100 Metropolitan Parkway

I saw him wait

and say,

“Is he worth it?”

3 o’clock is

witching hour

What a time for

an interview

He watched

as the devil he is

And he got out

of his leased ride

and hid his face

from me

That’s when I knew

how the interview would


How metropolitan

the melting pot

that would welcome

all that is light and tight

with a dark love





How handsome is

as handsome does

to represent

the parking lot

as well as the

company’s name

Sealed with a shake

may the hand fail to break

dispelling myths

teetering on the cliffs

What a good sign

that your car was in line

When even though

he needs your mind

following directions

to perfections

You don’t take the same door

Could there be more?

Maybe the interview

goes long past four

and you exit through the back door

with a pay on the back

and papers in a stack

I am my Mother’s Keeper

I am my mother’s first

Crazy as it may sound

I am her soul image

Despite who helped

she released me

into the world

to walk and talk

and carry on




I represent

everything that she is

What she is not

depends on her

But I

am my mother’s keeper

What I don’t know

is of no need

The past is past

I am the end

the beginning

and the middle

I am written and sealed

and my fate lies

upon her lies

her truths

The few who know

look upon me

as forgotten

when my goodness then shines

She made a path for me

to escape the warm and cold world

And though I may not always be

she does hold me

reminding me

of everything



I have been kept

and keep going



I really was her first


36 Steps to a Happy Life

So many books

and tips on how

to be fulfilled

What works for most

may not for those

who have less

Pay a fee

for a new emblem

to be placed on

their proud loud breast

One factor from

the benefactor

who is not an actor


Where is the Love

Yet the lonesome white dove

appears with tears

to cast away fears

a sign for the


who should have no choice

but to be kind

in the eye of a sky

that captures lies

and cries

where we despise


In a different brighter sun

What is missing from the

four-letter word

is the ego once often heard

Take care of yourself

by standing on a shelf

and remaining there

in hope and care

Let that be the teacher

though say Hello to the preacher

on Sunday morning

whose sermon may be boring

When all there is to know

is how to make a heart glow

What’s old is now new

But a select few

fills a basket

to escape a casket

All the wrong donations

in the face of pale nations

stimulate the fascinations

prior to castrations


For Sentimental Reasons

Standing in line

For you to look at me

Nothing could ever be so fine

You are what love was mean to be


For you I would give my all

Every day and precious seasons

You make Summer out of Fall

With love for sentimental reasons


When people do pass me by

With a smile on their face

A simple Hello and gleam in their eye

Let’s me know I’m in the right place


Oh, you make my tunnel vision

While you keep me on the right track

Darling, you bankroll my mission

 And all this is true, that’s a fact


To me you always beautifully sing

Even when you’re just talking

You are that wonderful marvelous thing

That makes me proud to be an able man walking


If I should falter in any way

Forgive me for any treasons

Let me have the courage to say

I love you, for sentimental reasons