Love in Yellow

Cover me in Love, Love
Show me your true color
Don’t leave me with bruises
Just so I can make excuses

Cover me well Love, Love
Make me feel like I should feel
Don’t treat me like some ordinary fellow
Paint me in yellow

Cover me happy Love, Love
And kiss me all night long
Don’t mind my bleeding heart
While you try it all apart

I want to wrap myself around you
Holding on and back so tight
Try to have mercy on me
‘ Cause I’m too bright for the light

Cover me Love, Love
Sing to my front and my back
And if I try and get away Love, Love
Just pick up the slack

Cover me in Yellow Love, Love
Red comes on too strong
Cover me in Yellow, Love
A vase of yellow roses so long

You came

You came
without alerting me
Was I to know
that your feet were clean
before you entered?

Now, there isn’t a vacuum
to clean up the mess
You made inside the home
I made comfortable for myself
My self now houses
all that your soul conquered

You came
to get me to say,
“I’m sorry you had to wait”
If only I held out a little longer,
You couldn’t have come
and I couldn’t hate you
like I do now

It would have been
someone else
who cared about what
they brought inside


It’s so damn sad
when You’re in the middle
Seems everybody’s got their motives
Walking poker faces of votives
Dare You continue to play
The nerve of You walking away
It’s so damn sad
when it’s all about a look
Impassioned still gawkers
seem hooked
as to why their
interview wasn’t booked
Those concoctions
they set to keep You just
where You nailed their perception
of reception
And they thought You
were making the first impression
Bid them adieu
before making a confession

See Me

I hear voices

But no one’s home

All these choices

Yet still, I’m all alone


Tell Me

Am I bothering You?

I can still see

Why You can’t tell the truth


Do You want me to go

Or let You shout it out?

Feeling so low

Why should I do without?


Can’t You touch me

Like You used to?

Still Your Baby

Looking to be Your shoe

Will You ever whisper

Sweet things like You used to?

Whisper Baby, Whisper

In this room built for two


I know You don’t know it

But, I was leaving anyway

Couldn’t make it fit

So I convinced myself to stay


Now, I see You got something on Your mind

No need to fight with yourself

You’re about to run out of precious time

‘Cause I’m about to start seeing somebody else


See Me


See Me

Feel Me


See Me

Major Mental Crime

bask (Photo credit: Idiolector)


Uneven little boys


and their uneven little toys


battle every day


every night to keep the bad men away


Determined to get their share


While somewhat playing fair


Basking in the sun


are the pure like a Nun


Quenching their cool thirst


‘til the moon rises from the dust


Other toys fascinate the brothers


seeking respect from their lovers


Even with ammunition


still arouses demolition


The playing field is uneven


for the uneven little boys


Though adding machines make some mean


storing wealth unseen but green


On white paper


one becomes the star caper


All Robbing Hoods


for self-fulfilled goods


Lonely at the top befalls the mighty


who has no one left to congratulate him rightly


One shot to make it


If you’re lucky, one shot to take it


All Men Are Created Equal


Whereas documentation warrants a sequel


honoring a cast minus any equally equal


The sun catches the light


and the moon holds hostage


the soul in plight


Patting pockets so heavy and packed


Boastful are those screaming to be jacked


Unevenly unequally little boys


Along with their uneven little toys


can never grow


when their growth counts down below