My Derby Hat

See You turn Left
Knowing You would tell me
that You went right
How could You not see me
I was right behind You
I had the look
You know
The walk
The wave
The Yell
All that I wore
wasn’t even
It’s off to the races I go
I anticipate the winner
Without the hype
My brim is Best In Show
And still You would tell me
Show me
That I am not
It’s my horse that’s faltered
The pasture is calling
You jumped the gun
Glad I bet against you
I liked the odds
And I wear it so well

Farewell, my End

I see You there

All skin and bone

Blowing ash as You sit

on nothing

Your squealing makes me weak

for You

I wouldn’t trade places right now

You played

And I stayed so put

‘Til I got to know myself

If only You hadn’t strayed

I wouldn’t have a bony heart

My heart could not follow

You underground

Thick You then were

Cutting through like You were in Class

Lover Bully

Then, You grabbed something else

Or someone else found You

Was the good prize worth it?

But, I promised to see You through

And through you are

I see you there

Still, you are not alone

The memories take over me

Sad, because you have them

All skin and bone

Is This Not The Most Fascinating Life Line In The World?

What is going on with this palm?

Who has ever seen a heart-line and life-line joined together like this?

What does it all mean, seriously? Many say that “Life is what You make it.” Seriously?! Do we really have control over our own destinies? I know this seems like just a series of questions. But, can anyone tell anything about this individual just from a palm reading? How fascinating to have a palm that distinguishes You from everyone else.

Maybe Guinness should take a look at what could be “The Most Extraordinary Hand In The World.”


Call My Stand In

What does it take

To keep your love

What a good pair we make

Like hand and glove


Don’t my kisses do right

Sometimes I can’t begin

Before we start to fight

Go head call my stand in


I see you there

But I can’t see your face

You want to be somewhere

Just not here, but some other place


If I can’t do right by you

How can I win

I know what you can do

Call my stand in


Somebody knows

How your wind blows

It’s a shame it ain’t me

It’s all gone oh so wrong

Shame on me, way too long

Was I that blind I couldn’t see?


But now, I know the game you play

Some might call it a sin

Why should I let you get away

When you can just call my stand in

Letter to John Travolta

John Travolta
John Travolta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear John:

Why won’t you let your soul be at peace and be honest about your life?  There are only so many incidents that your faithful followers and fans will continue support you for, and this latest bout of nonsense is really making people question your unfounded love for Oprah.  If ever there was the World’s Greatest Faghag, even by Jon Waters standards, it would be the all-powerful Oprah.  Nate Berkus and Suze Ormond have had very prosperous careers under Oprah’s shelter, and things haven’t been all that bad for you either.  However, in some ways, we all deal with sins of the father.  Then again, like they say, “Karma is a bitch!”

We have watched you from the time you portrayed “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.”  As Vinny Barbarino, you rocked so many worlds with your metrosexual, flamboyant, bubble-headed flair.  Yet, every time we saw you on any screen, we saw that bubble surrounding and somewhat protecting you.  Hollywood sure does have a vested interest in you.  Although your role as Danny in “Grease” made you the least threatening actor in Tinseltown, the character you portrayed in “Hairspray” as Tracy Turnblad’s mother made you most approachable.  You made that character.  You were that character.  You did for that role what Queen Latifah did as the lesbian in her film, “Set It Off.”  Outstanding work!

Where will you go when the last accuser comes forward?  Can’t you once and for all prove that the accusations against you are false?  Or do you just not want to?  Maybe you should have your reps call Tom Cruise and find out how he’s dodged tall tale after tall tale for all these years.  Anyway, the fortune you have amassed could and should support you and your family for a few lifetimes.  Even though I haven’t witnessed you in any Shakespearean roles, I am sure you’re as diverse as Neil Patrick Harris is.  See, now there’s one human being who continues to serve his fellow-man:  Broadway, big screen, basketball games.  He even believably kisses women on his television show, “How I Met Your Mother.”

Well, you’re still an A-Lister.  You’re bound to win an Academy Award, sometime soon, and people will say that the part was a role-of-a-lifetime.  It’s so easy to claim that your private life is your business, but you have to remember that you are a public figure, a celebrity who has fans turned fanatics who depend on you to make their days and nights brighter and worthwhile.  To the many who have followed your career from the start, you are their guiding light.  So why won’t you let your true light shine as bright as it wants to?  The public feels your hurt and it feels your pain.  And it’s time both of you stop hurting.

Just open the door.  You don’t even have to say you’re sorry.


Truth, Health, Happiness, and Karma

I have discovered the Meaning of Life

DSCN6902-St Joseph
DSCN6902-St Joseph (Photo credit: manskilo)

Okay.  Maybe it’s not quite the Meaning of Life, but I have discovered something that will definitely change your life…forever.  Have you ever wondered why good things always seem to happen to other people and, maybe they’re not always bad, but nothing good seems to happen to you or others?  Well, the answer may be simple.  Active Prayer.  But this isn’t just your standard, customary, ordinary, falling down on your knees praying…I’m talking about intercessory prayer. 


Intercessory Prayer is unlike being a Christian.  In fact, intercessory prayer is all about spirituality.  And it is your belief that truly makes intercessory prayer work.  Sure, we can pray to God or our personal Lord and Savior – whoever or whomever that may be, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone add a little something on our behalf.  I can remember a time when I felt that my outlook after college wasn’t so rosy.  My grandmother could feel my anguish and somehow assured me that things would be alright.  To my surprise, as I flowed through life, I forgot all about any hard times.  Could my grandmother have been closer to God than I was?  Or, did I need her energy to work along with mine to help the stars line up?  Isn’t this how Hollywood celebrities are made?  I mean, they’re just in a different environment.  Aren’t they?


So, I was on a direct path of righteousness.  Or so I thought.  Life was going great.  I had everything I could ever and did ever dream of having.  Then, my divine intervention died.  And then, I felt my energy die too.  My drive left.  I felt like I had no control over anything.  I would pray and feel nothing.  I would hear others say how prayers aren’t answered right away or God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle.  Really?  Well, that’s not how I felt.  How long did I have to keep asking for the same thing?  Maybe if I change the words, I could manipulate God into hearing me.  What if He was ignoring me because someone closer t Him was no longer with me?  What if, what if I cheated?


I can’t remember how or exactly when a new intercessor came into my life, but it did.  For the longest time, I think I folded it up or inserted it between the pages of one of my favorite books or something.  However it was, I seemed to have lost interest in many of my earlier activities.  One day, as I searched for my daily affirmations, I saw “Illuminata” by Marianne Williamson just resting on my coffee table.  Yes, “Illuminata” encompasses a woman’s prayers, thoughts, and rites of passage – ultimately asking God for help to get home.  Maybe this was my way of reconnecting or even just connecting with my grandmother again.  But as I opened the book, “PRAYER TO ST. JOSEPH” stood out.  The thing that I had put away because I didn’t want to invest any time into it had found me, again.  This time, I had time.  I needed time.  I needed a change.  I needed to belong.  I began to read:


                                                                Oh St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so

                                                                strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I

                                                                place in you all my interests and desires.  Oh,

                                                                St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful

                                                                intercession and obtain for me from your divine

                                                                Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ

                                                                Our Lord.  So that, having engaged here below

                                                                Your heavenly power, I may offer my thanks

                                                                giving and homage to the most loving of Fathers.

                                                                Oh, St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you

                                                                and Jesus asleep in your arms.  I dare not approach

                                                                while He reposes near your heart.  Press Him in

                                                                my name and kiss His fine head for me and ask Him

                                                                to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.

                                                                St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls – Pray for me.




There you have it.  I read those words and I must be honest with you – I wanted to test it.  I wanted to see if this really worked, so I asked for something I thought was ridiculous…something I would never get.  To be honest, I can’t remember what it was I asked for before I realized the prayer was folded up and hid the instructions:


                                                                This prayer was found in the fiftieth year of Our

                                                                Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  In 1505, it was sent

                                                                from the Pope to Emperor Charles when he was

                                                                going into battle.  Whoever shall read this prayer

                                                                or hear it or keep it about themselves, shall never

                                                                die a sudden death, or be drowned, or shall poison

                                                                take effect on them; neither shall they fall into the

                                                                hands of the enemy, or shall be burned in any fire

                                                                or shall be overpowered in battle.


                                                                Say for nine mornings for anything you may desire.

                                                                It has never been known to fail, so be sure you really

                                                                want what you ask for.



I know I said the prayer for nine days because I wanted to prove to myself that it didn’t work.  I wanted to prove that some mystical or mysterious power had put this piece of paper in my life to make me crazier than I already was.  At some point in my day or night, I would feel tingles all over my body.  It wasn’t a bad feeling, but a feeling like I had just taken some medicine or something (even though I hadn’t).  Had I just had a metaphysical experience?  Little did I know that as I went about my daily duties in life, my prayer had been answered.  I wanted more.  I needed to protect this prayer.  It was mine…all mine and I didn’t want anyone to know that I had the power to get anything I ever wanted.  And as I got greedy, I started asking for foolish things (as the prayer did say “…so be sure you really want what you ask for).  I wasn’t careful with quite a few of my wishes and felt a sense of sorrow, not regret, for asking for something that I received.  Then, to redeem myself of the selfishness I had acquired, I gave the prayer to someone else.  I felt I had to be careful as to not ask them how the prayer was working for them – as I did not want to envy their blessings since I had made wrong and costly decisions. 


As a learning tool, I felt a sense of responsibility to this intercessor.  Many times we pray, we can do something for ourselves.  Pastors in churches have always been heard to say that prayer or faith without works mean nothing.  In other words, just asking for something isn’t good enough.  I have learned to seek intercessory prayer only when I feel I have no other alternative.  I can’t say that I always have the most comfortable of days, but I try to do my best every day.  I don’t always wish for money, although I have had minor wealth bestowed upon me.  I have even heard people say they wish for Peace, Love, and Happiness or Health, Wealth, and Happiness.  Are these things too broad to wish for or are they just right?


I am not trying to say that any one person, or someone other than ourselves, is closer to a more divine power than we are.  But, maybe if more than one person thinks or put out into the universe the same thought for us as we do, it helps the stars align a little quicker for us.  Also, as long as the thoughts remain in our favor, our blessings then stay with us.  Now I did say earlier that I felt I needed to release my selfishness by sharing this prayer with someone else.  The great Michael Jackson once said that “The greatest sin in the world is to have a talent, a true gift from God, and not cultivate it and make it grow.”  To me, praying is a talent.  Sharing is a talent.  And to hone in on your talents to perfect them generates the energy to keep the stars aligned for the greater good.  We can all pray, though we may not know exactly if our prayers are working until we see results.  Maybe with our constant and excessive, positive energy, we can help our cause.  With a little help from someone else, we might be able to get there and hang on a little longer.


I miss my grandmother and I thank her for showing her love for me and for showing me how not to be selfish.

“Overtime” vs. “Family Time”

To Chuck E. Cheese's
To Chuck E. Cheese’s (Photo credit: pmsyyz)

Today was the first day of the rest of someone else’s life.

Who could have ever thought that Facebook would be the savior of all that is grace and holy?  I mean, there are times when people post really superficial quotes and ideas.  But then there are the times when someone will post something really meaningful other than letting you know that they are “…headed to the bathroom” or “…Just checked in at Chuck E. Cheese.”  Of course, I’m kidding.  Most of the time, those going to Chuck E. Cheese don’t even have children.  People love to share their personal business with the public, if they’re doing something to stay busy.  So, is it that awful to let the world know that you’ve chosen to do absolutely nothing but enjoy the noise, chaos, and never-ending-potential-feelings-of-doom in the privacy of your own home.

A Facebook friend posted how he:  “Cancelled overtime today for some family time to play.”  Excuse me?  In a time when most people would nearly sell their own hair follicles to try and make ends meet, this person is telling the world, “I like the dough, but today I had to say, ‘No.'”  Now this is a person with a legitimate family which consists of children and a spouse under the same roof.  When asked if there would be a family outing, the response was, “No.  We have family videos we all can watch, and food…and the phone is staying off the entire day!”  How often do you hear something like that?  Allowing money to take a backseat to the family?  Some of you may be saying, “But maybe they are already set for money.”  Either way, today is a new day along with a new way of thinking for this human being.

For however long it had been going on, a family man had devoted his family time to someone or something else.  Yes, he was most likely trying to build his nest egg for his kids future or keeping his beautiful wife in the lifestyle that she had grown accustomed to.  The bottom line is today he realized that he had neglected the better part of his life.  And he took control.  Because of his kind heart, he did find someone who was able to take his place at work.  It was an easier task than he thought.  He just thought of a single person from work who could probably benefit from the extra pay.  When most people think that single people are out having a good time, wild, and free…there are those single people who are striving for the Big Picture – building a nest egg for a rainy day.  He helped someone else today, despite giving up the pay.  Maybe there will be some karmic force that my friend will have to deal with later.  In spite of, and because of today, the world is a much better place with a smile on someone else’s face.