hollywood.  It was never explained why Miss Rogers was so blatantly callous in her treatment of Tom after their divorce.  However, there were the powers that be that stood by their moneymaker.  Afterwards, followed an on-screen link to Australian actress Nicole Kidman.  After roughly eleven years of marriage and no blood children, the two filed for divorce.  For Nicole, after marrying country singer, Keith Urban, she did have a baby through natural childbirth.


Tom’s career in Hollywood continued to flourish.  With a few not-so-well-received films, yet themes that would stay on the brain and tips of everyone’s tongues, Tom would win almost every award except for an Academy Award for his efforts.  Between 2001 and 2005, there was somewhat of a messy situation brewing in regards to Tom’s sexuality.  “Vanilla Sky” reported Tom dating actress Penelope Cruz.  No one truly believed this relationship would go anywhere.  In June 2005, after settling a case of a gay porn actor who claimed to have a romantic relationship with Tom Cruise, Tom found himself overdoing it, a lot, by jumping ridiculously on Oprah’s couch expressing his love for Katie Holmes – a woman he had only dated about two months.  Not only did Oprah think Mr. Cruise had lost it, perhaps his fans thought the same as well.  It seems the porn actor had vaporized into thin air.  Was there someone in Hollywood still fixing relationships for their prize cattle?  Where did Katie Holmes come from?  Maybe someone saw the interview she gave where she was seen and heard on-screen saying how she wanted so much to be married and “…have lots of babies.”  How perfect!  Here was a young woman who could be primed to go along with a fallacy.  She would have everything at her disposal – as long as she didn’t deviate from the plan.  Protect Tom Cruise at all costs!  Was there a sexual relationship between Tom and Katie?  To look at their child, Suri, one could argue that there is a resemblance.  Then again, initially it was said that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe were romantically inclined.  Paris, Prince, and Blanket all have their own look.  Wasn’t Katie dating Chris Klein right before she married Tom?  For all we know, Chris could be “Suri’s Father.”  Unless…


With Tom Cruise’s history with women, rumors, and brief scandal, and the fact that he wouldn’t have to work another day in his life, how would coming out of the closet hurt him at this point?  It seems the only difficult part of this kind of exposure for Tom would be the type of partner for him.  Would it be an older gentleman, a younger gentleman, an emotionally unattached gentleman, or the stereotypical Latino flame that has vowed to remain faithful to him forever?  No disrespect to Latin gay men.  No Mission is Impossible for Tom Cruise.  With a great Agent, PR, and skill set that can rival Kenneth Branagh, the World is still Tom’s oyster.  If only he would pry it open, take its pearl, or add his own to its soft shell.