Love Interpretation

If I am what

You think I am,

Then, let me be

And, if I am not what

You know I am,

Help me pretend

Just for the sake of it

This type of exercise

Will keep us fit

Let us dress up           

We will show up

Casting all doubt aside

Of those who know

Becoming mere marvels

to those who want to join

When you say, “Ah”

Don’t forget to open your mind

Before they do

I am the melody

Looking for the music

Our lyrical love dialogue

Will be what counts

Can’t have one without the other

When two are supposed to form one

I died Again

I died Again.

I died again
Last night
And then, Again
Every time I close my eyes
I can’t see
until I open them
And then
I don’t want to
I don’t want to have to
imagine what life would be
could be
without the use of my hands,
Legs, feet, tongue, ears
minus the butterflies inside my head
Minus what they call a brain
I don’t want to be insane
But, I can’t keep my eyes


I wasn’t born by a river,
no crow could say he waited nearby
for me to lay down or stop,
no bird to not welcome me a good morning
with an annoying but sweet song,
no man to ever say he got the best of me without me demanding that I was king,
no pastor, or rabbi, or preacher to not see my light before speaking their sins to me.

I wasn’t born by a river,
but I could get to one
and bottle all my troubles and let them drift away and pick them up on the otherside.

Through the eyes of a child

Here I Am
Looking and noticing
All that is in my path
What does time change?
Even with repair
Things do wither
Yet, they still change
My younger self
Wishes to grow
While wishing to know
That I will see
The happiness and love
That made me laugh
And glow
And may what or who looks
Out at me, someday 
Pick me up like I cried in hunger
Or writhed in my drench
Shelter me with just a smile 
A while 
To remind me

The Salesman


Two doors left that will tell

whether or not my needs will be

cared for

How dire I am for

letting myself get so damn dire

Keep the smile or

paint one on when I get there

clear the throat first

by talking to myself

But it’s always show time

Never knowing who I might meet

So pitch perfect

Demeanor and persona well-crafted

Who or what could resist this cad

 before they open up

Be it me who prostitutes for an establishment

that takes more than their fair share

Though the lingo may not be the same

work means a sell

And quotas consume me

And humiliation arises when they don’t sign

Work means a sell

as long as I can walk

I have been programmed to not take No

to not hear No

Like a rape of the world

there lies the aggressive and the submissive

A refusal right now

means stalking from now on

So I must adhere to the plan

So as I eat

 while viewing all my paid in full receipts

I recall the fear in myself

instilled in them when I get my foot in the door

Where is the true compassion

when grandpa writes his last check

and immediately checks to confirm his funds

I am my pimps moneymaker

who will stoop to any level to build his name

And stoop I will then do

when I get down to the wire

Two doors left

The big bad wolf am I

craving the little pigs

for my dollar signs in the sky

And should they not let me in

I can be a pest’s best friend

Just that next time

it will be me doing

the unscheduled drive by

Bitch slaps hurt everybody

when they can’t see the benefits

of loyalty