If I could bring God back today

If I could bring God back today,
I would say,
“What took You so long
to make me call out your name?”
Nothing has happened to Me
that You couldn’t see
But others wondered,
Where can He be?

If I could bring God back today,
would anything really change?
Without His Father raising Him up,
just how far could He extend His range?

If I could bring God back today,
would I praise Him like they did
back in the day?
I see signs in the World
that only He could cause
Heads bowed, people speaking in tongues
Everyone looking side-to-side
giving reason to pause

If I could bring God back today,
would He even want to stay?
While they have folded hands and arms,
He could stretch His out
and create a brand new Day

Where would I be,
If I could bring God back today?

Would the Devil make me see

that there is only One way?

The Beauty of it All

Time means nothing
  when You have no watch
Sight means nothing
  when You fail to see
Power means nothing
  when You have no support
Love means nothing
  when You don’t have a heart
Desire means nothing
  when passion alludes
Dates mean nothing
  when You live care-free
A name means nothing
  if it is not used
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
  when the soul is being abused
A mirror can mean everything
  If You like what You see
It’ll let You know something is off
  If You don’t let it be

You just weren’t the one for m

Gave me everything You had
Still You weren’t the one for me
Never had a chance to be mad
When You should been the one for me

Drove your car through a snow storm
To prove You were the one for me
Greeting me in fine form
Why couldn’t You be the one for me?

Call You on the phone with nonsense
Because You were there for me
I knew you couldn’t ride the fence
You thought You were the one for me

I spoke up for You when You couldn’t
Did they wonder why You were with me
I spoke up about your pains
Then realized you weren’t the one for me

You see, I should have had the chance
to tell You, to say to You how much more I wanted and needed
But, You made it all about me
and how little I did to keep You happy
You did it all out of necessity
And that’s why, You’re not the one for me

When you think you’ve found love
Don’t look for anything in return
Blessings come from up above
There’s a chance though, You might feel a burn
But, I’m sorry You just weren’t the one for me

Love in Yellow

Cover me in Love, Love
Show me your true color
Don’t leave me with bruises
Just so I can make excuses

Cover me well Love, Love
Make me feel like I should feel
Don’t treat me like some ordinary fellow
Paint me in yellow

Cover me happy Love, Love
And kiss me all night long
Don’t mind my bleeding heart
While you try it all apart

I want to wrap myself around you
Holding on and back so tight
Try to have mercy on me
‘ Cause I’m too bright for the light

Cover me Love, Love
Sing to my front and my back
And if I try and get away Love, Love
Just pick up the slack

Cover me in Yellow Love, Love
Red comes on too strong
Cover me in Yellow, Love
A vase of yellow roses so long

Flip the Script


He can’t wait ‘til Tuesday
His wheelchair moves
with much dis-ease
Eyes all aglow
begging but then mumbling
to make it stop
Why isn’t it Tuesday?
Didn’t they know
they wouldn’t last?
Bargaining for his life,
trying to cut a deal, 
he grows angry
His pain is worse than theirs
He served his country
better than the ghetto
he settled in
They didn’t deserve his patriotism
They didn’t deserve to deny him
Wasn’t his smile enough?
They made him talk to walls
but now, he can’t manage Hell
As the mud flows from his tank,
the air stifles of hate,
and shame
Why isn’t today Tuesday?
He will make sure they don’t forget
If he makes it,
it will be the last time
he goes through this 

She’s Not Going Away

I’ve got Ms. in my corner
And she’s not going away
The more I do for her
the more she makes me want to separate
The sight of her is foggy
The only way to feel her
is to medicate myself beyond myself
And she’s not going away
My Moses staff precedes me
everywhere I go
as I feel as if I am tipping in high-heeled sandals
When I finally touch the sky,
she comes along like an apocalyptic hurricane
Destroying all that is in her path
She does have a sister
who is more than just a pain in the neck
I am coward by her persistence
as like losing my best-friend all over again
And she’s not going away
Have I rented space to a cause
for a lifetime?
It would take my soul to revoke her lease
though the Judge would have the final say
in my case of free will
Her laughter roars with hands behind her back
She makes me want to love her
To accept her as she is
Yet, her volatility renders me powerless
except to keep reaching
to cease with the standardized tests
and the grade school counseling sessions
The pen often runs from my hand
to acknowledge my future
She’s not going away
No energy left to act on my mood
So, tuck my tail I do
until I hear what I want to hear
And all is well again

Can I hate you?

Can I hate you

for loving me too long

Can I hate you

for making us a sweet love song


Can I hate you

for always being right?

Can I hate you

for never putting up a fight?


Why should I hate

when love is what I need

Will I ever relate

when my past only made me bleed

But I love you

Although I should hate you

This much is true

Just that I don’t want to


Can I hate you

for being so good to my friends

What won’t you do

when you don’t have to make amends?


Can I hate you

when I know you love me?

How You’ll never have a clue

 as long as I say, “I Love You”


I don’t want to

I can’t hate you

I can’t hate you

Because I don’t want to

You must ache for me


You must ache for me
God-fearing, smiling,
painless You
You must ache for me

Devoid of any contact
Years in separated solitude
The memory of that last passionate event
became a nightmare

And you woke up
…and let music play
Drowning out my face
and my hunger pangs

You must ache for me

To forget your first
is that naive

Add time with sight
Denial with all might
is that naive

Cast aside
so you could avoid the slip and slide
Was it God’s will that
held you all these years?

I ache for You

Denial and living a lie
is not the same
Especially as one plays a game
victorious in the name game

But what picture cannot speak
All it takes is one
to move the haze and bring the sun

I ache for You
though Time has healed nothing
for me
Loveless is my reality

That is unless
You have ached for me
and what possibly I turned out to be
through a disgraceful nativity

Before You go back to sleep,
try and remember that first naive
passionate moment
that made God speak to You